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A presentation on e-Procurement

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1 A presentation on e-Procurement
Karnataka State Police A presentation on e-Procurement Sanjay Sahay IGP PCW 1

2 End to end e-Procurement Portal of e-Governance Dept.
Why Unified ? To have a single system meant to be used as a shared infrastructure by all agencies in the State of Karnataka Why End-to-End ? To handle to entire procurement process from estimate/ indent preparation, tendering, contract / catalogue management until payment to supplier / contractor

3 Rationale for e-Procurement !
To have an effective and efficient mechanism to enforce procurement policy decisions consistently across all government departments / agencies in the State of Karnataka To ensure competitive bidding, transparent bid evaluation, shortened procurement cycle time, MIS-rich workflows and prompt payments to suppliers / contractors. Structures Establishment of Project Management Unit (PMU) Establishment of training centers Deployment of robust hardware and software Conducting Third Party Audit

4 Rationale for Unified End-to-End e-Procurement System
To have a single point integration with external systems such as treasury and payment gateways To generate State-level MIS capturing the entire procurement cycle of all departments / agencies To enable contractors view the State as a single procurement entity and participate in all tenders with one-time registration To enable government officials be accustomed to a single software, irrespective of their department / agency.

5 Project Objectives To create infrastructure for effective implementation of procurement policy of the State To enhance transparency and accountability To enable ease of access to contractor community To provide a common environment for all types of tenders To handle entire procurement process (end-to-end) and not just tendering process To involve less paper, thereby, adopting green working

6 Registration Centralised registration of suppliers / contractors
Suppliers need to procure Digital Signature Certificate for registration Suppliers can bid for all tenders published in e-Procurement portal Advantages for Suppliers Free download of tender documents (No registration required to download) Secured data transfer using Digital Signature Certificate One time centralized registration

7 Process Overview Contract Management / Catalogue Management
Indent Management Payment Estimate Creation Measurement / Inspection Estimate Approval Preparation of Tender Document Issue of Order Process Overview Tender Finalization E-Tendering Draft Tender Schedule Tender Evaluation Approval of Tender Schedule Tender Opening Publish of Tender Submission of Bid Supplier Registration

8 Initiating e-Procurement
Appointment of Nodal Officer Facilitating e-Procurement Cell to prepare Mapping Document Training the concerned officials Ensuring IT infrastructure and Internet Connectivity Identification of key officials for comprehensive understanding of the system Submission of Digital Signature Certificate Application Forms Informing Supplier Community on registration to e-Procurement portal Awareness on implementation of e-Procurement in the Department 8

9 Perceived Impact (Business Community)
Enhanced transparency in tendering and procurement Free download of bid documents Reduction in travel and other miscellaneous expenditure Convenience in electronic submission of bids Ease of access anytime-anywhere Global participation Effective mechanism incorporating negative bidding 9

10 Perceived Impact (Department)
Tender opportunities effectively publicized Instant retrieval of track-record on contractor’s performance Rich MIS data on various aspects of procurement at the State government level Faster file movements with integrated file monitoring system Standardization of procurement procedures Increased participation (locally and globally) 10

11 E-tender The police department decided to go in e-procurement in the month of June’09 All tenders above Rs10 lakhs to be covered Initially Chief Office, TTM, State Intelligence, CID, SCRB and Bangalore City Police to be covered SCRB identified as the Nodal Agency 11

12 e-Procurement State Nodal Officer nominated
Nodal Officers for different units nominated Digital Signature Certificates obtained for Chief Office Work flow design created on portal Catalogue creation Training conducted. Another training planned Process of DSC creation/ work flow documentation for other units initiated 12

13 e-Procurement First tender for 66 kit articles was issued on 10/08/09
Issues Change management- attitude and skill sets Lack of trained personnel Unconnected personnel also sent for training-waste of resources Quality documentation 13

14 Karnataka State Police
Thank You 14

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