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Service Delivery of IT in the Department of the Auditor General of Pakistan Country Paper by SAI Pakistan.

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1 Service Delivery of IT in the Department of the Auditor General of Pakistan Country Paper by SAI Pakistan

2 1. Major Developments in Pakistan Government accounting and budgeting systems have been computerized on SAP/R3 ERP software. Automation of taxes, ID Cards and Passports. E-Government implemented in Ministry of IT and likely to be replicated to other ministries. Land record under process of computerization.

3 2. Need to Reform the Department Effective top down control, Standardization of work Timely availability of management information Effective personnel and performance management

4 Key Challenges for DAGP Building capacity to undertake audits in the computerized environment. Implementing department wide Audit Management Information System (AMIS)

5 Three Elements to Change People Processes Technology

6 Three Primary Areas of IT Implementation Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques - ACL Audit Management Information System- AMIS Human Resource Management Information System- HRMIS

7 1. Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques Assessment was done – ACL was chosen Twelve officers were trained from ACL Canada and declared as Master Trainers Uptil now about 1400 DAGP staff trained on ACL.

8 Achievements - ACL Payroll audits of federal, provincial and district governments for checking compliance of relevant rules and regulations. Analysis of revenue collection data of Federal Board of Revenue. Used to check the system controls.

9 2. Audit Management Information System - AMIS Rationale behind adopting AMIS – More effective top-down planning, monitoring and control – Improving process efficiency – Providing field audit teams with access to comprehensive data – Ability to work in an environment of the latest audit tools, approaches and techniques.

10 Audit Management Information System - AMIS Process of Implementation – Started in May 2008 – An assessment was done Current State comprising AS-IS processes Future state for AGP comprising TO-BE or reengineered processes. – Bidding Process Three bidders participated. – The project is expected to complete by Dec. 2011.

11 Anticipated Benefits – Personnel and performance management – Searchable data bases, containing audit working papers, laws, regulations, historical documents, etc. – On-line technical support for audit teams – On-line collaboration, review and monitoring through live audit – Web communication – Issue and audit observation tracking

12 3. Human Resource Management Information System - HRMIS Need for HRMIS – Over 5000 employees in DAGP – Effective tapping of the human capital in improving the quality of audits – To transfer / post officers following the policy of “right man for the right job” – Help in Identification of critical skills and its linkage with training policies – Facilitate career and succession planning for individual employees

13 Achievements – A database has been developed in SAP/R3 system incorporating the educational and professional qualifications of 700 officers. – The database being referred in transfers & Postings. – CVs and PERs of employees can be generated. – The HRMIS database is now being enhanced to include the same information about other staff of the DAGP

14 Issues Faced Resistance to Change – Fear of loss of control Limited IT knowledge Sustainability – Lack of ownership

15 Strategy to Overcome Issues Education and communication – To avoid misunderstandings and clarify rationale. Participation and involvement – To build ownership and encourage staff to take responsibility Facilitation and support Training – To familiarize and demonstrate practically the advantages of change.

16 Negotiation and agreement – Where powerful but reluctant stakeholders involved Public private partnership – Hiring consultants and experts


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