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Persuasiveness Persuasiveness Vs. Contentiousness

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1 Persuasiveness Persuasiveness Vs. Contentiousness
“Guiding vital truths around another’s mental roadblock.”

2 Persuasion is a character quality that is needed for mediation, counseling, family matters, marriage, and work. There is a difference between persuasiveness and contentiousness. The character quality of persuasiveness does not bring contention or quarrels. It is guiding a specific truth around someone else’s roadblock. They may not see the things that you see. They need the facts and information brought to them without them building up defenses against the truth.

3 They don’t push, they direct with accuracy.
A persuasive person will guide a person in a direction that seems right. They are a light to them that are still in the dark. They don’t push, they direct with accuracy.

4 Perspective means everything.
look at things from a different angle.

5 Same facts, different way of showing them.
The difference between antiques and junk depends on who’s selling what to whom. Persuading someone might possibly be showing them the other side of the picture. Show a different picture of the same thing and let the picture speak for itself. Facts Facts or Same facts, different way of showing them.

6 Contention is a character that is given to quarrelsome debate, and needless argument. It creates strife and gives way to failure in the relationship. And no matter how hard we try, we will not always be able to persuade all the people that we think need it. Sometimes they may have to go through the school of hard knocks and learn by their own experience.

7 Nice night in June. Stars shine. Big moon.
In park with girl. Heart pound. Head swirl. Me say love. She coo like dove. Me smart. Me fast. Me don’t let chance pass. Get hitched me say. She say okay. Wedding bells ring. Honeymoon. Everything. Settle down. Happy life. Happy man. Happy wife. Another night in June. Stars shine. Big moon. Me not happy anymore. Carry baby. Walk the floor. Wife mad. She stew. Me mad. Stew too. Life one big spat. Nagging wife. Bawling brat. We realize at last, and am persuaded we moved too fast.

8 The road of hard knocks is the best way to learn what persuasiveness is all about.
If we can’t persuade you that marriage is hard, get married and the facts will persuade you.

9 Many years ago, British pastor John Patton gave his Sunday night congregation this advice about becoming “pals” with their children: “Thirty years divide a father and son. Each looks out into the world with their own eyes, and sees things from his own point of view. Is it any wonder that misunderstandings sometimes arise? The remedy lies along the lines of forbearance and sympathy. Be the pal of your boy. Let father and son cultivate the spirit of comradeship, and in every event of life there will be a chance of complete understanding between them.” You have kept the right and trust to persuade him. Instilling truth while in a relationship is easier than trying without a relationship.

10 Henry Ford stated: Old proverb:
“If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from his angle as well as your own.” Old proverb: If you will sell John Smith what John Smith buys, you must see John Smith through John Smith’s eyes.

11 People have mental roadblocks because of many things
People have mental roadblocks because of many things. And yet there is a way to have positive input into any circumstance and any life. Persuasiveness comes with a passion to do that which is right, and a desire to teach (persuade) others the same principles or ideas when they don’t always know that they need it.

12 How could I have persuaded her against what she wanted?
For instance: I tried to persuade a young girl that sleeping with a young man before marriage makes a statement that they don’t respect each other. She replied, “He means all the world to me.” My persuasion didn’t work. After much time had gone by, I saw her again and she was no longer with this man. I asked her, “I thought he meant the world to you.” She replied, “Once he was all the world to me, but I have learned a lot of geography since.” How could I have persuaded her against what she wanted?

13 Using only vital truths, how would you persuade this young lady or man in doing what is right without causing contention? State facts. (Truth must be stated in love if you care) Put yourself in their shoes Stay calm (never raise your voice, keep a smile.) Guide the conversation, don’t rule over it. (Give them time to speak.) Stick to the subject, and don’t allow more roadblocks. 6) Look at the circumstance with the heart and not only the eyes.

14 Come to our next breakfast:
Persuasiveness is the ability to let others know that they need character in their homes, businesses, and lives, and the ability to get them to the breakfast or other functions that will teach them about character. Let’s not tell them what they are doing wrong, but what they can do to increase what they already have. Come to our next breakfast:

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