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Welcome Loren Gray Director of eCommerce Ocean Properties Ltd & Affiliates.

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1 Welcome Loren Gray Director of eCommerce Ocean Properties Ltd & Affiliates

2 Generating Revenue in Hospitality ‘Old School Style’ with Today's Tools


4 The One You Talk About The One You Actually Had Two Vacations

5 So we’ve come along way right? Cell phone if you break down GPS for where to turn Guide to the biggest ball of twine that you might drive by DVR or smart phone or tablet for the kids Online ‘Everything’

6 Guest satisfaction is still king! Advocates, (as we now call them) are spreading the word of mouth, and its still the best business marketing that you can have.

7 Advertising “is the means of promoting the sale of ones products.” Marketing “is the means of identifying your brand, who you are and what you are.”

8 Communication Reasonable two way communication, or as my parents told me there are two ways to listen and one way to talk… for a reason.

9 Communication Newspapers Magazines Brochures Roadside Signs Chamber of Commerce Hotel Index AAA WORD OF MOUTH

10 Final Solution Advertising? MARKETING

11 Two Questions How are they coming to us? How will they use what they discover?

12 There are only three types of people we deal with… Those who have done business with us before Those who know about us Those who don't know about us PAST PRESENT FUTURE

13 Transient Group


15 What’s our focus FacebookTwitterGoogle+ LinkedinPinterestTripAdvisor YelpFoursquareInstagram FoodspottingBanjoVine

16  2,000 'fans' is base critical mass for an active self creating community  Consistency beats brilliance any day  Create a 'Voice' and stick with it  Have as many trusted admins as you can solicit at your property for posts  Its costs about $1 per new follower when advertising for them  Video / pictures / links / posts order of success  Time your posts to the benefit of your guest not yours  Take time with your images (correct size and content) remembering you can promote yourself with them now  Don't have Fridays fish special on Saturdays board Things I have Learned

17 What are the 9 types of Postings?  Photo  Video  Link  Status  Question (Poll)  Photo album  Offer  Milestone Event




21 Third Party Services

22 Who Does Facebook Ad’s? Let’s Talk About Power Editor

23 Did you know you can GEOFence an FB ad? Did you know with an authorized Facebook Vendor you can do retargeting through the Facebook Exchange? Did you know you'll be able to in July begin to promote VIdeo ads in Facebook?

24 What Do We Talk About? The 50/30/20 Guide  50% News  30% Personality  20% Business

25 How To Avoid Content ‘Burnout’  Family  Soft Adventure  Eco / Green  Historical & Cultural  Romance Dining & Nightlife  Off the Beaten Path  Property Amenities  Cross Property / Destination Promotion

26 Massive Stats To Use Only From A Download

27 Tools To Schedule With

28 All This Is Not Just About Transit Business

29 Wrap Up "I don't want to market to everybody, I want to market to you"

30 Questions

31 Thank You 813-421-GRAY

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