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* Requisition Processing Common Problems * Budget Checking Errors * Run Controls * Process Scheduler Request & Process Monitor * Questions.

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2 * Requisition Processing Common Problems * Budget Checking Errors * Run Controls * Process Scheduler Request & Process Monitor * Questions


4 Answer: eProcurement>Manage Requisitions  If I need to submit a requisition that is still in open status.  If I need to fix an account code.  If need see where my requisition is in workflow.  If I need to edit my requisition.  If I need to review why my requisition was denied.

5  Is a requisition that has not been submitted into workflow. The Requester needs to Save and Submit it.  Only a requester can see these requisitions. An approver will not get these requisition if they are still in an Open status.  Normally the requester ONLY needs to : -Click on Save and Submit -If not Budget Checked to Valid, Click on Check Budget until Valid, then click Save and Submit.  To find your requisition, go to Manage Requisitions  Open Status requisitions need to be cancelled, if you no longer need the requisition, so all monies associated with requisition are is returned to your budget.

6  You will need to EDIT OR CANCEL these requisitions using Manage Requisitions.  If you EDIT them please budget check for a valid budget then click save and submit.  These requisitions can only be seen by a requester your approver can’t see them if they are in an Open status.

7 * When waiting for budget checking to complete, if the system logs you out, your requisition will be in Open status. * Forgetting to Click on Save and Submit

8  These requisitions were denied by an approver. They are returned to a requester for them to correct OR cancel.  Find your denied requisition in Manage Requisitions.  Do not enter a new requisition because your requisition was denied, Correct the error and resubmit it.  Click on the Select Action drop-down box on the right side of the requisition. Choose Edit Requisition to correct the requisition and Click on the Go button.  A denied requisition will not go away until you correct OR cancel the requisition.

9  Did you know that a denied requisition can still be worked? You do not have to enter a new requisition.  You will need to EDIT or CANCEL a denied requisition.  Make the edits that the Approver suggested, and re-budget check, if needed. Then, Save and Submit.  If a requisition is denied because the item needs to be ordered on PCard or no longer needed the requisition needs to be cancelled.

10  Find your Requisition in Manage Requisitions, Choose Edit Requisition from the Select Action drop-down box, and Click on GO button.  Make a comment in the justification box that the requisition was corrected.  If you changed an account code make sure you have a valid budget status before saving and submitting.  Be sure to click Save and Submit.

11 * Change items in Step 3 (Review and Submit) * NOTE: You CANNOT change items, amounts, or CFC information on Step 1, if the lines already exist on the requisition. * Step 1 on a Requisition, only populates defaults that are loaded on each line as you add items to your requisition. It does not change line items that already exist.

12  To check the status of your requisition, Go to Manage Requisitions.  Click on the sideways triangle on the requisition you want to inquire about.  On the Request Lifespan, Click on a colored icon to see information about Approvals, Purchase Orders, Receiving, Invoice, and Payment.

13  Navigate to eProcurement> Manage Requisitions  The top section of the screen should look like the below screen shot. You will need to change your criteria in the boxes to find your requisition to be canceled.  Once you have gotten your screen to look like this Click the Search button.

14  You can only cancel a requisition in Denied, Pending or Open status from the current fiscal year.  Scroll over to the far right and Select Action drop-down box and choose Cancel Requisition and Click the GO button.  Then, you can review the requisition information, and Click on the Cancel Requisition button.

15  You will be returned to Manage Requisitions and will see your requisition marked CANCELED and NOT CHKD.  You will need to budget check your requisition to complete the cancelation process.  Choose the Check Budget from the Select Action drop-down box and Click the GO button.

16 * If you need to change any of the loaded defaults, Click on the Default Options drop-down box before changing them, and change the Option to Override. * Loaded defaults are: * Buyer * Ship To * Location

17 * If it is not a Health eShop requisition, choose the correct Category Code. * DO NOT use category codes that end in ‘00’ * Do NOT use 00000 – it is an invalid code * Come to the Category Training Class

18 * Click on the sideways triangle to see more line information. (Account, CFC, delivery location, etc.) * Click on the Comments bubble at the end of the line to add comments or an attachment (hopefully will be working again soon) * Click on the Line Details to change to Category Code

