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Quality System Infrastructure Products Design - Integration - Assembly Field Support - Optimization - Installation.

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1 Quality System Infrastructure Products Design - Integration - Assembly Field Support - Optimization - Installation

2 Our Mission Design and build Communication Systems Analog- Digital – Conventional- Trunked Per your custom requirements- - Integrating proven – reliable vendor products Our objective is to provide our dealers …… MORE for LESS

3 Your Benefits Exceptional personal service…responsive and flexible. When you call, you speak to the staff behind the design Systems experience- Over forty years of in field – hands on systems integration – design and optimization -installation High quality… reliable and dependable… we design and build system products and assembled systems as we would use them ourselves. Dynamic product line… off the shelf products - plug and play assembled systems…

4 Icom’s Repeaters & Systems IAS Product Line -Off The Shelf System Products -Built to Order- Assembled Systems -Accessory products -Field Services

5 Off the Shelf FR 3000- 4000 Base - Repeater CY Repeater X-Band 50 Cross Band Repeater IAS 100 V-U Base- Repeater IAS Voting Receivers DRB-25 Base- Repeater Rapid Deployment Systems ( coming soon )

6 FR3000/4000 Repeater  50 Watt full duty cycle operation  Automatic battery backup system  Built in tone panel- per channel  32 memory channels  Built-in 2-Tone, 5-Tone, DTMF encoder & decoder  Internal space for isolator  Internal space for duplexer  Internal space for pre-selector  Telephone interconnect capability  DTMF remote control capability  Optional wall mount bracket, MB-77  Optional19 “ bracket IAS FR RACK

7 FR Series features Master/Slave backup operation by connecting two repeaters Self check function checks for internal errors and alerts with a local beep or with a phone call Accessory connector (D-sub 25-pin) on the rear panel for external controllers- ` tone remote interface- DC remote interface 5-Tone relay function Optional Voice Scrambler UT-109 or UT-110 9 ( BASE MODE ) CW ID transmitter (DTMF or 5-Tone also selectable) Password and kill/stun function for security 16-digit alphanumeric display convenient for base station operation A programmable button gives access to a customized function All trademarks are the properties of their respective holders.

8 DEALER FR 3000 - 01 150-174$ 1249 FR 4000 - 01 400-430$ 1290 FR 4000 - 03 450-480& 1290

9 CY Repeater 50 Watt 50% duty Cycle Operation Automatic battery backup system 220-110 VAC 12 VDV Operation Internal space for duplexer Internal space for isolator- pre-selector 19” Rack Mountable Simple – Clean – Reliable Design

10 CY Repeater Flexible Controller- Automatic Switchover to DC if AC failure Heavy Duty Fan- Timing selectable by controller Rear Bulk Head type N connectors Cost Effective Solution

11 DEALER CY 121S DP136-174 $ 1099.20 CY 221S DP 400-430 $ 1099.20 CY 221S DP 440-490 $ 1099.20

12 X-Band 50 Flexible Configurations UHF - VHF VHF - VHF UHF - UHF VHF - AIR Band ( A110 ) UHF - AIR Band ( A110 ) Cross Band Repeater– In Band linking Automatic battery backup system 220-110 VAC 12 VDV Operation 19” Rack Mountable Bulk Head Style N Connectors 256 channels per side- Display Units for Alpha Tagging

13 DEALER X-Band 50 V-U $ 1099.20 X-Band 50 U-U $ 1128.00 X-Band 50 V-V $ 1099.20 X-Band 50 Air-U $ 1420.89 X-Band 50 Air-V $ 1406.74

14 IAS 100 V-U 100 Watts 100 % duty Cycle Base- Repeater Battery Back Up Capable- 110-220-A/C and 12 VDC operation TPL Amplifier - Built in PS and By-Pass Relay Large Cooling fans Includes: A/C Surge Suppression panel Silver Plated Custom Cut Coaxial Jumpers Programmed – aligned – and set up per your requirements Shipping Crate * Shown in 30” locking ventilated cabinet

15 DEALER IAS 100V136-174$ 2500.00 IAS 100U 400-430$ 3000.00 IAS 100U 450-480$ 3000.00

16 Voting Receivers

17 Voting Receiver Features 110-220 VAC- 12 VDC Operation Automatic Switchover to DC if AC failure Pilot Tone Generator 1950 or 2175 Hz 600 ohm balanced output -20 to +9 dbm Three cavity band pass pre-selector Rear Bulk Head type N connectors 138-174 VHF 450- 470 UHF

18 Voting Receivers 110-220 VAC- 12 VDC Operation Automatic Switchover to DC if AC failure Pilot Tone Generator 1950 or 2175 Hz 600 ohm balanced output -20 to +9 dbm Three cavity band pass pre-selector Rear Bulk Head type N connectors 150-170 VHF 450- 470 UHF

