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Reconstruction 1863-1877 Chapter 17. Abraham Lincoln 1861-1865.

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1 Reconstruction Chapter 17

2 Abraham Lincoln

3 Lincoln’s plan for reconstruction encouraged freedpeople to leave - many object ,Lincoln issues reconstruction plan - oath / 10% & state readmitted Why did this plan angered many republicans?

4 Lincoln’s plan for reconstruction (continue) Wade-Davis reconstruction bill - Lincoln vetoes bill - assassinated ( ) before announcing new reconstruction policy

5 President Andrew Johnson ( ) “Treason is a crime…traitors must not only be punished, but their social power must be destroyed.”

6 Andrew Johnson & Reconstruction Johnson as Lincoln’s running mate (1864) - democrat (TN) / supported Union Johnson as President - blanket amnesty What did Republicans believed Johnson wanted to restore?

7 Black Codes (1865) Black Codes enacted in state govt’s - rights plummeted for 4 million freed slaves - reduced freedmen to a condition close to slavery

8 The Freedmen’s Bureau

9 Created by Congress 03/ overseer in relation between former slaves & owners - ensure payment / distributed food - South’s economy & sharecropping Bureau helped ensure education for former slaves - What did this reduce for many freedmen?

10 Johnson’s heavy hand Vetoes on Congressional Legislation - bill to extend life of Freedman’s Bureau - Civil Rights bill- defined freedpeople as citizens w/ equal rights Congress in response - overrides vetoes - passed 14 th Amendment (1868) - prohibits states from denying any person equal protection of the laws (A8)

11 Impeachment of Andrew Johnson Tenure of Office Act (1867) - required Senate approval before the president could remove a cabinet member Johnson removed secretary of war Edwin Stanton (Feb 1868)

12 Impeachment (continue) Congressional response - House voted for impeachment (126-47) - long Senate trial favored Johnson Constitution: “Treason, bribery, & High Crimes” Real reason for impeachment Was Johnson removed from office?

13 Completion of Reconstruction Constitutional Conventions met in the South ( ) - ¾ of delegates were of Republican party - 30% were African American States must follow 14 th & 15 th amendment to be reinstated into Union (A12) - universal male suffrage / schools

14 Presidential Election of 1868 Ulysses Grant Grant Campaigned as War hero & anti- Johnson - What was Grant’s slogan? - denounced KKK in south - won African American votes Grant won electoral college

15 Nathan Bedford Forrest One of the South’s most highly regarded Confederate general founder of the?

16 Problems with the Klu Klux Klan Organized to suppress republican party - terrorize African Americans - burning crosses, schools & homes

17 Grant’s response to KKK Congressional response ( ) - 3 laws enforcing 14 & 15 th amend - KKK act - Grant goes after Klan 1. 3,000 indicted / 600 convicted Measures broke Klan’s back for the 1872 election Congress passed Civil Rights Act of 1875Civil Rights Act of 1875

18 The Grant Administration ( ) Presidency damaged by poor judgment & scandals (unwise appointments) - no political experience / very trustworthy - sec of war impeached for selling jobs Presidency branded as a failure

19 Retreat from reconstruction MS, LA, Fl, & NC remain republican Grant’s use of KKK act in La - “bayonet rule” - MS plan (p 458) - supreme court ruling (U.S. v. Reese) - declared CRA of 1875 unconstitutional Elections of 1875 /south goes democratic

20 Republican Rutherford Hayes elected president in 1877

21 End of Reconstruction Disputed election results President’s plans to end reconstruction - rebuild south & withdraw federal troops Compromise of leave southern states to deal w/ problems - removal of fed troops / aid / appointment - ended reconstruction Highlights of reconstruction - restore union / ended slavery

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