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VHF-90M Military VHF-Transciever

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1 VHF-90M Military VHF-Transciever
Analog Fixed Frequency Secure Digital Fixed Frequency Secure Digital Frequency Hopping

2 VHF-90M Low Band Digital VHF
Full Military build specification (810F) Compact & lightweight (1kg Transceiver) 5W Output Power 30-88MHz Frequency Range Legacy (PRC77) and Digital Modes Digital modes Encrypted or frequency hopping Simple to use Simple to service 3 Year International Warranty

3 VHF-90M Features Multi programming facilities DTMF handset/front panel
Cloning Fill gun PC/PDA Programming Variable Frequency selection Selective and group calling Onboard GPS Advanced PnP (Plug and Play) Zero DSP or Factory settings Front panel Received Signal Strength Indicator

4 VHF-90M Security Legacy – Analogue operation
Scan – 10 channel scan in Legacy mode Secure – Single channel digital encryption Free channel search – 10 channel operation in Secure Mode. Frequency Hopping – 256 channel operation at 100 channels per second

5 VHF-90M Vehicle and Base Station
Remote control Repeater mode (Rebroadcasting) Operation with DTMF Operated with telephone interconnect Q-Mac Vehicle Docking Station (VDS)

6 VHF-90M 50W Vehicle and Base Station
Improved Range Controlled by VHF 90M Bypass mode Optional anti vibration mounts Combat harness Interfacing Remote Control Rebroadcast (Repeater)

7 VHF-90M VDS Rebroadcast Repeater mode
Legacy Net F.Hoping Net 2 wire =600 ohm Up to 5 km Base Station 2 Base Station 1

8 VHF-90M VDS Remote Control
VHF Net 2 wire 600 ohm Up to 5 km Base Station 2 Transmitted and under Full control from Control Station Control Station Not transmitted

9 VHF-90M VDS 2 Wire Interconnect
Operate with any DTMF phone and control the remote radio by DTMF tones Example: Switching to secure is 732# 7 = S 3 = E 2 = C # = enter VHF Net Remote Station 2 wire 600 ohm Up to 5 km DTMF Handset

10 Vehicle Tactical Radio System
1.2.3 Operator Commander 1 Crew 2 Crew 3 Crew 4 1. HF 90M 50W 3. VHF 90M 5/50W 2. VHF 90M 5W

11 Vehicle Military Installation
VHF 90M 50W Amplifier HF 90M 150W Amplifier VHF 90M in VDS Q-MAC HF 90M All equipments shock mounted

12 Field Data Terminal (FDT) with GPS Option
Simple Operation GPS Send and Receive Clear Messaging Encrypted Messaging GPS Operation in 2 bands HF and VHF Mil-Std Specifications Light weight Repeater mode Compatible with combat military radio

13 Secure combat workstation
GPS linked moving map display Multi layer map, including photography, contours etc Scanned/vector map capability Encrypted symbol layer transmissions Send and receive secure messages (supports POP3/SMTP, Lotus Notes, Vines, MAPI, MHS) via radio Compatibility with civil and military systems ACS/FPDA standard Built-in high speed HF and VHF modems Touch screen, keypad, mouse Rugged waterproof construction

Simple operation Proven Reliability No unwanted functionality Communication Security Simple Maintenance In-country and Factory Support Small size and weight Low cost but not low quality

15 Q-MAC Electronics WWW.QMAC.RU Конец презентации Благодарим за просмотр
Дополнительная информация

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