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Welcome to 1 st grade! September 18, 2014. About me.

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1 Welcome to 1 st grade! September 18, 2014

2 About me

3 During Reading class, the children will work on developing vocabulary, and will be introduced to grammar and the creative writing process. Phonics will be done each morning during our FUNdations program. FUNdations focuses on letter formation, phonological and phonemic awareness, sound mastery, vocabulary, irregular words, fluency, comprehension, and written composition. Be sure to ask your child about Baby Echo! Additionally, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spelling, and Religion are taught throughout the day. At times we are in three centers differentiating the students in groups with various skill levels and enrichment work Classwork

4 Specials Physical Education – Monday and Wednesday Art – Monday and Tuesday Music - Friday Liturgical Music - Tuesday Spanish - Monday Computer - Friday Library – Thursday

5 Homework Given Monday –Thursday Please sign homework sheet each night. Spelling homework is the same assignment each week. Spelling homework instructions are taped to the inside cove of your child’s spelling note book. Tests will be given on Fridays. All homework will be posted on the website /first A summary of the reading story, key words, spelling words, and the skills we will be working on that week will be sent home every Monday on the Home-School Connection page. The children will start a weekly reading and math log in October. First grade children should read for at least 10 minutes every night and 5 minutes of math 3 to 5 days a week.

6 Supplies Please send in a supply fee of $9 if you have not already. Children should have a pencil case with pencils, crayons, a glue stick, scissors, and crayons at all times.

7 Books Please cover workbooks in clear contact paper. Textbooks are covered with book covers in class.

8 Snack Please send in a simple, healthy snack and drink (water bottles only). Snack must be separate from their lunch box. No candy. Lunch First graders are permitted to buy the hot or cold meal plan or a bagel. Please discuss your child’s lunch choice with him/her. The lunch menu can be found on the website under calendars / lunch. The first grade has lunch after recess. Please make sure they have enough to drink in their lunch box on those very hot days.

9 Birthdays Please let me know in advance if you would like your child to celebrate his/her birthday in class. Birthdays are celebrated at snack time. (between 9:30-10:30am) Please send in napkins and plates. I will pass out party invitations if they are for the whole class, or only the boys or only girls.

10  This year the 1 st grade is going to have 3 experiences with the Oyster Bay WaterFront Center. This program supports the St. Dominic 2014-2015 Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math STEAM Program  Touch Tank – November 3, 9:00am-10:30am  Sea Shells to Sea Creatures – Feb. 9, 9:00am- 10:30am  Beach Day (field trip) – May 29 (rain date June 1) Additional..

11 DOM Dom is our class pet. He is a beta fish that the boys and girls love to observe every morning. Every few days a new helper is picked to feed Dom. If there is ever a volunteer to take Dom home for a weekend please write me a note and we will make that another special helper!

12 Reminders Please label all sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets. A note is required if your child is normally a bus rider and will be picked up by you; or if your child is going home with another parent. Please send in an absent note if your child has missed a day of school. The school nurse must also be notified by a phone call on the day of an absence. First grade will host the February 7 th first Friday Mass Please Sign up for your Parent- Teacher Conference December 11th and March 19 th !

13 Thank you for coming! Please feel free to contact me at any time. Email: Phone: (516) 922 – 4233 ext. 2 (main office)

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