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Trimester 2 2014-2015 1. 2 1. Copy the word 2. Fill in “My Definition” including the part of speech.

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1 Trimester 2 2014-2015 1

2 2 1. Copy the word 2. Fill in “My Definition” including the part of speech

3 v. to prove negative; to show to be false; to say or show the opposite of the truth ETYMOLOGY: Latin contrdcere, contrdict-, to speak against : contr-, contra- + dcere, to speak; see deik- in Indo-European roots Other forms: n. contradiction, contraindication adj. contradictable 3

4 In a sentence: The defense lawyer further showcased evidence that contradicted the prosecution’s already unreliable witness testimony, weakening the case against his client. Notice the context of the sentence includes the definition. Synonyms: contravene, controvert, deny, disaffirm, negate, impugn Notice the synonyms are also all verbs! 4

5 5 1.Copy the word 2.Fill in “My Definition” including the part of speech #12 contrast

6  V. to compare two things in order to show their differences  N. the difference between two things  ETYMOLOGY: French contraster, from Italian contrastare, from Medieval Latin contrstre : Latin contr-, contra- + Latin stre, to stand; see st- in Indo-European roots  Synonyms: adverse, antithesis, comparison, contradiction, differentiation, disparity, dissimilarity, dissimilitude, distinction, divergence, diversity, foil, heterogeneity, incompatibility, incongruousness, inconsistency, inequality, inverse, oppositeness, opposition, reverse, unlikeness, variance, variation 6 #12 contrast

7 7 #13 reveal

8 8 v. Make (previously unknown or secret information) known to others. n. A final revelation of information that has previously been kept from the characters or viewers Origin late Middle English: from Old French reveler or Latin revelare, from re- 'again' (expressing reversal) + velum 'veil'. Syn: divulge, disclose, confess, admit, publicize

9 9 #14 (il)logical

10 10 #14 logical adj. probable or reasonable Synonyms: compelling, congruent, consistent, convincing, deducible, discerning, judicious, legit, legitimate, plausible, rational, sensible, sound, valid, Other forms: illogical ( + il = “not” or “opposite of”)

11 11 #15 depict Hajjaj, Osama. " Cartoon." Homepage. N.p., 13 Dec. 2011. Web. 13 Dec. 2011. " Cartoon." Homepage. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Nov. 2011. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

12 12 #15 depict v. Show or represent by a drawing, painting, or other art form. Syn: portray, represent, picture, illustrate, delineate

13 13 #16 narration = QZp3jumnWU g This clip explains how to add narration to a PowerPoint slideshow. It is also an example of what narration sounds like.

14 14 noun: The act of assimilating information and retelling it; storytelling = CzSQImqpcGM&featur e = fvwrel Click the link to see an example of Thomas the Tank Engine with George Carlin doing the narration. Other forms of the word: narrate, narrative #16 narration

15 15 Distinguish Yourself from the Crowd Posted July 13, 2012 by John Mummery in Grow Ever wonder how you should distinguish yourself from others? Did you want a promotion, a scholarship, someone’s attention or just a job? Or maybe you’re wondering why you need to distinguish yourself? When I was 17 years old my friend’s dad told me that he never had unique talents or extraordinary gifts. He put in hard work and often felt that he had to try harder to get ahead of his peers. The key, he shared with me, was to distinguish yourself from your peers. I thought about this for a few weeks and it made sense. If the majority of people are shooting for some common standard then they’re all going to come out at the same level. All I needed to do when I found myself in a competitive situation was to shoot higher than the status quo. Sometimes we kid ourselves by saying “I gave it my best shot” when we know we really didn’t. In the Army I knew to get promoted I’d be competing against my peers; friends that I’d known for months and trained with daily. We were measured primarily by our Physical Fitness scores, Weapon Qualification Scores and Initiative in Leadership. The hardest of these 3 was the latter. Initiative meant learning skills like calling cadence, volunteering for additional duties or being mentored by a senior ranking soldier. At first it can seem too tough to do in addition to getting a high Physical Fitness and Weapon Qual scores. I’m not a charismatic person and can’t sing on key. Calling cadence was humiliating for me at first. I was tempted to give up and just say I’ll let everything play out and let the chips fall where they may. Instead I took one small step and then another and then they became bigger steps. “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” ~Michela

16 16 1. v. to recognize or treat (someone or something) as different 2. v. to perceive or point out a difference Synonyms: differentiate, separate, discern, discriminate Possible question: What are the personality traits that distinguish Tim from other boys his age in My Brother Sam is Dead?

17 17

18 18 n. a process aimed at changing a person's (or a group's) attitude or behavior toward some event, idea, object, or other person(s), by using written or spoken words to convey information, feelings, or reasoning, or a combination thereof Related forms: persuade, persuasive Synonyms: conversion, inducement,,promotion,, influence over

19 19 Sentence: The toddler’s power of persuasion lied within her puppy-dog brown, droopy eyes - this was hard to resist. Write your own sentence.

20 20 I asked the student to elaborate on his answer by including an example so that the rest of the class would fully understand his example. The wedding dress’ elaborate beading made it quite expensive.

21 21 adj. many carefully arranged parts or details; complicated in design v. to develop in intricate and rich detail Other forms: elaboration, elaborately Syn.: adj. complicated, complex, detailed v. develop, elucidate, illustrate, detail

22 22

23 23 Unincorporated quote: Tim looks up to Sam. “My brother Sam was standing there, wearing a uniform. Oh my, he looked proud ” (1). This quote describes how Tim saw Sam's uniform. He was constantly mentioning Sam’s uniform and so he must want to be just like him. [This is what some call quote dumping]. Incorporated quote: Since Tim frequently mentions Sam’s uniform, noting that "he looked proud," (1) which underscores his apparent admiration of him. He obviously looks up to him and there are many examples…

24 24 v.: to include within something larger; to contain; to mix in The spending agreement incorporates ideas from both Democrats and Republicans. Synonyms: integrate, mix, assimilate Other forms: incorporated,

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