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PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade eProcurement/Budget Overview

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1 PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade eProcurement/Budget Overview
Amy Jurgens Jim Barnaby

2 Budget Activity Reports
Georgia Perimeter College Budget Manager Training

3 Budget Activity Report
Replaces the Budget Progress Report in PeopleSoft version 9.2 Link to PeopleSoft production system will be provided after the upgrade Login using your current PeopleSoft login and password Security to report will convert Select BOR Menus

4 Budget Activity Report
Select the BOR GL Reports Link Select the Budget Activity Report

5 Budget Activity Report
Add a new Run Control by clicking on the Add a New Value tab Select an existing run control by selecting the Find an Existing Value tab

6 Budget Activity Report
Select as a Favorite Parameters panel has changed to include: Ability to Run Detail & Summary at the same time Ability to run All Fiscal Periods without using year and date parameters Must select either Detail or Summary to run GPC Business Unit is 71000 Budget Reference = year wish to view

7 Budget Activity Report
New feature is ability to run for all fiscal periods If selected, the Fiscal Year and Accounting Period boxes are greyed out If not selected, you will need to populate the Fiscal Year and Accounting Period boxes

8 Budget Activity Report
A new feature is running a report for Projects Not used for Grants Applies mainly to Plant and OIT Fund, Department and Account are the same as the Budget Progress Report Click on Save and Run the report

9 Budget Activity Report
After selecting run, the Process Scheduler Request box will appear. Report can be ed to you or sent to your screen Click OK

10 Budget Activity Report
The Budget Activity Report has the same look and feel as the Budget Progress Report

11 Questions?? Please contact the Budget Office if you have any questions or need any assistance running the Budget Activity Report Amy Jurgens, Interim Assistant Vice President for Budgets

12 eProcurement 9.2 Purpose: Training is to provide an overview of changes in PeopleSoft eProcurement 9.2. HIGHLIGHTS No changes to Ga First Marketplace No changes to workflow Access settings, marketplace, special request and more from one page Fewer steps to get to the Marketplace shopping portal Pre-encumbrance amounts can be viewed from Manage Requisitions User can copy old requisitions into new ones from Manage Requisitions Requisition can be set-up as Open Amount Ship To locations by line instead of by Purchase Order Vendors called suppliers

13 Marketplace Orders

14 To create a purchase requisition click on
the eProcurement link To view GA First Marketplace contracted items (View Only)

15 Selected Requisition

16 Marketplace & Special request links
Settings, where you set-up defaults Shopping cart

17 Select GA First Marketplace link

18 The first time you enter into the Marketplace you will see this one-time user acceptance.
Click Accept.

19 Search window No change to the Marketplace functionality Supplier Punchouts

20 Select items and process your Marketplace
Requisition the same as you have done prior to the upgraded (No Change). Select Proceed to Checkout

21 Select Issue Requisition

22 Name your requisition

23 Add Chartfields (Old Step #3)

24 Speedchart Complete Chartfields & Budget Reference Note: Account code is defaulted from NIGP Code

25 Select OK

26 Save & Submit to route the requisition
Leave Open (Save for Later)

27 View Printable version
Approval pending and routed

28 Special Requests

29 Click on Special Request

30 Same required fields

31 Add to Cart

32 Cart information

33 Click on carrot to expand fields (change or add chart fields and line details)

34 Accounting lines (Change or add)

35 Chartfields 1

36 Speed chart Full chartfield view Details Chartfields 2 Details to make PR “Amount Only”

37 Amount only (Service related

38 Save & Submit or leave open

39 View printable version
Edit Requisition Not functional will be in near future

40 View chartstring


42 Manage Requisitions

43 Path: eProcurement>
Manage Requisitions

44 Filters Click on carrot to expand & view life cycle.

45 Now can view Pre-Encumbrances

46 Additional filters Added

47 Copy option added View Print Added

48 Create Receipts

49 Approvals

50 Approvals through Manage Requisition Approvals or Worklist

51 Select approve or Deny Review details

52 Total View line details Approve or Deny Approve or Deny

53 Pre-Budget Check Vendor’s Link Contract’s Module GSU Panther Mart


55 Questions ? Jill Jackson: or 678-891-3932
Jim Barnaby: or

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