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Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco1 MCA21 An Overview 4 th December, 2008.

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1 Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco1 MCA21 An Overview 4 th December, 2008

2 Project coveraage  MCA21 is an e-governance solution covering all aspects of incorporation and regulation of companies in India  It offers its services through a secure portal to corporate entities, professionals and the public.  Covers all the companies that exist in India(over 900 thousand)  Provides online access to public to all the documents filed by the companies Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco2

3 Vision Support establishment of a business environment combining service delivery for business facilitation with cost effective, efficient and transparent regulatory compliance Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco3

4 Stakeholder Values Business Doing business simplified Public Online access to corporate data FIs Easy registration & charge verification GovernmentEfficient service delivery & Effective regulation EmployeesModern, productive work environment Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco4

5 Legacy Paper System  MCA most authentic repository of all corporate data  Total of 600,000 companies  Each company filed an average of 50 pages/year  Average paper retention is 7-8 years  Over 10 Cr sheets of paper in archives  Charge Registration 1 lakh /pa  Physical appearance of ROC only way to interact – 3.5 lakh representatives visit Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco5

6 Archaic Processes  Limited number of MCA offices  Long, unmanageable queues  Slow manual collection & verification process  Payment options limited  Paper sorting, storing/retrieval are very cumbersome, time- consuming and error prone  Information availability to stakeholder is time consuming and error prone  Inadequate compliance monitoring Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco6

7 Transformation Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco7

8 Radical Improvements  Secure, inter-operable electronic services through the MCA Portal  Digital Signature for electronic authentication in tune with IT Act 2000  Physical Front Offices for customer facilitation  Multiple payment options including electronic and traditional Bank payments  Digitization of 5 Cr pages of pages of legacy documents  Electronic workflow driven paperless MCA back office  Highly scalable IT solution Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco8

9 9 Big-Bang Approach  Modernization, not mere Computerization  Re-engineering  Holistic, service-focused approach  Implemented on BOOT Basis with PPP Potential  Managed computing infrastructure coupled with business-continuity plans  Service level agreements (SLA) with project operator  Pilot run to identify problems upfront  Institutional mechanism for project and SLA monitoring

10 Project Structure  Concept Phase  Proof-of-concept (for technical viability)  Approval by Council of Ministers  Bid Process & Partner Selection  Solution Construction  Pilot Phase: Coimbatore & Delhi  National Rollout  6 year operation contract Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco10

11 Project Scope  Nationwide coverage  All companies (Public, Private, Not-for-Profit)  All aspects of Company Governance  Nearly 100 Services  Potential for ‘value added services’  Comprehensive MIS  Compliance Management & Regulation  All of the above in the electronic mode with 24 x 7 access Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco11

12 Service Portfolio  Name Approvals and Incorporation of new companies  Filing of annual statutory returns  Corporate Governance related filings  Charge matters  Grant of all approvals under Companies Act  Registry access to public records of companies  Provision of certified copies of public records  Providing a forum for redressal of investors’ grievances Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco12

13 Visible Achievements  Procedural uniformity across all offices  Speed and certainty of service delivery, with ease of access  Transparency – status of processing of filings and approvals  Problem of malpractices inherent with a paper-based system addressed (such as ante-date filings, incomplete filings, replacing documents, etc.)  Establishment of a dependable data for effective compliance management  Platform for further processes refinement (e.g. central registry)  A channel to both understand and be receptive to the stakeholders’ problems and emerging needs  Viability of Public-Private Partnership model  Empowerment of the citizen/investor with authentic data about companies through the Internet Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco13

14 Impact on Service Delivery Efficiency Nature of ServicePrior to MCA21 After MCA21 Name Approval: 7 days1-2 days Company Incorporation:15 days1-3 days Change of Name:15 days3 days Charge Regn./ Modification:10-15 days2 days Certified Copy:10 days2 days Registration of Other Documents Annual Return60 daysInstantaneous Balance-sheet60 days-do- Change in Directors60 days1-3 days Change in Regd. Office Address60 days1-3 days Increase in Auth. Capital60 days1-3 days Inspection of Public DocumentsOn-line Focus on delivery of all business critical services in 48 – 72 hours Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco

15 Operational Statistics  Average portal hits:3 mn/day  Peak Portal hits:6.5 mn (single day)  Avearge Annual filings : 4 mn (approx)  New Co. registered online: 200,000  Total DIN issued till date: 800,000  Company docs viewed online: 600,000  E-filing rate (portal & CFC): 93%  Max filings on any day: 42,000  Bank remittances: 97% in T+3 days Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco15

16 Challenges - Internal  Acceptance of change – mindset  Involvement in Re-engineering Exercise  Constant communication  Handholding during & post implementation  Employee Expectations – incentives  Managing productivity & operational issues Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco16

17 Challenges - External  Clear identification of all stakeholders’ needs  Constant involvement of stakeholders  Close working with Professionals (key group)  Media & Communication plan  Extensive presentations and seminars nationwide  Sensitiveness to user responses  Addressing digital divide issues (RFO, CFC)  Help Desk Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco17

18 Innovation  Service Delivery Gateway  Transfer of data from eForm to Database  Automated form fill & pre-scrutiny  Role Check  Automated Approvals (STP)  Multimodal methods of payment  Database Linkages DIN-CIN PAN, Trademarks, etc. Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco18

19 Institutional Mechanism  Concept Development : NISG  Selection of Project Partner: UTITSL  Project Partner: TCS  Audit & Certification: STQC  Operations Monitoring: PMU  Management Support: MCA eGovernance Cell  Future Sustenance: SPV Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco19

20 Recognitions  Golden Icon’ in 11th Eleventh National e-Governance Conference 2008  Dataquest IT Path Breaker Award 2006  “Skoch Challenger Award 2008”  ‘Certificate of Excellence’ at Technology Sabha, 2008  Recognized as “a revolutionary step by the Government” in a survey conducted by Ernst & Young Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco20

21 MCA21 – Role Model in NeGP  ‘Design First’ Approach – RFP Document  Holistic outsourcing – PPP viability  Digitization of legacy – factory approach  RFO – Addressing Digital Divide  DSC – largest usage worldwide  Back office workflow – productivity management  Gateway – simplifying interoperability  Green project – eForm (paper elimination) Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco21

22 Electronic Administration Forum, Morocco22 Thank-you

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