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© 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Integrating the Plant Design Process for Structural Engineers Mitch Sklar, Technical Director, Structural Products.

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1 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Integrating the Plant Design Process for Structural Engineers Mitch Sklar, Technical Director, Structural Products POYRY

2 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 2 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Interoperability Analysis & Design Analyze Detailing & Fabrication Augment Modeling & Documentation Deliverable Publishing View Content Management Project Review

3 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 3 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM iWare Apps Bentley's Free Software Serving Infrastructure Professionals. Software Interoperability Is Crucial To The Successful, Cost-effective Design, Delivery, & Operation Of Infrastructure. Http://www.Bentley.Com/En- us/Free+software/

4 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 4 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM What is the Structural Dashboard? The Dashboard is a free tool that assists in managing the data & workflow of projects from start to finish. The Dashboard provides a Single Interface to learn how Bentley’s comprehensive products integrate together in more efficient project workflows. It also a useful Launch Pad & Web Portal for easy access to any information on Bentley’s structural products, RSS News Feeds, Be Community Blogs & Forums, SELECT software downloads, support & sales.

5 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 5 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Benefits of the Structural Dashboard  Easy access to open “recently opened model files” for any installed structural product  Project Folder & File management filtered by structural product  Quick links to Be Community website, log a support issue, contact Bentley Sales or SELECT  Real-time RSS News Feeds  Project Notes include quick links to specifications, design documents & project web sites or embed pictures, spreadsheets or add notes like project billing codes, contacts  All latest Product Versions

6 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 6 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM New Dashboard DGN Viewer View Basic, i-Model or ISM DGN Models Navigate, Search, Isolate & Measure Components

7 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 7 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Integrating the Plant Design Process for Structural Engineers

8 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 8 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Structural Analysis & Design Pipe Stress Analysis Other Tools, Software, & Techniques Project Data & Deliverables Construction Documentation Plant Engineering Design and Analysis Processes 3D Plant Design

9 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 9 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Structural Engineer Pipe Stress Engineer Pipe Supports (Type, Loads, Location) Piping Designer How do EPC’s Work Today?

10 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 10 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM How do EPC’s Work Today?  “A manual approach to managing these piping loads begins with analysis of the piping system to locate supports, guides, & anchor points.  After the analysis is complete the piping engineer sorts through the piping support reactions to find the critical cases that the supports/ structure must be designed for.  These forces are hand marked on a multiple piping isometric drawings; with one copy given to the piping designer to complete the PDS piping model, locations of pipe shoes, guides, anchor points, etc; and Another copy given to the structural engineer for designing the supporting structures.  While working in PDS / FrameWorks the structural engineer would build the structural model incorporating all the required pipe supports. To prepare the structural model for analysis the engineer must then search each isometric finding the support points and associated loads evaluate and apply them to the structural model.  “The biggest problem here is that a single process structure may have hundreds or thousands of piping isometric drawings associated with it, resulting in a vast amount of paper and manual evaluation. This is very inefficient and time consuming.”

11 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 11 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM The Typical way of working as a Structural Engineer is somewhat, if not all, Fragmented Other Tools, Software, & Techniques Construction Documentation Structural Analysis & Design Proprietary File Formats (fragmented) Proprietary File Formats (fragmented) Industry Standards (fragmented) 3D Plant Design Pipe Stress Analysis Project Data & Deliverables

12 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 12 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Problem Is Consistent Across The Plant Market EPC # 2 – “There are some significant disconnects between the pipe stress and the structural engineers. When conveying information from pipe stress to Structural, we typically provide the preliminary structural steel drawings to pipe stress for them to mark up loads on it. This is extremely inefficient. Also, piping should try to get as much structural steel put onto the steel drawings so that detailing, fabrication and erection can be done in a single pass” EPC # 3 – We have some serious frustrations in the way piping designers do their work, interfacing with structural and mechanical. I know the current process is disjointed, but it is all our tools provide us.” EPC #4 - We have standard loadings that take care of the major stuff. The thing that is a killer is the special case stuff. The thermal loads and piping movements, spring supports, anchor points etc; these types of things have special details, as well as high loads. In addition, a structural engineer can’t guess where these things are going to be or what they will look like. This has to come from the Piping Engineer and we have to sort through drawings. Most of the time this info gets to structural at best just before you issue the drawings. Sometimes it is after the first fabrication release has been sent out and you have to revise the drawings.

13 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 13 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM What if, as a structural engineer, you could receive quality data from the 3D plant model and the pipe stress model, and link these to your structural analysis and design model…  Starting with the Structural Analysis Model  …Including the Foundations (mats, pile caps, combined, pad)  …Including the Connections (gussets, moment, base plates, prequalified)  …Accounting for the various Codes (wind, seismic, load combos)  Combined with the Support information from the Pipe Stress Model  Develop the Steel/Concrete Design Documentation Deliverables... to automatically create and maintain the engineering drawings, schedules, foundation designs, connection designs, piping isometrics, and more? …How could that impact your work and bottom line? Why do we want to have Integration Across Disciplines? Why do we want to Share or have Continuity of Information?

