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Welcome to Middle School Science

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1 Welcome to Middle School Science
Mrs. Toth Room 307

2 Class Materials This year you will need the following items with in class everyday: Science textbook Sharpened pencil Black binder with paper and dividers An open mind A sense of humor

3 Hallway privileges You are allowed one free trip out of the room each grading period. Additional trips out of the room are recorded as conduct marks. You must take a hall pass when leaving the room during class.

4 Absences If you miss class you must check the “Absent Student” folder for your grade level upon returning. It is your responsibility to get all missed work and make it up within the time allowed. You have the same number of days to make up your as the number of days you were absent.

5 Homework Homework will be assigned and is due on the date requested.
You may only earn full credit if the work is turned in at the time it is requested during class. Work turned in after class time on its due date will have 10% grade reduction. Work turned in the next day or later will not count for a grade.

6 Class Rules ALWAYS show respect.
Do not write on anything except paper. Keep your hands to yourself. Do not use harsh words or call names. Do not do anything that will cause you embarrassment. (show self-respect)

7 Class Rules Be prepared for class.
Have all class supplies on your desk ready for class. Sharpened pencil Science textbook Black science binder with paper Completed homework assignment

8 Class Rules Be in your seat when the bell rings.
Students not in their seats when the bell rings will receive a tardy. 3 tardies = 1 detention served during lunch

9 Class Rules Talk only when given permission to do so.
Talking without permission is disruptive to others and shows disrespect for the speaker. Raise your hand if you have something to say and wait until the teacher acknowledges you to speak. This will ensure that everyone is listening to what you have to say.

10 Class Rules Carefully follow directions in class in lab.
In order for you to do your best in science class you must always be careful to do what you are asked. Science will be fun and exciting if everyone cooperates!

11 Conduct Marks Conduct marks are earned by students when they do not follow the class rules or when they choose to receive them in order to leave the room during class. 3 conduct marks = S- 5 conduct marks = N More than 5 conduct marks = U (Per grading period)

12 Daily Science Trivia Each day science class will begin with a trivia question. Each student will answer on their weekly trivia slip. Correct answers will be marked and slips will be returned to students. Correct answers earn bonus points and other prizes at the end of each grading period.

13 Parent-Teacher Communication
Your parents will be contacted by me. I may call, request a conference, send a note home with you, or them. It is very important that you, your parents, and your teacher are working together to help you succeed in science.

14 ATTENTION 7th Graders: You will be taking the 7th grade science ISTEP test next month. We will be reviewing 6th grade science in advance of the test in order to prepare.

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