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Comm-Tac A Low Cost Approach to Interoperability and Digital Migration.

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1 Comm-Tac A Low Cost Approach to Interoperability and Digital Migration

2 Comm-Tac Overview Comm-Tac is designed to meet a growing demand for a low-cost method of solving tactical interoperability problems It meets a challenging need for quick, immediate grouping of dissimilar radios

3 Comm-Tac Overview Provides tactical interoperability on demand or on a permanent, full time basis Provides radio grouping at the hardware level, inexpensively and effectively

4 Front Panel View Easy push button operation for assigning groups. Three position buttons set a radio to Group A, Group B, or Off.

5 How it Works UHF Conventional MOTOTRBO™ UHF Conventional MOTOTRBO™ System MOTOTRBO™ UHF System UHF Transmits through the system to MOTOTRBO™ and vice-versa

6 How it Works The Result is UHF Talking to MOTOTRBO™ effectively UHF Conventional MOTOTRBO™ UHF Conventional MOTOTRBO™ MOTOTRBO™ System UHF System

7 Rear Panel View 4 individual DB-9 connectors for radio interface, fuse and power connector

8 Powering Comm-Tac Equipped with a locking connector plug for DC or AC power connections

9 Connecting Radios Radio resources are connected via radio termination cables purchased from Trident or made by the dealer

10 Connecting Radios In the previous demo diagram, the UHF Radio is connected to Port 1 and the MOTOTRBO™ radio is connected to Port 2 UHFMOTOTRBO™

11 4 Resource Capability UHF Conventional MOTOTRBO™ 800 MHX Smartnet VHF PassPort or LTR Connect up to 4 resources (radios) in any combination of 2 groups Group A Group B Group A Group B

12 Or group them all together. 4 Resource Capability UHF Conventional MOTOTRBO™ 800 MHX Smartnet VHF PassPort or LTR Group A

13 LED Indications The above diagram shows radios 1 and 2 connected as Group A radios 3 and 4 connected as Group B

14 Making Groups Simply press the button until the desired grouping is reached. Press once for assigning to Group A. Press twice to assign it to Group B. Press a third time and that resource returns to normal mode (ungrouped).

15 More Examples Nexedge VHF Trunking P25 800 MHz UHF Conventional Nexedge, P25 and VHF Trunking are grouped together. UHF is not grouped with any other radio and is in normal mode.

16 Applications Can be used at system backbone level or customer level Comm-Tac can be used to map talk groups together that do not normally connect Connect Trunking to Conventional Platforms

17 Opportunities Public Safety, First Response Schools, Universities Public Places supporting many different radio users such as Sports Complexes Monitoring radio traffic not usually monitored

18 Vertical Markets Construction Companies Utility Companies Power Companies Chemical Plants Manufacturing Facilities Sensitive Environments

19 Common Uses UHF ConventionalMOTOTRBO™ Neighboring Power Companies can assist each other during outages.

20 Common Uses UHF ConventionalMOTOTRBO™ By using Comm-Tac, assisting power companies can now communicate with the other company when they arrive on scene.

21 Common Uses “First Response” agencies can group with utilities during disasters or on a regular basis

22 Common Uses Response to facilities where radio communications and coordination are critical, but usually not possible

23 Technical Overview Comm-Tac offers adjustments and “Tuning Pots” under the cover for set-up and alignment Not all situations will require adjustments, however, Trident recommends taking appropriate measurements to be sure the Comm-Tac is operating at optimal levels

24 Set up and Configuration Alignment, settings and instructions are illustrated in the Installation and Operation Manual

25 Internal View of Comm-Tac Dip Switches for set-up

26 Set-up and Configuration Alignments and adjustments such as: –Squelch Settings COR VOX and sensitivity settings Audio Delay: –Adjusted by internal dip switches to support trunking systems and channel acquisition time

27 Set Up and Configuration Audio Deviation can also be adjusted When combining 25 KHz radios with 12.5 KHz or narrow band radios, some alignment may be necessary to balance audio, etc.

28 Ordering Comm-Tac Dealers may order Comm-Tac direct from Trident Micro Systems Trident works through resellers and dealers and prefers not to sell direct to end users

29 How to Order Contact Trident Micro Systems Two Trident Dr., Arden, NC 28704 (800) 798-7881 *Follow prompts to Sales Fax Orders : (828) 684-7874 Email orders : Contacts Keith Rhodes, National Sales Manager, Ext 1600 Mark Durner, Regional Sales Manager, Ext. 1621 Brian Roberts, Regional Sales Manager, Ext 1620 Angela Gryder, Inside Sales Coordinator, Ext 1601

30 Part Numbers to Order 710-015 Comm-Tac Kit –Includes Comm-Tac Chassis, DC power cord, Vehicle Mounting Bracket and Installation and Operation Manual

31 Optional Accessories 500-576 : Comm-Tac Power Cable Kit ( Order this cable to plug into AC power source) * Call Trident for a list of available cables

32 Warranty and Technical Support Trident Provides a one (1) year parts and labor warranty for Comm-Tac. Trident's standard warranty policy applies and is available for telephone technical support if needed.

33 Technical Support Contact Contact Trident Micro Systems Two Trident Dr., Arden, NC 28704 (800) 798-7881, Ext 1300 (828) 684-0319 Access through Trident’s website also offers emergency tech support requests at

34 Comm-Tac Recap Connect Dissimilar Trunking Platforms to Newer Digital Technologies Connect Conventional Platforms to MOTOTRBO™, Nexedge,P25 and more Extremely Easy to Use

35 iOPT Commander Can be used with all iOPT Products Allows the user to place himself into a group with other sources Features: –Heavy duty microphone –External speaker –Headset jack –Mute button

36 iOPT Commander Can be used as a single transmit point. Great for Immediate broadcasts to all connected sources Supports headset connections into popular intercom systems Manage connections on the fly

37 iOPT Commander


39 iOPT family of Products

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