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DEVELOPMENT OF MORAL VALUES Contemporary Adolescence.

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1 DEVELOPMENT OF MORAL VALUES Contemporary Adolescence

2 Piaget Heteronomous morality: rules are seen as having a sacred, fixed quality Autonomous morality: rules are social conventions and they can change if people decide to change them

3 Kohlberg Level I: Preconventional reasoning—external rewards and punishments  Punishment and obedience orientation  Individualism and purpose orientation Level II: Conventional reasoning—conform to expectations of others  Interpersonal concordance orientation  Social systems orientation

4 Kohlberg (cont’d) Postconventional reasoning—individual’s own judgments of right and wrong  Community rights and individual rights orientation  Universal ethical principles orientation

5 Worldviews Approach Worldview: set of cultural beliefs that explain:  What it means to be human  How human relations should be conducted  How human problems should be addressed

6 Worldviews Approach (cont’d) Three types of ethics based on different worldviews:  Ethic of autonomy: individuals can do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t harm anybody else  Ethic of community: responsibilities of roles in the family, community, and other groups are the basis of one’s moral judgment  Ethic of divinity: moral views based on traditional religious authorities and religious texts; spirituality is the basis of ethics

7 Major factors that influence prosocial behaviors Pubertal status Perspective taking Moral reasoning Empathy Personality Family relationships Peer relationships Schooling Culture and ethnicity

8 Family factors on moral learning Parental acceptance and trust Communication Discipline Parental role model

9 Other influences on adolescent moral behavior Media—society would benefit if media would:  Stop portraying only physically attractive people as desirable  Depict sexually abstinent teens as well as sexually active ones  Depict typical sexual relations as non-exploitive  Represent the typical sexual encounter as planned rather than impulsive

10 Six pillars of morality Trustworthiness Respect Responsibility Fairness Caring Citizenship

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