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Unveiling ProjectWise V8 XM Edition. ProjectWise V8 XM Edition An integrated system of collaboration servers that enable your AEC project teams, your.

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1 Unveiling ProjectWise V8 XM Edition

2 ProjectWise V8 XM Edition An integrated system of collaboration servers that enable your AEC project teams, your information, and your tools to work together as ONE

3 “The ProjectWise System” Services Following “Services-Oriented Architecture” standards, Services are the building blocks of ProjectWise Servers Servers deliver Services Servers are purchased Clients Clients provide access to and are delivered with their corresponding Servers Clients are licensed via a universal PW Named User Modules Modules extend a Server and provide additional Services Modules prerequisite Servers Modules are purchased Authentication Services Integration Server ProjectWise Explorer

4 Breakthrough Productivity for your AEC Projects with Structured Workflows »Project Templates »Project Collaboration »Workspace Standards »Distributed Engineering ProjectWise V8 XM Edition

5 Projects in ProjectWise Structure ProjectWise content to fit better with the workflows of project-centric organizations Navigation Hub Project-level Properties, Resources and Settings Participants and Access Control Project Creation Wizard Project Templates Project Searches

6 Project Navigation Gather all Project specific information to single point documents components saved searches etc Provide tools to select Projects

7 Project Properties People store information about their projects in lots of different places. Being able to provide access to that information in the same place as the project content is a significant advantage ProjectWise XM Projects allow for the collection of that information together with the project content

8 Project Properties Different projects (or types of projects) may have different sets of information that are important. Project Types are defined by Administrator Supports Strings Numerics Dates Default Values Pick-lists

9 Project Resources Typical configuration choices that users/admin make when creating/modifying folders and documents. Assigning Resources to Projects provides mechanism for reducing user choices - limiting complexity and opportunity for mistakes

10 Project Templates Allows for the quick creation of new projects based on the settings of an existing “template” project Supports copying of selected contents of template project Presents pick-list of templates or allows user to browse for any existing project to use as a template

11 Project Searching Allow searching for Projects/Folders based on: General/Folder Properties Project Types Project Properties Geospatial data (with Geospatial module)

12 Project Collaboration Provide tools and workflows to allow teams to more easily collaborate on AEC project data. SharePoint Portal provides a rich collaboration and integration framework. Integrating ProjectWise and SharePoint Portal, will provide our users with a powerful and flexible environment that will not only help them be more effective with their AEC related tasks, but also increase their productivity by…

13 ProjectWise and SharePoint Joint Value Proposition Unify into a single customizable user interface the ability to navigate, search, and collaborate on project content across the enterprise regardless of the project repository Provide a platform for integration between ProjectWise and other Enterprise Applications through Web Services and Web Parts Eventually facilitate interaction between the design tools and the other office products, so that changes made in one tool can trigger updates to associated data in related tools, allowing for better informed decisions

14 Sharepoint Integration ProjectWise will provide a number of Web Parts that expose ProjectWise content for navigation, search and viewing/redlining tasks. These Web Parts can then be hosted by SharePoint Sites (both Portal and WSS) and co-exist with other content, provided by SharePoint or by integration with 3rd party applications, contained within those Sites.


16 Structured Workflows for Design Provide tools and workflows that allow distributed Project teams to efficiently conduct design activities on complex projects requiring tight coordination, strict standards and short deadlines Distributed Engineering Workspace Management

17 Distributed DGNs Distributed DGNs allows for the simultaneous editing of DGN files and/or the merging together of changes made to multiple copies of the same DGN file. Interactive MicroStation workflows are supported as well as multiple document workflows from ProjectWise Explorer Requires MicroStation V8 XM Edition on the client Supported from ProjectWise Explorer

18 Distributed DGNs ProjectWise V8 XM Edition enables Shared Check Outs and Shared Exports Allows DGNs to be concurrently Checked Out or Exported to multiple people at the same time.

19 Distributed DGN Workflows Export/Import Workflows Example : Contractors/sub- contractor Provide set of drawings to multiple sub-contractors for modification Merge the changes V1 V2

20 Distributed DGN Workflows V1 P2 P1 V2 V3 P3

21 Distributed DGNs Conflicts When multiple users make a change to the same element in a DGN Second user to check in the change will be warned that there is a “conflict” with another user’s changes Tools are provided in Design History to accept one of the changes and remove the conflict Both changes are retained in Design History

22 Distributed DGN Admin Allow “shareable documents” for: Datasource Folder Document Search for documents with Conflicts Document Properties dialog updates Organizer Updates

23 Workspace Management Allow for the management of workspaces with the project data Provide same management capabilities to these critical resources that are provided to the rest of the project Access control Audit Trail Distributed storage and Caching Provide additional flexibility in the way workspaces can be assigned

24 Workspace Management MicroStation Configuration Files are mapped into Configuration Settings Blocks(CSB) Individual CSBs can be assigned to: Datasources Folders Applications Users All of the inherited CSBs are combined together to generate a workspace when MicroStation is launched by the user Resources needed for that workspace are copied out into the user’s local working directory and accessed as-needed by MicroStation

25 Workspace Management MicroStation Configuration Variables in CSBs can point to ProjectWise Folders and Documents as well as file system locations CSBs can be assigned to specific priority levels: Global Customer Project Site Discipline User

26 Workspace Management Setting up Managed Workspaces Copy workspace folders into ProjectWise Run Workspace Import Wizard to: » process CFG files and convert them to CSBs »Update configuration settings to point to documents/folders in ProjectWise Re-configure workspaces as appropriate to take advantage of the additional flexibility Assign CSBs to appropriate ProjectWise folders, etc.

27 Workspace Management Assign to projects/folders Supports relative and absolute paths Supports prepend, append, conditional assignments


29 Document List Views in Database Views Persisted in datasource rather then in client BRG file Allows Admins to create and update “standard” views available to all users Individual users can create “personal” views available to only themselves Assign views to datasource, environments, folders and saved searches Allows use of views in new Sharepoint web parts

30 Attribute data stored in PW database tables managed in synchronization with documents Secure collaboration in: Pessimistic mode: check-out/copy-out Optimistic mode: share out Allow making versions of documents and associated attributes stored in managed tables Managed Tables

31 Unveiling ProjectWise V8 XM Edition

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