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2 Safe Harbor The following is intended to outline our general product direction and cannot be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to delivery any materials, product releases or functionality.

3 Agenda Introductions and Overview Why the Digital Project Portal? Main Issues Demonstration Summary Q&A

4 Introductions and Overview Jason Matthews - Lifecycle Technology Dana Bartolf – CH2M HILL

5 Construction industry – 10 years – Document Management & Control – Systems Integration and Process Efficiency – Engineering Information Management Oracle AutoVue Specialist – 6 years Oracle PGBU Team – 2 years Jason Matthews – CEO

6 Lifecycle Technology Industries- Engineering & Construction, Industrial Manufacturing and Process Industries Consulting - We deliver paperless environments by integrating Oracle Technology into customers’ existing applications Technology Expertise - Oracle AutoVue, Oracle Primavera, SAP, SharePoint & Systems Integration Streamline Document & Engineering Information Management

7 Great Reference Customers

8 Industry Leading Technology Signing Reviewing Approving Analysing Converting Stamping Record Keeping Mark-up Field Feedback Collaboration Compare

9 We help Oracle Customers Streamline Document and Information Management Application Add-Ons Process & Workflow Integration Document Management Integration

10 Innovative Solutions for Industry Solutions for Web Centre Content Solutions for Unifier

11 Innovative Solutions for Industry Paperless City Planning Paperless Document Control for E & C

12 Innovative Solutions for Industry Engineering Information for SharePoint Connect Primavera Applications to SharePoint

13 Innovative Solutions for Industry Engineering Information Solutions for SAP Engineering Information Solutions for Siemens PLM

14 What so special about Lifecycle? We are experts in delivering AutoVue projects Lifecycle advanced integrations support key features and functions of AutoVue We deliver key industry features such as batch mode, PDF/A, auto Intellistamp and process Integration to update back end systems

15 CH2M HILL Established in 1946 in Corvallis, Oregon Over 26,000 employees Headquarters is in Englewood, CO A global leader in consulting, design, design- build, operations and program management

16 Construction industry – 17 years – Construction Management – Program Management – EPC Oracle Primavera Contract Management – 17 years Oracle AutoVue – 1 year Dana Bartolf – Document Control

17 Why the Digital Project Portal ? Document Control runs at about 8 to 10% Office Engineering hours on a Project Engineering running at 200,000 hours on a typical large project today Document Control will run between 16,000 and 20,000 hours of effort of support Much of Document Controls work is tedious and monotonous

18 How to lower the cost of performing Document Control? Managing Project Submittals is inefficient. We studied the cost of managing a Project Submittal (Receiving, logging into PCM, printing, copying, organizing, placing a batch of documents in the squad check room, manually monitoring what submittals have been checked, and then once Engineering was done, scanning, reattaching, then transmitting these documents back to the supplier.) Why the Digital Project Portal ?

19 Why the Paperless Project Delivery Platform? This process change does not solely help Document Control

20 Some Statistics on IMPEX Integration points to PCM Where do the savings come from – Processing time – Efficiencies in distribution and management – Fully Electronic review process – Paper and scanning – Removal of non value add work – Fast access to information – Submittals 9,825 + Drawings 19,100 +, total revisions 33,629 Approximately 35.

21 Why the Digital Project Portal ? Paper Based Contracts Management Desktop Applications Integrated Process Printing Copying Mark-up Duplication Uncontrolled Downloading Printing Copying Mark-up Duplication Uncontrolled Downloading Paperless Streamlined Integrated

22 Main Issues

23 Addressing the Main Issues Problem# 1 – Search, Find & View Problem# 2 – Paper Processes Problem# 3 – Management & Visibility

24 Problem # 1 Search, Find & View

25 Search, Find & View Large volumes of information in a project – Time consuming & difficult to find Project Engineers / Expeditors Document Control Managers Ability to reference information Need for advanced searching

26 Search, Find & View One Click Search Advanced Search One Click View

27 Problem #2

28 The Life of Reviewers Wasted hours in non-value add work Email becomes the normal way to notify people that they have a submittal to review The individuals involved in the process of submittal reviews have day jobs The submittals backlog is not consolidated in a single queue Desktop applications are not integrated into the process

29 Review My Submittals

30 Simultaneous Reviews Consolidated Mark-up

31 Digital Workbench Reference Document Search Advanced Search Delegate a Document Review Ask a Peer to Consult

32 Digital Workbench Compare Versions Consolidate Mark-ups Simultaneous Review & Mark-up Batch Intelligent Stamping

33 Digital Workbench Accurate Measurements Real Time Collaboration Multi Screens Review BIM Models

34 Problem # 3 Submittals Management

35 Submittals Management Set-up and change is time consuming Delegate, Ask a Peer, Holidays Inflexible Assignment Difficult to use Lack of visibility on status

36 Submittals Management Discipline Management Maintain Discipline Review Groups Prioritization based on due date Submittal visibility Notifications

37 Demonstration

38 Summary

39 Streamlined Document Control Powerful Search Management & VisibilityDigital Workbench

40 Product Innovation Unifier Integration Digital Handover Mobile Round Trip

41 Mobile Enabled

42 Advanced Digital Workbench Transmittals Co-ordination Structural & Piping Review BIM Co-ordination Digital Checklists

43 Digital Handover Session ID: CON8462 Session Title: Effective Document Management/ Digital Handover in the Engineering and Construction Sector

44 Q & A

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