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Canadian HS Chemistry: Naming Compounds Review

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1 Canadian HS Chemistry: Naming Compounds Review
Each page has 10 compounds. Write the formula for the first 5 and give the name for the rest. Click the mouse to go to the next compound. Created by Mr. Hood (November 2005)

2 Page 1-Binary Ionic Compounds
sodium chloride calcium flouride copper (I) sulfide iron (III) oxide magnesium oxide Na2O CaS AlCl3 SrF2 Ca3P2 NaCl CaF2 Cu2S Fe2O3 MgO sodium oxide calcium sulfide aluminum chloride strontium flouride calcium phosphide

3 Page 2-Binary Ionic Compounds
potassium chloride calcium nitride copper (II) oxide iron (II) chloride sodium oxide NaF BaS Al2O3 PbO2 FeN KCl Ca3N2 CuO FeCl2 Na2O sodium flouride barium sulfide aluminum oxide lead (IV) oxide iron (III) nitride

4 Page 3-Polyatomic Ions NaHCO3 KNO3 potassium nitrate Ca(OH)2
CuSO4 Fe(NO2)2 NaHCO3 ammonium flouride potassium cyanide sodium peroxide lead (II) nitrate iron (II) hypochlorite potassium nitrate calcium hydroxide copper (II) sulfate iron (II) nitrite sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate NH4F KCN Na2O2 Pb(NO3)2 Fe(ClO)2

5 Page 4-Polyatomic Ions KHSO4 NaCH3COO Sodium acetate Ca(BrO3)2
CuClO4 Fe2(Cr2O7)3 KHSO4 calcium phosphate magnesium oxalate hydrogen peroxide ammonium bromide iron (III) chlorite Sodium acetate calcium bromate copper (I) perchlorate iron (III) dichromate potassium bisulfate or potassium hydrogen sulfate Ca3(PO4)2 MgC2O4 H2O2 NH4Br Fe(ClO2)3

6 Page 5-Covalent Compounds
N2O As2O3 CCl4 P4O10 sulfur trioxide carbon dioxide phosphorous pentachloride dinitrogen pentoxide sulfur hexaflouride carbon monoxide dinitrogen monoxide diarsenic trioxide carbon tetrachloride tetraphosphorous decoxide SO3 CO2 PCl5 N2O5 SF6

7 Page 6-Mixed Review potassium perchlorate ammonium nitrite
lead (II) flouride strontium chloride sodium dihydrogen phosphate SO2 CaO2 Na2CO3 PbSO4 NaClO3 KClO4 NH4NO2 PbF2 SrCl2 NaH2PO4 sulfur dioxide Calcium peroxide sodium carbonate lead (II) sulfate sodium chlorate

8 Page 7-Mixed Review CaHPO4 (NH4)3PO4 ammonium phosphate Na2SO3
BeCl2 SrCO3 CaHPO4 sulfur trioxide potassium chromate magnesium carbonate copper (I) phosphate barium chlorite ammonium phosphate sodium sulfite beryllium chloride strontium carbonate calcium hydrogen phosphate or calcium biphosphate SO3 K2CrO4 MgCO3 Cu3PO4 Ba(ClO2)2

9 Page 8-Mixed Review Ca(HCO3)2 N2O4 dinitrogen tetroxide Al2(SO4)3
CrBr3 LiCl Ca(HCO3)2 phosphorous trichloride potassium dichromate Potassium permanganate copper (II) sulfide Banana  dinitrogen tetroxide aluminum sulfate Chromium (III) bromide lithium chloride calcium bicarbonate or calcium hydrogen carbonate PCl3 K2Cr2O7 KMnO4 CuS Ba(Na)2

10 Polyatomic Ions-Review
hydroxide acetate cyanide nitrate nitrite bromate bicarbonate (hydrogen carbonate) dihydrogen phosphate perchlorate chlorate chlorite hypochlorite OH- CH3COO- CN- NO3- NO2- BrO3- HCO3- H2PO4- ClO4- ClO3- ClO2- ClO-

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