14 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Interoperability with Bentley Navigator, STAAD, AutoPIPE, and ProStructures

15 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 15 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Bentley Integrated Structural and CAE Solution Other Tools, Software, & Techniques OpenPLANT, AutoPLANT ProStructures AutoPIPE STAAD Project Data & Deliverables

16 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 16 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Bentley Integrated Structural and CAE Solution AutoPLANT OpenPLANT AutoPIPE Nozzle, StressISO, PlantFlow, Puls Foundations, Connections, Advance Analysis, & Offshore ProSteel, ProConcrete Project Data & Deliverables

17 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Let’s See the Interoperability between STAAD, AutoPIPE, and ProStructures…

18 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 18 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Data Integration Data Integration Bi-Directional Exchange AutoPIPE…CAE Pipe Stress Analysis & Integration Data Export

19 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 19 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Bi-Directional Exchange Data Export Data Export* AutoPIPE Modeling Interoperability

20 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 20 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Bi-Directional Exchange Data Integration STAAD…Structural Analysis & Design Integration

21 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 21 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM STAAD…Modeling Interoperability Bi-Directional Exchange Partial Data Integration** Data Import/Export** Data Export* Data Export

22 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 22 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM ProSteelProSteel 3D-Structural Steel Modeling and Detailing for AutoCAD and MicroStation ProConcreteProConcrete 3D-Structural Concrete Modeling and Detailing for AutoCAD ProStructuresProStructures Bentley’s ProStructures is the combination of ProSteel & ProConcrete. For advanced 3D Modeling, Documentation, & Detailing of Steel and Concrete StructuresProSteelProConcrete ProStructures

23 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 23 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM ProStructures Capabilities

24 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 24 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Faster Design Combined structure + piping model w/changed piping loads automatically updated multiple times in STAAD Structural Sway and Stiffness Combined structure + piping model to analyze true combined stiffness Less Assumptions More accurate pipe support & equipment loads + realistic structural and piping design stresses Cost Savings Avoid costly re-design and construction delays AutoPIPE - STAAD Integration Bi-Directional Exchange Single-User Integrated Piping/Structure Models

25 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 25 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Multi-User AutoPIPE  Faster Design transfer piping and support loads in hours not weeks  Structural Sway and Stiffness considerations for more accurate designs  Less Assumptions leading to safer structure, piping, and equipment  Cost Savings potential on pipe supports and structure STAAD Model Import & Manage Multiple AutoPIPE & STAAD model changes & results Model 1, Line 1 Model 2, Line 2 Model 3, Line 3 Model 4, Line 4 Multi-User Integrated Piping/Structure Models AutoPIPE - STAAD Integration

26 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 26 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM STAAD - ProStructures Integration Complete Bi-Directional Workflow Complete Steel and Concrete Solution

27 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 27 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Bentley Navigator Open Measure Manipulate Simulate Explore Markup Find Group Produce Measuring 2D & 3D Navigation Dynamic Sectioning Markup Redline Data Interrogation Rendering Animation Print Paper / PDF Clash Detection Schedule Simulation

28 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 28 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM AutoPIPE & Navigator Hot Clash Detection To Avoid Design Mistakes and Operation Failure AutoPIPE Bentley Navigator Aug 2011

29 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 29 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Bentley Navigator for the iPAD Unmanaged view, query & mark-up MicroStation or i-model Composer MicroStation or i-model Composer optimized i-model enhancement DropBox, email, i-tunes etc. Optimised for iPad Mark-ups Optimised for iPad JAN 2012

30 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 30 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM ProjectWise Optimised for iPad MicroStation or i-model Composer MicroStation or i-model Composer optimized i-model enhancement ProjectWise Explorer ProjectWise Explorer Packaging i-model enhancement Packaging i-model enhancement DropBox, email, i-tunes etc. SET ProjectWise Explorer for the iPAD Managed mobile dynamic synchronisation JAN 2012

31 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 31 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM Structural/Piping Interoperability Benefits Fragmented Approach Engineers build 2D (LAC) Structure/Piping models of their project for Analysis Designers build a second matching 2D/3D model to incorporate elevations, sections, and details Engineers would re- analyze and re-evaluate their individual design elements, and manually submit changes back to the designers for updating Integrated Workflow Interoperability allows the design and engineering processes to be optimized and efficient, as both teams share the same 3D Modeling Environment Engineers, can import the 3D models and supplement them with member/material properties before proceeding with the engineering analysis Modifications to the model may/will still be required; Real Time Design Reviews allows project savings and efficiencies by working with one model and eliminating duplicate work Designers/Engineers can analyze, evaluate and perform sensitivity studies on the integrated Structural/Piping Systems

32 © 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Integrating the Plant Design Process for Structural Engineers Thank You! Mitch Sklar, Director, Sales Technical Support

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