19 * When you have to modify many lines on the requisition, you can Click on Select All lines and Modify Line / Shipping /Accounting button * DO NOT fill in all of the fields on this page, ONLY the ones that you need to change, Ship TO and the Attention field. * For example, if you fill in the Category code field on this page, then every line will have that Category code, and it will have overridden the correct codes. * Click Apply

20 * Review Workflow Approvals after Saving and Submitting * If the wrong Category Code was used, then the Requisition will not route to the Special Approvals * If NIGP 00000 Code Workflow Approval Appears, you should select a new Category code * Special Approvals: * IT Hardware * IT Software * Radioactive * X-Ray * Laser * Lab Animals


22 * The best and easiest way to avoid budget checking errors is to view the Budgets Overview inquiry page. * Budget checking actually performs two tasks: * Transaction Edit Check * Transaction Budget Check * Edit Check is performed first. If it fails, Budget Check will not happen. * Edit Check ensures that all combination edit rules are satisfied.

23 * Edit Checking rules also apply to budgets. So if you check the Budgets Overview and a budget exists, chances are you will not get an edit error. * Some transaction Chartfield Combinations do not have budgets. However, they must still have a valid budget checking status before they can be further processed. * Some transactions affect multiple commitment control ledgers. They must pass in each ledger that they affect.

24 * To view your Budget Checking error:

25 * Navigation: Commitment Control > Review Budget Check Exceptions > Purchasing and Cost Management > Requisition * Good tool for someone other than the Requester

26 This error occurred because the end date of the project has passed. It affects two ledgers groups.

27 * Common Budget Checking Errors: * Exceeds Budget Tolerance * You’re trying to spend more than the available balance of your budget. * Budget Tolerance = $0.00 * Notice which ledger group(s) you are exceeding. * A Budget Transfer can be requested to move funds from another account (e.g. 600000-Travel to 700000- Operating Expense). * Error can be overridden in rare circumstances with proper procedures and approvals.

28 * No Budget Exists * Check the chartfields to make sure each was entered correctly. * Notice the ledger group(s) where budgets must exist. * Review Budgets Overview to see what budgets do exist for the department or project. * If all chartfields are correct, request budgets from the Budget and/or Sponsored Program Administration office. * This error cannot be overridden.

29 * Budget is closed/Budget Date Out of Bounds * This usually means that the Transaction Date is not within the Start Date and the End Date of a Project/Grant. * This often affects both the PROJ_GRT and PRMST_EXP ledger groups. * Financial Accounting or Sponsored Program Administration can extend the dates of the Project/Grant, if appropriate and authorized. * This error cannot be overridden.

30 * Required Key CF is Blank * This error occurs when a chartfield that is required by the budget definition is left blank. * The transaction has passed all Combination Editing rules. * The transaction has not passed Budget Ledger Group Definitions. * This error cannot be overridden.

31 * Required Key CF is Blank


33 * A Run Control is the driver that needs to be created to run reports and processes. * A separate Run Control should be saved for each report and process that you run. * DO NOT use the same Run Control with all your reports and processes. * DO NOT use a Run Control created for a report with the wrong report. * The names cannot include spaces. * They can not be renamed or deleted. * If you use a Run Control for the wrong report, it can become corrupted.

34 * When creating a Run Control for a report, many of the Run Control pages have a Refresh button. * You MUST click on the Refresh button so that the Chartfields associated with the Ledger Group entered can be populated. * You ONLY need to Click on Refresh one time, if the Run Control is only used for the report that it was created for.

35 * Click on the Include CF checkbox to make sure that the Run Control uses your Chartfield criteria. * If you do not enter any criteria, then the report will try to run for everything in the database. This can slow down the PeopleSoft Financials system processing for all users. * Minimum Criteria needed: * APPROP – Department ID and Budget Reference * PROJ_GRT – Department ID, Project ID and Budget Reference

36 * DO NOT use the same Run Control for different reports. * DO NOT run the same Run Control, if a prior report using that Run Control has not finished processing. * DO use the Run Control for the report that it was created. * DO use the Run Control for the report, and change the Date Ranges or Accounting Period for a new month.


38 * You do not have to select a Server Name. * Keep or Make the Server Name blank. * If you have the Server Name selected, and it is wrong, you will get an error or the report will not run.

39 * The only criteria you need to enter is your User ID, and Last and the # of Days that you want to go back to see. * DO NOT change the server drop-down box or you could be missing some of your reports. * Use Refresh button to refresh the status of reports running.


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