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Oakland County Purchasing Division Online Bidder Registration.

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2 Oakland County Purchasing Division Online Bidder Registration

3 About Oakland County Oakland County implemented PeopleSoft Financials & Procurement 8.8, October 2005 Purchasing rolled out online bidder registration, April 2006 Oakland County currently has 970 registered bidders as of February 26, 2007 In addition to 7,758 Vendors of which 3,182 are marked open for ordering and eligible for bidding within the system.

4 Portal Security... Oakland County utilizes the PeopleSoft portal along with Netegrity to control and authenticate user portal access. Each approved bidder receives an email listing their username and temporary password to access the system Password structure requires the password to be at least 6 and no more than 10 characters. No more than 2 consecutive characters and contain one upper case, one lower case and one numeric character. The password must be different from the previous 3 passwords and can not be derived from more than half of the previous password.

5 The Bidders Starting Point Oakland County Purchasing established a specific web page within their website to assist the bidders in the registration process. Select Bidder Registration from the menu selection The web page is structured in a six step process to help guide and prepare the bidder for the registration process.

6 Bidder Registration Web Page Step 1: Ask four questions to determine if the bidder should proceed with the registration. Step 2: Links the bidder to a document listing the information they will need to complete the registration process. Step 3: Links the bidder to a document displaying screen shots and instructions of the bidder registration screens. Step 4: Links them to our UNSPSC category code listing Alphabetical and Numerical. Step 5: Links them to the W-9 and other forms. Step 6: Displays the link to start the registration.


8 Bidder Registration The business type has been defaulted to Business and all the other options were hidden.

9 The user name is defaulted from the email address. The system checks and prevents duplicate email addresses The instant messaging (IM) information has been hidden.

10 The system also checks and prevents duplicate email addresses within the registration.

11 The field County was added to assist in location reporting.

12 Checking the Invoice Address box allows the bidder to enter their remit address information.

13 After entering the remit address the bidder can associate each user to a particular address type.

14 The system checks and prevents duplicate ID Numbers The Section More About Your Organization has been changed from the original options.

15 Bidder select the UNSPSC category codes they wish to be considered for bid solicitations.

16 The terms and conditions agreement was coordinated and approved by Oakland County Corporation Council and Information Technology Department.


18 Once the bidder submits the registration the system generates an email to the Purchasing System Administrator notifying them a bidder registration request is ready for review. Clicking the link on the email will take you to the system sign on screen.

19 After login in, the system takes you directly to the Maintain Bidder screen. The bidder is activated after data review and receipt of signed and completed Federal W-9 form.

20 Address One Address Two

21 Contact One Contact Two

22 Oakland County is not using the Add SIC Code or VAT Registration

23 The system confirms the bidder was saved after the approved button is clicked. The system sends an email to NetegrityAdmin to create the bidder user name and temporary password in Netegrity.

24 Once the bidder is approved, Purchasing sends the bidder an email notifying them their bidder registration was approved and they will be getting an email from NetegrityAdmin. In addition two PDF documents are attached to the email to assist the bidder in the process moving forward.




28 NetegrityAdmin sends an email to the bidders contact person and Purchasing System Administrator notifying them the account has been set-up. The email list the user name, temporary password, URL link and Purchasing contact information.

29 We’re Open for Business Oakland County's Purchasing Division has been recognized as an “Outstanding Agency” by the National Institute of Government Procurement for encouraging open competition and equal consideration, giving us a reputation for fairness within the business community.

30 Contact Information Jack Sato SmithJack Sato Smith Email: smithj@oakgov.comEmail: Thank you for your time.

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