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Solid Rockets Technical Committee (SRTC) 2013 ASM Report January 7, 2013 51 st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting Grapevine, TX Robert E. Black, III SRTC.

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1 Solid Rockets Technical Committee (SRTC) 2013 ASM Report January 7, 2013 51 st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting Grapevine, TX Robert E. Black, III SRTC Chairman 703.754.5367

2 AGENDA Organization charts SRTC membership 2011-2012 Highlights 2013 Future Plans Committee presentations 2

3 P&E Organization Deputy Director Air-Breathing Propulsion Jeff Hamstra Aerospace Power Systems TC Terrestrial Energy Systems TC Gas Turbine Engines TC (New) High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion TC (New) Air Breathing Propulsion Integration TC (New) Deputy Director Rocket & Space Propulsion I-Shih Chang Hybrid Rockets TC Liquid Propulsion TC Solid Rockets TC Electric Propulsion TC Nuclear & Future Flight Propulsion TC Energetic Components & Systems TC Propellants & Combustion TC Deputy Director Advanced Propulsion & Technologies Selma Goldstein Director Propulsion & Energy Ashwani Gupta Deputy Director Energy David Lilley

4 SRTC Committee Organization January 2013 4 SRTC webpage Chairman Rob Black Vice Chairman Mark Langhenry Secretary/Treasurer Sandra Wallace Conference Chairs 2012 JPC Mark Langhenry 2013 JPC C.W. Rousseau 2014 JPC Wesley Ryan Communications Chair: Barbara Leary Vice Chair: Mike Fisher Education Chair: David Poe Vice Chair: Michel Berdoyes* Awards Chair: Ivor Bulathsinghala Vice Chair: Jack Hansen History Chair: Winfred Foster Vice Chair: Karl Naumann* Emerti & Advisors Russ Ellis (Fellow) Bob Geisler I-Shih Chang (Fellow) Thomas Moore Yen-Sen Chen* Mark Langhenry Jamie Neidert Enrico Cavellini * Clyde Carr Jim Hornick James Clarke James Fillerup Amy Gerards Dan MacInnis Eric Rohrbaugh Daniele Bianchi * Charle Werner Rousseau* Fred Blomshield Helmut Ciezki* Russ Ellis Wesley Ryan Jean Thepenier* David Greatrix* Douglas Coats Mike Kaiserman Ed Liu James Spurling * Denotes International Member

5 5 SRTC Membership Distribution (32 total members) Type Membership 9 International Members Membership Grade

6 6 P&E Meeting - JPC Locations JPC Locations 2004Ft. Lauderdale, Pratt&Whitney 2005Tucson, Raytheon 2006Sacramento, Aerojet 2007Cincinnati, GE 2008Hartford, Pratt & Whitney 2009Denver, LM 2010Nashville 2011San Diego 2012Atlanta 2013San Jose, July 15-17, 2013, General Chair, Joaquin Castro + Team 2014Cleveland (Sponsorship? ) General Chair, Chris Pestak + team 2015Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, Dallas suggested

7 7 P&E Meeting Key Notes: VOTE! President-Elect James Albaugh, The Boeing Company (retired) VP-Elect, Technical Activities Thomas Duerr, The Aerospace Corporation David Riley, The Boeing Company VP-Elect, Member Services Joseph Morano, The Boeing Company Annalisa Weigel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Director – At-Large Neal Barlow, United States Air Force Academy Steve Trejo, The Boeing Company Mark Whorton, Teledyne Brown Engineering Director – At-Large, International David Finkleman, Analytical Graphics Inc. Shamim Rahman, NASA Johnson Space Center Karl Rein-Weston, The Boeing Company Director – Technical, Information Systems Group Sanjay Garg, NASA Glenn Research Center James Rankin, University of Arkansas Director – Technical, Propulsion and Energy Group Jeff Hamstra, Lockheed Martin Corporation Christopher Pestak, Battelle Memorial Institute Director – Region 4 Jayant Ramakrishnan, ARES Corporation Director – Region 5 Laura Richard, United Launch Alliance Director – Region 7 Luisella Giulicchi, European Space Agency Essam Khalil, Cairo University, Egypt

8 8 P&E Meeting Key Notes: NEM Intense Effort To Realign AIAA Conference Portfolio Began In 2009; “Imperative For Change ” Increasingly Clear Disposition Of Current JPC/IECEC Event Was Problematic From The Start –Much Debate & Many Heated Discussions P&E Community Maintained A Consistent Message – JPC Is An Irreplaceable Crown Jewel And Must Be Built Upon; Collocation Of JPC & IECEC A Model First Step For NEM Philosophy In May 2012 TAC & BoD Approved A “Five Forum” Model Which Included The New “Propulsion & Energy Forum & Exposition” Unresolved Issue Regarding P&E Support Of Aviation And Space Forums – P&E Participation Viewed As Essential By TAC Leadership But Challenging By P&E TCs P&E NEM Workshop Conducted At JPC 2012 To Address NEM Issues Workshop Summary Presented Herein Meanwhile… Forum Structure Being Standardized; SciTech (ASM) Leading The Pack

9 9 P&E Meeting Key Notes: NEM Invite Sent To All P&E Members Workshop Held On Sunday, July 29, 2012; 45 Participants Provided NEM Overview & Divided Into 5 Team  Team Leads: Jimmy Kenyon, Dick Shaw, Chris Pestak, Rob Black, M.S. Anand Teams Brainstormed On Two Specific Issues (details follow)  How To Grow to JPC/IECEC Into New P&E Forum?  How To Successfully Support Other Forums? Summarize Comments On Flip-Charts; Team Outbriefs Notes Compiled By AIAA Staff Developed Prioritized Recommendations Based On Assimilation Of All Feedback