19 DEALER IAS Voting RX UHF $ 991.71 IAS Voting RX VHF HI$ 979.73 IAS Voting RX VHF LO$ 979.73

20 DRB-25 P25- Analog Project 25 Base Station / Repeater

21 Two Radios in One Package Provides one or two independent radios in one single package. Link different bands-Cross banding Link different modes-analog to digital / digital to analog Two wire-Four Wire interface Telco interface E&M Interface Slide In Modular Design 110-220 VAC and 12 VDC operation Battery back up capable Auto Mode Sensing IP – enabled providing VOIP dispatch IP - Real time user, diagnosis, monitoring and control – alarm information

22 DRB-25 Features Available VHF (136-174 MHz) and UHF (380-520 MHz) VHF 100 W – UHF 50W RF Output ( 100 Watts available this summer ) Configurable as single or dual channel unit Supports P-25 digital and FM analog radios, including CTCSS - DCS - NAC

23 DRB-25 Features 512 Programmable channels per radio Programmable channel scan of up to sixteen channels “Auto sense” between analog and P25 calls Built in P25 IMBE vocoding and P25 OFB DES Encryption

24 Programming & Serviceability

25 Upgradeable- Flexible - Serviceable Enables upgrade from a single-channel to a dual-channel at low cost Two radios in one chassis reduces rack space Hot swap modules for quick repair

26 PC Console and VoIP Transmits and receives audio data between a Windows PC and the DRB-25 Digital Base station over an IP network Real time diagnosis – control and user information via corporate intranet- LAN or internet connection

27 PC Control over VoIP Select radio channel Monitor radio operation including: –Current channel number and name –Current operation mode (FM analog or P-25 digital) –Last received CTCSS, NAC and Talk Group ID –Current Talk Group ID –Signal Strengths

28 PC Control over VoIP Existing DRB-25 units can be updated with the Multi mode interface module MMI Module provides for the IP based real time user – diagnosis information PC Console- VOIP dispatch control is a software option for the MMI module

29 Icom’s Project-25 solution allows for seamless integration of existing analog users with P25 users. Existing RF infrastructure- TX combiners- RX Multi-couplers- antennas can be utilized.

30 Eclipse Series Modular type Base - Repeaters 110-220 VAC- 12 VDC Operation Automatic Switchover to DC if AC failure PL - DCS- Pilot Tone generation and CWID built in 600 ohm balanced output 100% Duty Cycle operation Digital modulator card for FSK paging Golay- Pocsag- Flex 4 RU Tall Flexible configurations- Easy Integration

31 High Spec RX- 100 Watts 100% duty Cycle Multiple Bands- Multiple Configurations







38 System Accessories for Off the Shelf and Eclipse Series Antenna Switches Duplexers- Internal and External Tone Panels- DC Panels-Interconnect Panels Controllers- LTR-Smart Trunk-Paging- Extreme- Passport TX Combiners RX Multi-couplers Isolators A/C Surge Suppression RF Power Sensor- Alarm Panels Racks- Cabinets Custom Cut Cabling/ with Silver Plated Connectors ( Standard ) 19” Shelves R56 preparation for easy installation

39 System Partners Trident Micro Systems CSI Zetron CPI Telex-Vega Hammond Transtector EMR DB Spectra JPS Fiplex TPL TX-RX Telewave Celwave Pelican Duracom We propose and integrate products that have proven to meet our performance requirements. Let us know if you have a particular preference or requirement.

40 Coming Soon Shown at IWCE 2006 Rapid Deployment System Analog or Tactical Digital ( P25 ) base- repeater In Band – Cross band versions Quickly deployable- Self Contained- Emergency ready Pelican Case- Rhino tough – Water Proof 110-220 VAC 12 VDC operation Internal Batteries- Solar Charging Option Cannon Style Mil Spec external connectors Under 50 lbs for Air travel requirements Will utilize our proven controllers and mobile radios

41 Change-Over Panel Provides LTR and Passport Redundant Home Channel operation Provides Conventional Redundant operation Senses multiple – configurable alarms from main repeater SWR alarms Exciter- Receiver Alarms PA alarms Power Supply alarms Auto switch over to stand-by repeater Provides selectable indicators to inform dealer of switch over Audible over the air periodic beep tones or Pages the dealer or E- mails the dealer

42 TX RX Repeaters Controllers Transmit Combiner Receiver Multicoupler 5 Channel System Low Loss Power supply Icom’s Repeaters & Systems




46 More System for Less $$ What we do - we do VERY well, for less. IAS will beat our competitors quotation on comparable system configurations at the same or better specifications. Give us a chance to make you more money Richard Varbero- IAS Coordinator 425-586-6353 direct 208-699-0337 wireless

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