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Department of Administration System Updates ASTRA November 2015 1.

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1 Department of Administration System Updates ASTRA November 2015 1

2 Department of Administration SHARP Transition to Host and SMART Upgrade to Host – Sarah Gigous Kansas Treasury Offset Program – Doug Craig SMART Updates – Sunni Zentner Vendor Maintenance and Financial Desk Updates – Mitzi Cafer-Rogers 2

3 Department of Administration 3 Sarah Gigous, Director Office of Systems Management SHARP Transition to Host and SMART Upgrade to Host

4 Department of Administration 4 Over the last six months we’ve had a team working on a Request for Proposal for a managed Service/Hosting agreement for our PeopleSoft Systems. We signed a contract on October 31 st with Sierra- Cedar Will consist of a lift and shift for SHARP in April 2015 In parallel, SMART will be upgraded to V9.2 as the system is moved to the hosted environment. Expected Go Live date for SMART is November of 2015.

5 Department of Administration 5 What is a hosted environment? – Hosted environment is where the hardware is purchased and maintained by someone outside the SOK. – Hosting will improve the quality of service since experts provide it using specialized tools, processes, facilities and talent.

6 Department of Administration 6 Benefits: Tier 3 Data Center Round the clock general support in the area of break fix & system verification & validation Team of skilled technical developers Lab Services for upgrades Manages all hardware Assist with keeping data protected according to state, federal & international requirements Provides support by applying maintenance updates such as tax updates or maintenance packs from Oracle We get to focus on the needs of Kansas.

7 Department of Administration 7 SMART Upgrade – 12 month project since Sierra-Cedar will assisting. – We will be looking for agency experts with particular modules to attend Fit Gap meetings. Fit Gap meetings compare current processes to changes with the new version of software. Agency experts will have the opportunity to provide recommendation for approach. If you are interested, contact Sunni Zentner by November 28 th with your contact information and area(s) of expertise.

8 Department of Administration Doug Craig, Manager of Setoff Program Office of Financial Management KTOP - Kansas Treasury Offset Program 8

9 Department of Administration 9 Reciprocal Agreement with Federal Government SMART payment file to US Treasury – SMART payments applied to federal debts Kansas debt file to US Treasury – Federal payments applied to state debts

10 Department of Administration 10 KTOP system will look very similar to KDRS, the Setoff Program system. State agencies details and agencies users in KDRS will be copied into KTOP.

11 Department of Administration 11 KDRS and KTOP will interface with each other so that the state agency doesn’t have to make duplicate entries into both systems. KDRS records and forms will change some in order to accommodate KTOP requirements.

12 Department of Administration 12 KTOP debt requirements include: Delinquency date of the debt Debtor notified of intent to use Treasury Offset Program (TOP) 60 days prior to submitting debt to TOP More announcements and information will be made available.

13 Other SMART Updates – Sunni Zentner Treasury Offset Program and Impact on SMART Processing Update on SMART User’s Group Request List Security reminders when SMART users leave Long running queries and reports How to sign-up for SMART Announcements Transfer of Printing Functions to DofA Printing Address Verification Software 13

14 Kansas Treasury Offset Program (KTOP) Impact on SMART Processing SMART and KTOP will interface data back and forth, and KTOP will also interface with the federal government. SMART vendor payments will be subject to offset if the vendor has a debt in the federal program, similar to how vendor payment are currently subject to offset for state debts in KDRS. 14

15 Kansas Treasury Offset Program Impact on SMART Processing Since the transfer of data will take time, we are estimating that the SMART cutoff for having vouchers included for paycycle on the same date will be 10 am. This means vouchers have to be approved, budget checked, matched, and ready for paycycle by 10 am. 15

16 Kansas Treasury Offset Program Impact on SMART Processing If a vendor is found to have a federal debt, the payment will be further delayed by one business day. We have discussed the federal program with other participating states and found some have processes that delay vendor payments significantly longer. For example, Minnesota’s process delays their vendor payment by five days. 16

