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1 Engineering Village ™ ® Basic Searching On Compendex ®

2 About Engineering Village The premier web-based discovery platform meeting the information needs of the engineering community Premium bibliographic databases Reference databases Patent databases Engineering news and more

3 About Compendex The most comprehensive bibliographic engineering database -current and comprehensive References & abstracts to 4,000+ journals, trade magazines, conference proceedings & technical reports 8 million records – 1969 to present 500,000 records added annually Weekly updates Engineering Index Backfile: 1884-1968 (+ 1.7 million records)

4 175 engineering & applied science disciplines General engineering Civil engineering Mechanical engineering Electrical engineering Chemical engineering Materials Energy

5 Compendex Detailed Record Read full text online Click names for more papers by the authors Over 30 languages available Find more papers from this journal

6 Compendex Detailed Record (continued) Summary of article content Primary topic Standard index terms Additional dominant words and phrases in source Broad groups of related subjects Stylistic approach of the article Digital Object Identifier

7 Getting started: not IP authenticated

8 Getting started: Personal Account Use Personal Account to save records and searches set up e-mail alerts. Register to create your personal account

9 Quick Search Context Sensitive help Key words and Fields search Limits and sorting options Search Tips Select Database

10 Expert Search Browse indexes to locate precise terms Large term entry space for command- line query building – click Help for details Search Codes

11 Managing search results Select range of records Choose from various formats Number of records found Full text link when available

12 Link to full text Click yellow button to go to content website

13 Link to full text

14 Too many results? Limit terms to individual fields Check thesaurus – try narrower terms English only Recent publication years or latest updates Specific document types Specific treatment types Turn autostemming off

15 Too many results? Truncate with care cat* → cat, catalyst, catapults, caterpillar, etc. Use correct Boolean connector Use Facets to refine search

16 Quick, Expert and Thesaurus Faceted Searching Include or Exclude one or more keywords in or between facets from your initial search Combine more than one key word within a facet or between facets by clicking the check boxes next to each key word.

17 Including & Excluding Terms From Facets Including Terms “+” sign will appear between the initial key word and the added terms from the facets. Excluding Terms “-” sign will appear between the initial key word and the excluded terms from the facets.

18 Search history ** Personal Account Required Click on a search to re-run or modify it Combine search numbers for flexible query building Click to save search ** Click to set up e-mail alert**

19 RSS (Really Simple Syndication) What is RSS? RSS is an XML format for distributing web content on the internet, also known as syndication Why is RSS Important? Content is delivered to the reader as it is updated, Better focus on the content by avoiding distractions such as pop-up advertisements and email spam.

20 RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Copy the link provided and paste it in your RSS Aggregator to receive alerts via RSS feed.

21 RSS Feed From Engineering Village

22 RSS delivered to your reader

23 Not enough results? Check thesaurus for broader terms Check thesaurus to see if terms have changed Ei main headings or classification codes Include synonyms Browse indexes for variants of author names, etc. Include all fields Turn autostemming on

24 Not enough results? Use truncation * for simple plurals; don’t forget irregular forms “Quick and dirty” search for a few good articles; then scan indexing for subject headings Use correct Boolean connector

25 Thesaurus Search: Find word in any index term

26 Thesaurus Click to see thesaurus details

27 Thesaurus Click on i to see more Information about the term Any term selected is being added to a search form automatically

28 Thesaurus Exact term: Look up thesaurus details for a known Ei controlled term

29 Thesaurus Browse: Scan up and down an alphabetical list of subject terms

30 Other features In addition to the features reviewed today, Engineering Village offers: Expert searching with Boolean Operators Saved record folders Linking to OpenURL resolvers Linking to document delivery services Ask an expert Blog This! RSS feeds

31 Blog This Blogs allow anyone to share their view, news, or passion with the world through publishing tools that are relatively easy to use and maintain. What can Blogged records be used for? Create a current awareness service highlighting new publications in a popular subject area. Share information found on Engineering Village platform with an audience outside your organization.

32 Blog This Click the ‘Blog This’ button and select the content that is showing in the box and paste it in your post. Once published in your post the title will link to the record’s abstract.

33 Blog a Record Give the post a title Paste the link Publish

34 Wrapping up Questions? Comments? Wishes?

35 Thank You!

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