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Ms. Soto Ms. Gutierrez Ms. Guzman-Turner Dr. Anderson.

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1 Ms. Soto Ms. Gutierrez Ms. Guzman-Turner Dr. Anderson

2 Overview Daily Schedule Text books Curriculum Classroom policies Communication How you can help Field Trips

3 Daily Schedule Rotations will begin Aug. 19 th Blocks = 45 minutes Ms. Soto = Science Ms. Gutierrez = Math Lab Ms. Guzman = Math Dr. Anderson= Social Studies Mr. Taylor = PE/Computers Home Room = Lang. Arts Direct concerns to teacher responsible for the subject Plan may change 8:00-8:30 Home Room 8:30-9:15 1 st Block 9:20-10:20 Home Room or Mr. Taylor 10:20-10:35 Recess 10:40-11:25 2 nd Block or Mr. Taylor 11:30-12:15 3 rd Block 12:20-12:40 Home Room 12:40-1:20 Lunch 1:25-2:10 4 th Block 2:10 Dismissal

4 Curriculum: Language Arts Incorporates reading, writing, spelling, and grammar Different genres and authors Writing process and applications Common Core Standards

5 Curriculum: Math New math program Common Core Standards More focused and more in depth Alternative methods to solving math problems Emphasis on word problems Please see student textbook

6 Curriculum: Math

7 Curriculum: Social Studies Theme of “Ancient Civilizations” Stone Age Egypt Asia China Greece Rome

8 Curriculum: Science Focus on Geology Plate tectonics Earth’s structure Shaping Earth’s surface Heat Energy in Earth’s system Ecology

9 Curriculum: PE and Computers PE Students participate in activities and be tested on physical fitness. Comfortable attire is required. Computers Word processing Power Point Learn to navigate the Internet (parental permission is required).

10 Policies: Homework No late homework is accepted unless absent. Students have one week to turn in absent work. EGUSD requires 75 minutes of homework per night for 6 th graders (Mon-Thurs).

11 Policies: Attendance Key to success in 6 th grade! Tardy students need to check into the office once gates are closed. If absent, please send a written note, call the office (689-2854), or email the office (

12 Policies: Grades Grades are composed of the following criteria: 70% = essays, reports, projects, and tests 20% = class work 10% = homework Direct concerns to teacher responsible for the subject

13 Policies: Discipline Please refer to the Student- Parent Handbook. Classroom expectations are discussed and reviewed continuously. Welcome Letter and Discipline Matrix will be sent home outlining discipline and reward policies (parent and student signatures required). Please review the policies with your child.

14 Policies: Communication Always feel free to contact us via email, phone, or to schedule a conference! Report card conferences held 1 st and 2 nd trimester (October and March). Bi-weekly grade reports. Direct concerns to teacher responsible for the subject. School = 689-2854

15 How You Can Help Talk to your child daily about school Provide a quiet time and place to study Furnish necessary supplies for your child Keep teacher informed of absences, homework, any changes, and any concerns Make sure your child reads 30 minutes a night Send your child to school prepared Chaperone field trips Help in the classroom

16 Field Trips Week-long field trip or several major day trips? Parental cost? One week in Mission Springs about $250 per student and chaperones are about $200 Please complete and return a parental survey. Chaperone Fundraiser: Butter Braids in November

17 Questions

18 Thank you!

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