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1 Atlas Financials Upgrade RBEC OM workshop Part 3 13 October 2008.

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1 1 Atlas Financials Upgrade RBEC OM workshop Part 3 13 October 2008

2 2 Atlas Manage Projects 9.0

3 3 Grants and Projects 8.4 Process Flow Proposal Generate Award Project Project Funding / Budget Revisions Send to Commitment Control (KK) Project Transaction Table Reporting Proposal Project Budget Finalize

4 4 Grants and Projects 9.0 Process Flow Proposal Generate Award Project Project Funding / Budget Revisions Send to Commitment Control (KK) Project Transaction Table Reporting Proposal Project Budget Finalize PC_WRAPPER

5 Changes in 9.0 – Grants and Projects New Graphically Enhanced Grants Navigation pages New Portal Navigation Labels –Projects in 8.4 is Project Costing (PC) in 9.0 –Enhanced User Interface for Proposal Entry (new Proposal Budget page and Build Periods functionality) –Track Multiple Award Modifications per Period –New Award Funding Inquiry Page –Funded amount = Project Budget Amount –Redesigned Project Budget Page –Finalize includes Send to Commitment Control (PC_WRAPPER process) –New Commitment Control Errors page –Project Manager maintained through Project Team Page 5

6 Budget Checking: Changes to Configuration –Child Ledger Project Budgets: Track without Budget at Project Activity level in Commitment Control –Parent Ledger Project Budgets: Control at Project level in Commitment Control –Impact on already defined Project Budgets - No –Run Budget Details report at Parent Ledger level (e.g. PAR_DP) 6

7 7 New Graphically Enhanced Grants Navigation Pages

8 Proposal Entry Page in 8.4 8

9 Proposal Entry Page in 9.0 9

10 Award Modifications Page in 8.4 and 9.0 10

11 Award Funding Inquiry Page – 9.0 11

12 Funded Amount = Project Budget 12

13 Project Budget Page – 8.4 13

14 Project Budget Page – 9.0 14

15 Commitment Control Errors Page – 9.0 15

16 Budget Details Page – 9.0 16

17 Project Manager Page – 8.4 17

18 Project Manager Page – 9.0 18

19 Project Team Page – 9.0 19

20 20 Copy Proposal Changes

21 21 Atlas Manage Financials 9.0

22 Atlas General Ledger 9.0 Improved Journal Processing for GLJE’s as well as GL month end closing processes GL Journal – Projects Hyperlink has been removed and project attributes are on line level Increased ability to inquire detail transaction from summary to detail transaction in subsystem Enhanced features and functions to be reviewed after go-live –Chart Fields –Upload facility –Chartfield grouping –Adjustment Periods –Subsystem to GL reconciliations 22

23 General Ledger Journal Header 8.4

24 General Ledger Journal Header 9.0 GL Journal Commitment Control Default set to Actuals, Recognized and Collected. Adjustment Journal Drop down box

25 9.0 GL Journal Header

26 9.0 Journal Line Page Project chart fields - Hyperlink removed. No change to Ledger Balance Includes Journal Entry as well as entry points in sub-modules (Requisition, PO, AP Voucher)) 8.4 JOURNAL PAGE 9.0 JOURNAL PAGE

27 Journal Edits and Budget Checking ATLAS 8.4

28 9.0 Journal Processing and Budget Checking Improvements Journal Edit and Budget Checking is captured in the process scheduler – which means that the journal edit and budget checking process continues to edit despite system performance and timeout. Changed from COBOL to Application Engine run COBOL program. You are able to check the status of the process. Just like the paycycle or reports. Better support for running multiple instances of a process in parallel

29 Reviewing Process Scheduler for Journal Edit & Budget Checking Processes Budget checking on PO GL Journal Edit

30 General Ledger – Review Journal and Ledger – ATLAS 8.4

31 General Ledger – Review Financial Data Redesigned in 9.0 Additional Flexibility, Create Chartfield rule sets to capture multi or range of chart fields

32 9.0 Ledger Review Allows a range of chart fields Balance or Transactional Order By Subtotals

33 Commitment Control Project Budgets Budget Checking at Project Level for UNDP. –Budget Control at Project Activity is an option on a GL Business Unit. Project Budget Checking is controlled at ledger PAR_DP Ledger CHD_DP is no longer valid for review of exceptions and balance Improved Streamline processes with Projects Module – PC Wrapper.

34 9.0 Commitment Control – New Features Budget Journal – copy journal functionality Flat File Budget Journal import capabilities for level 1 ALT_DP and ALT_DP Graphical Charting Feature on Budget overviews

35 Atlas Treasury 9.0 New Features and Enhancements –Enhanced Bank Statements Data Entry/Review Pages –Enhanced Auto and Semi-Manual Reconciliation –Streamlined Deal Entry Pages –Associate payment method during deal entry –Facility to Review Payment Life Cycle –IBAN For the future: –Financial Sanctions Service –Financial Gateway –Investment Pooling 35

36 Atlas Treasury Modules Cash Management Control of Cash Receipts Disbursements Reconciliation Cash Forecasting Liquidity and Investment Mgt Funding for HQ and COs operations Investment of excess cash Risk Management Foreign exchange Interest rates Credit ratings Operational issues

37 PeopleSoft 9.0 Treasury New Features & Enhancements Enhanced Bank Statements Data; Entry/Review Pages Enhanced Semi-Manual Reconciliation Enhanced Deal Entry Pages IBAN Fiscal Closure (soft close at the Treasury modules level) Financial Sanctions Service Financial Gateway Investment Pooling

38 Enhanced Bank Statements Data; Entry/Review Pages


40 Semi-Manual Reconciliation

41 8.4 9.0 Enhanced Deal Entry Page

42 Fiscal Closure (Treasury Modules Level)

43 Financial Gateway

44 9.0 Security - Exercise Security - Reconfiguration –Security in 9.0 has been completely re-architected for all agencies/funds –Requirements submitted by all Atlas agencies according to respective ICFs –9.0 set up is more flexible to accommodate agency-specific requirements –ARGUS was redesigned to accommodate agency-specific needs – no significant change in terms of requesting and approval new roles and changes User Profile Conversion –User profile conversion is being done based on existing ARGUS business profiles –Special instructions are difficult to convert since they do not fit into the basic rules of the new security model –May need to be re-requested through ARGUS with approval –UNCDF and UNIFEM fall under the UNDP architecture – adjustments may be required based on individual user profiles to accommodate needs of the funds –UNFPA and UNOPS have their own conversion rules and security setup Should not see major changes in 9.0 –Change to CO treasury to adhere to ICF – bank reconciliation and approval of AP Pay Cycle –Challenges of conforming to ICF given differing office sizes – will continue to enhance 44

45 Exercise: Login and Review Security URL for login to test instance is: User IDs and Passwords were converted for all UNDP Atlas Financials Users Contact me at for User IDs and 45

46 46 Questions and Answers

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