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November 17, 2009 Sunflower Project Monthly Conversion Meeting – November.

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1 November 17, 2009 Sunflower Project Monthly Conversion Meeting – November

2 2 Today’s Topics Agency Milestones/Tasks Mock Conversion Testing General Conversion Updates Agency Milestones/Tasks Mock Conversion Testing General Conversion Updates

3 3 TaskDue Date Agency cleans up data and sends complete files to the Sunflower Project for Mock Conversion #1 (Task ID 124) 11/5/09 Agency cleans up data and sends complete files to the Sunflower Project for Mock Conversion #2 (Task ID 25) 01/18/10 Agency cleans up data and sends complete files to the Sunflower Project for Mock Conversion #3 (Task ID 224) 03/05/10 Agency Milestones/Tasks Task ID 124 Status - Assets: 43/72 agencies submitted files - Customers:1/3 agencies submitted files - AR Pending Items: 0/1 agency submitted a file - Projects: 2/5 agencies submitted files - Purchasing Contracts: 1/1 agency submitted a file

4 4 What is a “mock” conversion? Test of all data conversion programs and processes intended to identify any potential issues before the actual conversion is performed. Trial run that allows the team to test the conversion processes and to assess the progress of the data clean-up efforts. Why is there more than one mock conversion test? Allows for continuous improvement of the quality of the converted data so that all necessary adjustments can be made to conversion processes prior to the SMART go-live conversion. What is the Sunflower Project doing during each mock conversion? 1.Executing conversion programs 2.Validating converted data Mock Conversion Testing

5 5 How are flat files submitted? Submit the flat file to the secure locations on the DISC mainframe. All test files will have a “T” before the file direction. Use the following format: XX.TTOSMRT.CN03.XXXX.DYYMMDD.THHMMSS.IN New! Please email to notify us after your file has been placed on the DISC mainframe (Subject line: Data Conversion Test File). Include your agency name/number and the file name in the Mock Conversion Testing Agency code “T” for test SMART Conversion #: CN03: Customers CN06: Projects CN08: Purchasing Contracts CN09: Assets CN12: Pending Items

6 6 How are Excel data entry template files submitted for the assets conversion? Email the file to (Subject line: Data Conversion Test File) Use the following file name: XXX_CNV009 Asset Data Entry Template_MMDDYYYY.xlsx. Mock Conversion Testing Agency # Date you are submitting the file

7 7 Each mock conversion file (for Mocks 1, 2, and 3) should be the complete set of data that you plan to convert. After Mock 1, feedback/data clean-up tasks will be provided to agencies. The necessary corrections should be made before the file is submitted for the Mock 2 deadline on 1/18/10. There are two types of data clean-up tasks: Required: These are data elements which must be addressed in order for SMART to function without errors. Recommended: In addition to the required data cleansing tasks, there are other tasks that are recommended to be performed prior to conversion. These tasks will not result in processing errors within SMART but are considered to be best practices in order to ensure that the system is released with the most accurate and consistent data possible. Mock Conversion Testing

8 8 If your file passes Mock 1 testing with no errors and there are no changes to your data before Mock 2, the Sunflower Project can use the same file for Mock 2. If this is the case for your agency, please email to let us know. →The only exception to this would be if key changes are made to the file layout (e.g., new required fields added) that would call for agencies to revise their file. Changes of this nature are not anticipated; however, if any are made, they will be communicated to agencies in a future Monthly Conversion Meeting and via a communication from the project. If your agency is signed up to do a flat file conversion for customers, open receivables, projects, or purchasing contracts and your plans change (i.e., you decide not to perform one of these data conversions via flat file), please let us know by emailing Mock Conversion Testing

9 9 Flat File Conversions: The Project Type field (PROJECT_TYPE) is no longer a required field in the projects conversion file. The updated CNV006 Projects conversion file layout has been posted on the secure SMART website. Configuration Values: A new Project Type was added to the list. The updated CPC034 Project Types list was posted on the secure SMART website. Online Entry: A request was made by agencies for a spreadsheet that would help them prepare data for online entry. A spreadsheet will be made available in March to assist agencies with managing this effort. General Conversion Updates Projects (CNV006)

10 10 Split-funded Assets (i.e., multiple lines in conversion files) Agencies submitting assets with multiple lines that required corrections were contacted by the Sunflower Project after October’s Monthly Conversion Meeting. If agencies require any further assistance with this, please contact Configuration Values: Updates were made to the lists of configuration values at the request of agencies. Updated lists were posted on the secure SMART website for the following fields: CAM036 Asset Locations CAM049 Area IDs CGL020 Budget Units CGL026 Agency Use CGL033 Service Locations CGL046 Departments CGL083 Program Codes General Conversion Updates Assets (CNV009)

11 11 Conversion Support Email with  Include ‘Conversion’ in the Subject line of all emails. Schedule Office Hours with the SMART Conversion Team.  Email to schedule an Attend Monthly Conversion Meetings. Visit secure SMART website to obtain file layouts/configuration values:  Click on Technical Resources tab at top of page.  Don’t have access? Email Refer to Q&A’s from this meeting on the SMART website.  Click on ‘Questions & Answers’ on the home page December’s Conversion Meeting Thursday, December 17 9:00 – 10:00 DSOB Auditorium

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