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Senior Geography Project

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1 Senior Geography Project
Research Plan due: Friday Week 1 T2 2/5/08 SGP Final Report: Due Wednesday Week 1 Term 3 23/7/08


3 Guide and Research Plan
Allows you to Outline the area you will study for your SGP Develop a hypothesis to investigate Identify what data you will require and how you will collect it Due Friday 2nd May 2008 (week 1 Term 2)

4 Area of Study Demonstrate ( show by example) the existence of the urban dynamic(s) operating in a suburb of your choice. Describe (provide characteristics) and account (state reasons for) the likely future trends of the suburb

5 Urban Dynamics Suburbanisation Exurbanisation Counterurbanisation
Decentralisation Spatial exclusion Urban village Consolidation Urban Decay Urban Renewal

6 Suburbanisation Why? Examples?
The movement of people, employment and facilities away from the inner city towards the outer urban areas. Why? Examples?

7 Exurbanisation Why? Examples?
A process whereby people, usually affluent, move from the city to rural areas but continue to maintain an urban way of life, either through long-distance commuting or technology. Why? Examples?

8 Counterurbanisation Why? Examples?
A marked decline in the total population or the growth rate of the population of large metropolitan areas and the subsequent growth of smaller urban centres at their expense. Why? Examples?

9 Decentralisation Why? Examples?
The dispersal of activities and people from large urban centres to smaller urban centres and rural communities Why? Examples?

10 Consolidation Why? Examples?
Policies that encourage higher population densities in established suburban areas. Why? Examples?

11 Urban Decay The deterioration of the built environment. Why? Examples?

12 Urban Renewal The redevelopment of an urban area. Why? Examples?

13 Urban Village Why? Examples?
Distinctive residential districts comprising a clustering of people with a common culture and forming an identifiable community Why? Examples?

14 Spatial Exclusion Why? Examples?
Luxury lifestyles which have resulted in restrictions in spatial access and the freedom of movement of other urban dwellers eg high security suburbs and walled estates Why? Examples?

15 Future Trends


17 Useful websites useful for location ABS census data ABS census data Archival info Archival photos ABS census data Design a walk through your community Use software to graph stats Demographic profiles on all of Sydney’s suburbs


19 Hints for Writing Effective Letters
In the SGP

20 In your letter you need to
Provide your address and the sender’s address Target someone specific. Call ahead and find out the name of the relevant person Introduce yourself Explain the nature of your project and the type of information that you are looking for Specify a way that you will collect the information (self addressed envelope, phone call or personal visit). Thank them for their time Provide a stamped, self addressed envelope so they can reply. More ideas?

21 Letter Writing To whom do I write ? What do I ask ?
How do I write it ?

22 North Shore Historical Society
The Society was founded in 1958 and aims to further the knowledge of local history and to foster an interest in history generally in local school children. Publications:Journal, three times per year; monthly one page bulletin. Phone: Contact:Brian Evesson (President) Address:PO Box 325 Cammeray NSW 2062

23 Frank Sartor – Future trends
Minister Sartor Department of Planning GPO Box 39, Sydney NSW 2001


25 Letter writing If you want to get an interview use appropriate gentle language when requesting an interview. Eg “Could you recommend people for me to interview to gain an insight into these changes”

26 Designing Surveys for your SGP
Do want a CLOSED & an OPEN survey ?? Closed: Example What best describes your age group ? Ages responses total <20 20 to 40 40 to 60 Over 60 The totals may then be graphed and analysed

27 Closed Survey In which age group do you best fit?
In which income group do you best fit? What suburb do you live in? How long have you lived in this suburb? In which style of housing do you live in? What is your occupation? To what extent do you think that there has been an increase in more densely settled buildings in recent years? This website may be of some use for your survey

28 Rank Order tasks Rank the attractiveness of the new building
(1 being very attractive to 5 being ugly) rank responses total 1 2 3 4 5

29 Open Survey Good for specific one off interviews

30 Using Photos in the SGP When you refer to objects a photograph, use the correct language – foreground, middle ground, background, top left, bottom right etc. You photograph should have a relevant caption describing when and where the picture was taken.

31 Using Photos in the SGP Describe what the picture/diagram shows (patterns/trends) Point out the relevant geographical processes Discuss the implications of these processes



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