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1 VIP 110-24 Release 2.1.0 “Anypoint”-to-Multipoint Wireless.

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1 1 VIP 110-24 Release 2.1.0 “Anypoint”-to-Multipoint Wireless

2 2 All Electronics in Rugged Outdoor Unit Cable carries DC Power and Ethernet Dual Antenna Port Antenna Alignment Port VINE technology enabled Web-Based Graphical Interface Power Supply ~AC Ethernet VIP 110-24 Ethernet Bridge

3 3 Overcomes Non-Line-of-Sight Issues Low Up-Front Cost Provides effective data throughput of 8 Mbps Priority Queuing enables flexibility to control bandwidth and maximize revenue intake. Configured as a single piece, outdoor unit reducing installation time, and eliminating cable loss Backbone is required only when capacity exceeds single VINE capacity Key Competitive Advantages

4 4 Installation Advantages Easy to Program (Configuration Scripts) Built-in Spectrum Analyzer Headphone / Audible Port for Antenna Alignment Unisex design enables the units to be configured either as a root, repeater or leaf node Output power 7 times that of the competition. No external amplifiers needed! Spectral Efficiency –18 MHz bandwidth, 32 channels, 4 non-overlapping channels Low Power Consumption –5 Watts Over-the-air Upgrades Self Configuring Radios RF Plug-and-Play

5 5 New Features in Release 2.1.0 Web Browser GUI DHCP Client VLAN Support NTP Request Security & Login Flexibility Configuration Files Auto-Configuration Scripts Dynamic Power Control Priority Transmission Plug-and-Play Email Alarms Runtime & Uptime Clocks Monitor Auto Acquire Monitor Cycle

6 6 New Products In VIP Family Leaf only Models: 2, 5.5 and 11 Mbps –Lower speed leafs to match customer needs –Lower prices to match market demands –Upgrade cost is covered by customer’s increased needs. –Leafs are upgradeable to full VINE functionality over the air with software key

7 7 RF Plug-and-Play

8 8 Internet VIP 110-24 Solution Unique “Anypoint-to-Multipoint” architecture over comes line of sight limitations using patented VINE technology Outdoor unit offers quick installation

9 9 Internet Expansion with Backbone Cut one branch of VINE to create two VINEs Install dedicated link between two roots Backbone only required once capacity exceeds single VINE capacity

10 10 Key Advantages Low Up-Front Cost provides for gradual build out Overcomes Non Line-of-Sight issues –VINE Implementation Easy Deployment with Plug-and-Play –Radios self-configure, automatically detecting new nodes within seconds of power up Long Range Links –Directive always used at one end of every link Bandwidth on Demand –Available bandwidth shared among active nodes only Network Management over the air –GUI Interface

11 11 Questions

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