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We Will be Using Technology in all Subject Areas CLICK or Mouse to advance.

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1 We Will be Using Technology in all Subject Areas CLICK or Mouse to advance

2 Over 10 web projects Most created by Mr. Curry

3 This year, Room 31 is using the TRIBES program. The basic TRIBES agreements are: Attentive Listening Appreciation/No Put Downs The Right to Pass Mutual Respect

4 Basic Class Rules 1. Students will pay attention and not cause distractions. 2. Students will show respect for all classmates, staff, themselves and respect property. 3. Students will quietly do their own work. 4. Students will complete their assignments on time and in all other ways be responsible. 5. Students will follow directions and established procedures. 6. Students will help make class rules during the first week of school.

5 Consequences 1. Students will be given a verbal warning. 2. Students will be given a second warning and the name will be written down. 3. Students will need to talk to the teacher at which time the teacher may assign a written reflection assignment. 4. Students will be given detention during Friday's All-5th Grade P.E. time, during which time they will have a written assignment. Parents will be notified.

6 Consequences 5. If there are 2 Friday detentions in one month, they will miss the "Fifth Grade Fun Day" held every 6 weeks. 6. Students will be Referred to the Principal's Office. 7. Formal Conference with Student, Parents and Teacher will be held. Depending on the seriousness of a problem, the teacher may skip any or all steps.

7 This year, we are using the cooperative learning model, Students will be working with 1-2 partners for “pair share” activities. Students will be part of their table “clan community” of 5-6 people. Students will be part of a “nation” with about 1/3 of the class. The entire class will also work cooperatively. This model helps students learn academic, collaborative, and social skills. It also allows for positive discipline.

8 Field Trips NASA Aerospace Encounter Students will work as crews on a simulated Space station and learn basic physics. Free program, provided by NASA at Ames Research Center at Moffett Field.

9 Field Trips O’Neill Sea Odyssey Sailing from Santa Cruz Harbor onto Monterey Bay Focus on Marine Biology, Ecology and Navigation Free courtesy of the O’Neill Company Only cost is bus transportation

10 Other Field Trips  Westward Ho!  Arts Express – possible multiple cultural performances  Possible Shark Tank tour (SJ Arena)  Possible Tech Museum trip  Possible trip to Don Edwards Wildlife Preserve  Eco-Hikes at Upper Penitencia Creek

11 Science Camp at Walden West  April 25-29, 2005  Fundraising Opportunities  Parent Meetings will be held in March.

12 Homework  Students must write down work in their planner  Must be done and submitted on time  Collected at 8:15 each day  Students rewarded for doing it.  Students without their homework done will have to make it up at recess.  Missed homework= No Friday Extra PE time! Work during absences=1 extra day. Work may be requested for pick up at office.

13 We invite your questions and input  Contact Mr. Curry at  Call 408.923.1800 ext 3831

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