10 Question 1: Growth to P&E Forum Question 1: How should we evolve the current JPC/IECEC collocated event to the “Propulsion & Energy Forum” envisioned in the New Event Model? How do we improve the content, increase the value, and grow attendance? Example questions to consider: How do we best implement the NEM vision; are there radical changes to JPC/IECEC we should consider? How do we retain/enhance multiple-society involvement (the “Joint” in JPC)? What other Conferences/Events should we try to align with the P&E Forum? How do we achieve better ties between the Aeronautics and Space sides of our discipline? How do we improve Keynote & Plenary Sessions? How do we enhance the presence of “energy” including Green initiatives? How do we increase corporate sponsorship? From P&E NEM Workshop, July 29. 2012 10

11 Question 2: We are committed to developing a premier P&E Forum, but also must support the overall Institute direction on NEM. Other Forums, in particular Aviation and Space, can not be successful without a P&E presence. How do we achieve all these objectives? Example questions to consider: Are there “out of the box” options we should consider, such as moving the JPC/IECEC event to January to align with the S&T Forum? Is there a way to rotate or assign support between TC’s such that such that each TC isn’t attempting to support more than two Forums a year? What is the minimum presence that that would make the Aviation and/or Space Forums attractive to you and your colleagues Are there innovative ways to participate that we haven’t considered? Question 2: Support Of Other Forums 11 From P&E NEM Workshop, July 29. 2012

12 12 P&E NEM workshop product summary – Topic 1 (as of 9/26/12) 12

13 13 P&E NEM workshop product summary – Topic 2 (as of 9/26/12) 13

14 14 P&E Meeting Key Notes: NEM JPC/IECEC Legacy Preserved With… We Now Have To Make It Work We Are 1 Year From NEM Rollout - SciTech 2014 (Rebranded ASM) 2013 & 2014 P&E Events Progressing… But Long Term Plan Not In Place Workshop Provided Good Data & Recommendations Need To Access All Data & Move Forward JanuaryJuneJulyAugustWinter

15 P&E Meeting Key Notes: Awards Gordon C. Oates Air Breathing Propulsion & Martin Summerfield Propellants and Combustion Graduate Awards Are Funded By The AIAA Foundation (AIAAF) Both Awards Are Currently Suspended - Negative Balance TAC/Sponsoring TC’s Were Never Informed Of Developing Issues; TC’s Only Found Out Upon Inquiry In May, 2012 Foundation Accounting Is Incomplete & Incorrect (Next Chart); Authoritative History Lost; Original Oates’ “Endowment” Unknown AIAAF Implementing Corrective Actions For All Awards AIAAF/TAC Working To Find Specific Path Forward For Oates & Summerfield; Agenda Item At ASM TAC Meeting Path Forward Will Almost Certainly Require TC Involvement To Raise TBD Portion Of Funds Necessary To “Re-Endow” The Awards… Without TC Action, Awards Unlikely To Be Reinstated

16 P&E Meeting Key Notes: Awards From AIAAF as of 30 September, 2012

17 P&E Meeting Key Notes: Awards Wyld award did not receive enough applications to go forward. Need at least three; have one carryover from last year. May be too late, but if you have a nomination for consideration, please get them submitted ASAP. JPC 2013 papers are down slightly, AIAA willing to accept additional abstracts until February.

18 18 2011-2012 SRTC Highlights and Accomplishments Facilitated Advanced Solid Rockets Short Course JPC 2012 Supported JPC 2012, JPC 2013 as Technical Area Organizer for SR Supported Wyld Award selection process in 2012  Dr. Robert G. Jahn, Princeton University Best SRM paper selection process completed and provided to AIAA for presentation at awards ceremony at 2011 JPC “Unanticipated Problems and Misunderstood Phenomena in and Around Solid Rockets,” Mark Salita, (AIAA-2011-5956) Held SRTC meeting at 2012 Aerospace Sciences Meeting in Nashville

19 19 SRTC Plans for 2013 and Beyond Create AIAA SRTC Position Paper  Last position paper done in mid 80’s.  Contact me ( if you are  Progress has been slow due to ITAR considerations Facilitate Advanced Solid Rockets Short Course JPC 2014 New SRTC Member Orientation Guide Textbook

20 20 Solid Rockets Hall of Fame  Awards committee to facilitate Continue to provide funds to universities who conduct SRM related research via request tool in website Design Competition  Waiting for AIAA to decide their intent for 2013. SRTC Plans for 2013 and Beyond

21 21 AIAA Aerospace America SRM Highlights Article  2 pages 1 page 600 words  Need your input! –Press releases or public information that can be easily approved (if needed) –ATK, Aerojet, Talley, Gov’t agencies, International, etc. SRTC Plans for 2013 and Beyond

22 Committee Presentations Treasury – R. Black for Sandy Wallace 2013 JPC Planning R. Black for C.W. Rousseau Communications Report R. Black for Barbara Leary Education Report David Poe History Report Butch Foster Awards Report Ivor Bulathsinghala Open Discussion and ActionsAll 22

23 Treasurer’s Report SRTC Private Account –Ending Balance as of June 2012 $ 140.75 SRTC Common Account (held by AIAA) –Beginning Balance (Jul 2012) $ 11,077.04 Proceeds from Short Course 3,000.00 Awards (previously reported) (426.09) Short Course Expenses (1,602.40) Instructor Dinner (1,190.09) –Ending Balance $ 11,284.55 SRTC Funding Available Balance $ 11,358.54

24 24

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