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Broadband Satellite Terminal (BST)

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1 Broadband Satellite Terminal (BST)
Cahon Systems Inc. Broadband Satellite Terminal (BST)

2 BST (Broadband Satellite Terminal) Network Diagram

3 BST System Capabilities
Inmarsat Compatible SwiftBroadband (Airborne version of BGAN) Voice 2 VoIP channels, wired telephone network toll quality Push-to-talk supervision transmitted in-band Full Duplex capable, each direction independent Uses bandwidth only when talking (background) Video or Other UDP Data 10/100Base-T (UDP) 32 kbps, 64 Kbps, 128 Kbps, 256 Kbps fixed streaming or variable background (selectable) Two Async Serial Data Channels Full Duplex, optional hardware flow control Telemetry & Command (T&C), 38.4 Kbps (default rate) Payload Data, up to Kbps 3

4 BST Security & Redundancy
Inmarsat Encryption Satellite air interface segment commercially encrypted by the Inmarsat network NSA Type-1 encryption on satellite command links BST End to End Encryption AES 256 shared key User selectable for each interface individually User Encrypted Payloads BST delivers externally encrypted payloads transparently Redundant Connection, Ground Station to Inmarsat Direct T1/E1, VPN, Mil Net, VSAT, Internet – Single Hop Satellite (BGAN) backup – Double Hop 4

5 BST Interfaces Toll Quality VoIP Audio, 2 Channels
Transformer Coupled, 150 Ohm or 600 Ohm balanced Input level – 1Vpp to 50Vp-p (ARC-210 compatible) Output level – 1Vpp to 3Vp-p 28V Logic ground for push-to-talk (PTT) in and out Full Duplex capable, each direction independent 10/100Base-T Ethernet (UDP) User data or video, streaming or background RS-422 Async Serial Data Full duplex asynchronous data, up to Kbps (w/optional flow control) RS-232/422 Async Serial Data EIA-232/422, selectable by wiring RS-422 Async Serial Control (Terminal Administration) Configuration and status monitoring of terminal, up to Kbps (w/optional flow control). 5

6 BST SWaP & Temperature Temperature SWaP (Size, Weight and Power)
Airborne Equipment Chassis Size < 0.6 cu ft (10” x 18” x 5”), excluding connectors System Weight ≤ 30 lbs, including HLD & antenna System Power ≤ 300 W, including HLD & antenna Ground Equipment Chassis Size: 2U (3.5” high), 19” rack mount Chassis Weight ≤ 20 lbs, excluding radome (< 50 lbs) System Power ≤ 400W, including radome Temperature Antenna (-73° C (start-up) to +49° C (start-up)) Chassis (-40° C (start-up) to +70° C (start-up)) Antenna (-32° C (start-up) to +49° C (start-up)) Chassis (-32° C (start-up) to +35° C (start-up)) 6

7 BST Functional Description (UAS Configuration)
Bandwidth Capability 432kbps maximum Background IP (shared bandwidth) Streaming IP (fixed 32 Kbps, 64 Kbps, 128 Kbps or 256 Kbps rates) Video (shares bandwidth with payload data) UDP on 10/100Base-T Ethernet >200 Kbps background, or streaming Voice 2 VoIP channels Full duplex capable Wired telephone voice quality Push-to-talk ARC-210 style interfaces Payload Data 115.2 Kbps async 10/100Base-T Ethernet (UDP) Full Duplex UA Control/System Administration Telemetry & Command (T&C) Data Also includes BST admin Combined 38.4 Kbps (default rate) Encryption Commercial AES 256 bit encryption Identical Architecture, Airborne & Ground 7

8 Airborne SBU, HLD & Antenna Specifications
COTS LRU SWaP SwiftBroadband Unit (SBU) 12.62”(L) X 7.62”(W) X 2.25”(H) 5.5 lbs 28VDC, ~100W High Power/Low Noise Amplifiers & Diplexer (HLD) 9”(L) X 7.9”(W) X 2”(H) 5.9 lbs Powered from SBU High Gain Antenna (HGA-6000) 10”(L) X 10”(W) X 9.7”(H) 4.3 lbs Operating Temperature Specification SBU & HLD -25° C to +55° C (+70 ° C for 30 minutes) HGA-6000 Antenna -65° C to +70° C (Tested to -73 ° C) 8

9 Explorer 700 (Terrestrial Terminal) Specifications
COTS LRU SWaP Transceiver 11”(L) X 8.9”(W) X 1.6”(H) 3.3 lbs Antenna 11.7”(L) X 15.7”(W) X 2”(H) 3.7 lbs 100VAC to 240VAC or battery 65W Temperature Specification Operating Temperature -25 ° C to +55 ° C Transceiver/Modem Detachable antenna 9

10 BST Airborne Terminal 10

11 Amplifiers/Diplexer (HLD) & HGA-6000 Antenna

12 Cahon Systems Inc. BST Ground Terminal & Antenna

13 HGA-6000 Integration 13

14 BST Airborne Terminal Integration

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