17 Kansas Treasury Offset Program Impact on SMART Processing Testing with the federal government is scheduled for January and February 2015. We are estimating this program go to production in SMART in March 2015. 17

18 Update on SMART User’s Group Request List The SMART Team has recently re-evaluated this list and determined the following: – 58 total reported system issues 21 have been resolved 23 have been cancelled (no longer an issue, part of system learning curve, not practical) 15 are on the list to be addressed during upgrade or after 18

19 – 90 requested enhancements: 18 have been implemented 15 have been cancelled 57 are in progress or not started yet The next slide contains a list of outstanding requests that will be re-evaluated during the SMART upgrade. 19

20 ModuleUser Group Requests PayablesThe System should allow users to choose the vendor address, instead of auto-populating the primary address. PayablesProvide capability to attach documents to vouchers like requisitions. Purchasing/Vendors Allow person entering supplier contract to make revisions or changes after clicking on the save and submit prior to approval from Purchasing. Purchasing/Vendors Default account codes for Category codes are incorrect and need to be fixed. Agencies can fix each transaction, but time consuming and have to do on each transaction. Agencies were asked to enter help ticket when errors are found. Purchasing/VendorsIt would be beneficial to be able to see who enter a requisition instead of just listing a requestor. Purchasing/Vendors In the Web Connect for Staples orders there would be a way to save the lines worked if an end user gets interrupted. Right now all lines are lost if the end user is pulled away. Purchasing/Vendors It would be nice for the requisition to have a check box beside each line. Once the box was checked, then the approver could select the option to ad hoc this group of checked lines to a buyer or approver for further review. Reporting Review the data, information and reports that agencies are receiving. How do the reports need to change? What additional reports do agencies need? Need to develop a standard reporting list. ReportingProvide a Data Warehouse glossary with definitions and identifications of source fields in SMART. SecurityReview the Add/Delete/Modify Role Process Travel/ExpenseProvide ability to download Travel and Expense workflow so agencies know where transactions will be routed. Travel/Expense Allow view access to agency expense reports for former agency employees. *There is a current workaround for this. Travel/ExpenseAllow travelers/proxies to be able to revise or correct expense reports after submitting without having it being denied by an approver Travel/ExpenseAllow more than one person to approve travel expense vouchers without doing a SMART request. 20

21 Security reminders when SMART users leave Prior to the user’s last day, find out if the user has: private queries that need to be transferred to a different user Enter a ticket in ManageEngine (SMART Service Desk) requesting for the query(s) to be transferred. recurring reports or queries Recurring reports should be cancelled and scheduled by a different user, if still needed. For ending or cancelling recurring queries, see the Job Aid, Scheduling a Query, ( source/reporting---job-aids/scheduling-a-query.pdf?sfvrsn=6). source/reporting---job-aids/scheduling-a-query.pdf?sfvrsn=6 21

22 Security reminders when SMART users leave Find out if the user is included in any Workflow. Take the steps necessary to set-up a different agency user to take over the responsibility. Complete a security request to end the user’s access effective at the end of the day of termination. Questions about security or workflow should be submitted on a ManageEngine (SMART Service Desk) ticket. 22

23 Long running queries and reports Long running queries and report take system resources and can cause other processes to be delayed. Reports or queries that continue past 6 pm can cause serious problems during nightly batch processing. Users can cancel a report or a scheduled query by going to Process Monitor, selecting “Details” on the row for that process instance, and select the radio button “Cancel Request”. 23

24 Process Monitor page 24

25 25

26 Long running queries and reports If a query has been executed in Query Viewer and needs to be cancelled, you can submit a ticket in ManageEngine (SMART Service Desk) to request for the query to be cancelled. 26

27 How to sign-up for SMART Announcements Go to the SMART Web web site ( and enter your e-mail address and name in the Stay Informed box. 27

28 How to sign-up for SHARP Announcements Go to the SHARP Customer Service page at, and follow the instructions. 28

29 Last items Printing functions will transition from OITS to DofA Printing at the end of this November 2014. This should be transparent to agencies. New address verification software is being considered. Questions? 29

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