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THE CUPCAKE QUEEN by Heather Hepler

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1 THE CUPCAKE QUEEN by Heather Hepler

2 “The second tower is positioned right in front of Charity, who at that very moment has her hand poised over a particularly large cupcake She ends up wearing a dozen or more cupcakes like a hat while half a dozen more slide slowly down the front of her dress(15).” Charity is the antagonist and the first thing that sets her off is the disaster at her party. She blames Penny, the main character, and protagonist, for what happened. She doesn’t bother to remember Penny’s name until after this which infers that she won’t forget what happened at her party.

3 “I stare out the window, seeing the big wooden sign for Hog’s Hollow
“I stare out the window, seeing the big wooden sign for Hog’s Hollow. WELCOME HOME, it says at the bottom. The brochures my mother keeps in the bakery describe the rustic charm of the area. If rustic means “old,” they’re right(18).” The main character, who is also the narrator, explains to us how she feels about the new town she will be living in. For the main character this is a internal conflict.

4 “I notice that the bottom part of the locker is bowed out a little and I push it and hear it click. Maybe that will help. I try it again and this time the latch comes up It starts slowly. One penny falls out. Then two, but then the weight of them pushes the door open and it’s a wave of pennies. Hundreds of them. Maybe thousands. A penny tsunami. I mean, how many pennies does it take to fill up a whole locker?(34&35)” The antagonist and their crew is bullying the protagonist. Since her name is Penny, they thought it would be funny to fill her locker up with hundreds or thousands pennies. The narrator tries to help you picture the pennies falling out of the locker by using words like “wave” and “tsunami”.

5 “’I know its hard for you. ’ ‘What exactly is hard for me. ’ I ask
“’I know its hard for you.’ ‘What exactly is hard for me?’ I ask She sighs again. ‘Starting a new school. . .making new friends. . .’ Say it! I think. Just tell me what I already know Finally she says, ‘Penny, your father and I are separating.’ ‘What does that mean?’ ’Living three hundred miles away from each other already seems pretty separated to me.’(141)” I would use a picture of a family picture being ripped in the middle. I could not find a picture to use. The main character’s parents are splitting up. She has had an idea that something was going on but no one would tell her anything. The author makes you feel sympathy for Penny through sentence fluency.

6 “Ever since we moved from Manhattan, population 1
“Ever since we moved from Manhattan, population 1.6 million, to Hog’s Hollow, population 5, (6)” I would use a picture of a map with big cities and you couldn’t see any of the smaller cities. I could not find a picture to use. The main setting is in Hog’s Hollow. Penny is now living in Hog’s Hollow, a small quiet town, compared to posh Manhattan, with her grandmother and mother.

7 “I don’t want to start a new school and make new friends
“I don’t want to start a new school and make new friends. I don’t want to have a mother who runs a bakery called The Cupcake Queen.(9)” The second most important setting is the bakery Penny’s has started in Hog’s Hollow. The main character spends most of her time in the bakery to avoid confrontation with anybody her age.

8 “She passes around old HHHS yearbooks, featuring photos of parade floats.(123)”
The third most important setting is at the a Hog’s Hollow High School. The main character runs into most of her conflicts here. She also spends quite a bit of time here too.

9 “Mostly, I say to myself as he walks away, his box slapping against his leg. I’m not so sure. I’ve seen her be nasty to other kids, but with me she turns the meanness volume way up. She doesn’t even try to lower her voice when she’s ragging on me And she never lets up.(117)” The narrator is first person narrator and the main character. In this selected piece of text the main character’s attitude is showing you that she doesn’t like that person she is talking about.

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