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INTERVIEWING FOR SUCCESS Career Center Workshop for LVNs.

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1 INTERVIEWING FOR SUCCESS Career Center Workshop for LVNs

2 Hiring Decisions Are often made during the Interview Are based on subjective factors --First Impressions --Communication Skills

3 4 Stages of an Interview Stage 1: Breaking the ice Stage 2: Setting the Stage Stage 3: Focusing Stage 4: Wrap Up

4 Types of Interviews Single/ Manager interview Board Multiple Interviews (e.g. phone first, two levels – hr/dept…) Behavioral Assignment Before/During

5 Preparing for the Interview Visit the Site Do Research on company/job/Mission statement Dress professionally Bring pen/copy of resume

6 At the Interview Arriving early Etiquette, be polite to everyone No Cell phone, gum, food, drink Body Language: posture, good eye contact, don’t fidgit Voice modulation, enthusiastic but controlled Keep on the subject

7 Look for the meaning behind the question Likely the employer wants to know: how much you care about this job. –Do your homework on the position and company. how much training you’ll need. –Incorporate your knowledge and skills.

8 Questions --General “Tell me about yourself.” “How has your background prepared you for this position?” “What are your long-range goals?” “What do you consider your strengths? Weaknesses?” “If we called your boss/ work colleague, what would he/she say about you?”

9 Questions -- General “Describe a work project /achievement you are particularly proud of.” “Describe a difficult work situation / project and how you overcame it.” “If we’re down to the last two people, why should we choose you?” “Do you have any questions?” Scenarios “How would you handle this situation?”

10 Questions -- Nursing See handout

11 Illegal Questions Personal Questions not related to Job -- Race, gender, religion, marital status, age, disabilities, ethnic background, country of origin, sexual preferences or age How to answer if asked?

12 Wrap Up Ask questions to show interest in the position ask about the next step, not salary, benefits, vacation Ask for the job, if you want it

13 After the Interview Make notes on Interview Does the job fit you? Send a Thank-you Note/Email Keep in Touch

14 Youtube for Truth (& Fun) Fun: An extreme effort… Pepsi Max Job Interview Pepsi Max Job Interview Truth: Job interview tips… How to prepare for a job interviewHow to prepare for a job interview

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