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Peel Multicultural Council Helping People Reach Their Goals Your course for success By Majid Khalaf.

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1 Peel Multicultural Council Helping People Reach Their Goals Your course for success By Majid Khalaf

2 Introduction Immigrating to Canada Joining the ELT program CONGRATULATIONS You already took two major steps

3 Set your SMART goal S (Specific) Be specific. Know what you want M (Measurable) You should be able to measure your development A (Achievable) you should have a clear vision of how you can achieve this goal R (Realistic) It should match your skills and experience T (Time framed) Having a set amount of time will give your goals structure. Having a specific time frame gives you the impetus to get started. It also helps you monitor your progress. Your goal is to get hired. How to reach that goal?

4 Prepare your data Find your NOC Number National Occupational Classification

5 Information about certifications Prepare your data

6 Information about your job duties Prepare your data

7 Information about the required skills Prepare your data

8 Information about local job opportunities Prepare your data

9 Information about potential employers Prepare your data

10 Information about wages Prepare your data

11 Validate your credentials WES International degree preview (IDP) or through other educational institutes

12 Write your Resume Your Profile Your achievements Your Skills Your Education Your Experience What should be included in your resume?

13 Write your Resume Clear Objective Action verbs Good structure Proper format No grammar and spelling mistakes Highlighted skills and achievements And With

14 Express Yourself

15 Write your covering letter Might be considered more important than the resume. Employers will read your covering letter first. If it convince them they will read your resume if not you will lose the chance Your resume is general. You have for sure got assistance in writing it, while your covering letter is specific for a certain job. You will rarely be able to get assistance to write it. It will express your actual writing capabilities

16 Prepare your reference list You will have a lot of things to prepare before the interview. Dont let your reference list be one of them. Have it ready as from today and carry it with you during the interview

17 Practice Cold calls Information Interviews Recorded class interviews Mock interview

18 Practice A written script answering the following questions: 1- Tell me about yourself? 2- What are you looking for in this position? 3- Why should I hire you? 4- Do you have Canadian experience? 5- What are your weaknesses? 6- Where do you find yourself 5 years from now? 7- What is your salary expectations? 8- What is your definition of success? Situation Action Results (SAR) And always remember the magic criteria

19 Be always ready Believe that it will happen soon! If you believed in your capabilities you will always be ready for an interview You will always Dress Well Have extra copies of your resumes in your folder Have a business card with your contact details

20 Walk the extra mile

21 Prepare a portfolio Everyone can say anything about their capabilities in their resume. The employer needs proofs. Your portfolio should show these proofs

22 Walk the extra mile

23 Print a temporary business card It is more professional to give your details written than writing it on a piece of paper if someone ask you to provide

24 Walk the extra mile Launch a website of your business profile Some times it is easier to get people to know you if you have a website. Any one having your business card or receiving e-mail from you will be able to see who you are in details If some body wanted to refer you, he will only need to send a link to your website with a small note. This would be much easier and less embarrassing than attaching your resume. Before interview the interviewer might look into your website and have good impression about you

25 Walk the extra mile

26 Join networking group (Linked In, LoonLounge) VOLUNTEER Join an affiliation in your profession. Attend their activities. NETWORK Volunteer in any activity. Not necessarily in your profession. This will give you experience on how to deal and communicate with people. It will keep you busy and gives you confidence.

27 Walk the extra mile Your communication skills are crucial in finding a job in Canada. Employers might assume that you are not capable to understand their business language and idioms TRAIN YOURSELF Go to Business English Language Pod. Download lessons put them on your iPods an listen, once twice or hundred times. You will find yourself automatically using it. You will also get business learning benefits besides the language

28 Walk the extra mile Record a 1 minute video clip answering the (Tell me about your self question). Answering this question right is the best entry to a successful interview. MARKET YOURSELF

29 Walk the extra mile You can find the potential employers in PREPARE YOUR POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS DATABASE Convention and fairs participants and sponsors lists Job postings in News papers Job search sites Web Searching Machines Working in Canada website Etc…

30 Walk the extra mile REGISTER WITH SKILLS INTERNATIONAL They will market your resume with employers having the potential of hiring foreign educated professionals.

31 Walk the extra mile INVEST FOCUS BELIEVE

32 & REMEMBER There has to be morning after, if you could hold on through the night If someone did it YOU for sure CAN!


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