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Using just the rubber-band-and-string device, your team must stack the cups in a pyramid with 4 cups on the bottom row, 3 on the second row, 2 on the third,

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1 Using just the rubber-band-and-string device, your team must stack the cups in a pyramid with 4 cups on the bottom row, 3 on the second row, 2 on the third, and 1 cup on the top row. You will have 1 minute to discuss and plan your solution. Your team will have 6 minutes to build your pyramid. During the 6- minute building time, your team may not talk. Stack ‘Em Up Teamwork

2 Each member of your team must place one hand on the piece of rope. Once a hand is placed on the rope, that hand is frozen to the rope. Your team must now tie a knot in the rope, between the two markers in the center of the rope. Your team will have 1 minute to plan and discuss your solution and 6 minutes to create your solution to the Challenge. Tying the Knot Teamwork

3 Your team should stand in a circle with each team member holding the rope. You cannot let go of the rope. While blindfolded, your team must transform the rope circle into a perfect square. When your team thinks you have a perfect square, you may place the rope on the ground and remove your blindfolds. Blind Polygon Teamwork

4 For this Challenge, your team will stand in a circle with your arms extended and one index finger pointed to the center of the circle. The hula hoop will be placed on your index fingers. At no point can your index finger be removed from the hula hoop. Work as a team to lower the hula hoop to the ground. The hula hoop must stay level and no team member’s finger can lose contact with the hula hoop. Helium Hula Hoop Teamwork

5 Two teammates will stand back-to-back. One teammate will attempt to draw a copy of a picture as the other teammate describes the image to them. The teammate drawing the copy may not talk to the teammate giving the description. Back to Back Drawing Teamwork

6 Your team will use the materials provided to develop a non-verbal communication system and then use this system to help get clowns to their correct workshop at the CLOWNvention. You will have 5 minutes to develop your communication system. You will have 3 minutes to use this system to sort Clowns for score. Clownsortium Teamwork

7 Your team will stand in a circle with one team member in the middle of the circle. That team member (person A) will make eye contact with someone in the circle (person B). Person B should then say “Go!” and Person A will begin to walk to space occupied by Person B. Person B should then make eye contact with another member of the group who should then say “Go!” to allow Person B to move to their space. The process continues until everyone in the group is able to move without movement stopping. Go! Teamwork

8 Your Team Manager will ask a question and then throw the beach ball to a team member. That team member should immediately provide an answer to the question and then pass the ball to another team member. That team member will give a different answer and pass the ball along to another team member, and so on. The ball can be passed to a team member more than once, but must be passed to each team member at least once. Beach Ball Brainstorm Idea Generation

9 At the start of time, each team member will begin writing ideas related to the question. Once an idea is written on a card, the card should be placed to the left of the team member. If at any point a team member gets stuck, they can pick up a card from the idea stack of the person to their right. They can either piggy-back from this idea on a new card or write a clarifying question on the card. They should then place that card in the stack to their left. Mind Spin Idea Generation

10 List the alphabet vertically down the side of a page. Your team must provide an idea for each letter of the alphabet related to the question asked by your Team Manager. ABC Brainstorming Idea Generation

11 Your team will split into two separate groups. When time starts, each group will begin to generate ideas and write them on the provided sheet of paper. The first group to write down 20 unique ideas will receive a prize. Race for Fluency Idea Generation

12 Create a 5x5 grid of blank squares. Label the columns with the following: 1.Hero 2.Villain 3.Conflict 4.Setting 5.Humorous Twist Fill in an idea for each square. Your team will then select at random a different square from each column. You will then use the selected elements to create a story. Mix and Match Idea Generation

13 Given a list of ideas, evaluate each idea according to the following elements. 1.Strong – What are the strengths of the idea? 2.Weak – What the weaknesses or challenges to the idea? 3.Special – What makes this idea special? Is it extremely humorous? Does it have an aspect that is truly novel? By doing this, you will foster effective discussion about each idea and help your team evaluate ideas for use in the Challenge Solution. Strong-Weak-Special Idea Directing

14 Using a list of generated ideas, each team member should rank the ideas in the order of their preference. The team should then assign point values to the ranking (1 st = 10 pts, 2 nd = 8 pts, 3 rd = 6 pts, etc.). Add up the scores for each idea. The ideas with the highest overall ranking can be further discussed for their various strengths and weaknesses. Objective Ranking Idea Directing

15 The team should select criteria for evaluating solution options. After selecting criteria, team members should score each option according each criterion on a scale (1-5 or 1-10). Once all options have been scored, team members can compile the scores and find the solution options that have the highest scores according the established criteria. The team can then select a solution to begin working through. Choice Helper Idea Directing

16 Instant Challenge

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