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2 1. Choose it Include opportunities for students to make choices within your lesson – choice is a huge motivator. Recognising they may have different preferred learning styles

3 Roundtable STEPS: · Teacher assigns a topic or question with multiple possible answers or provides a list of questions · In teams, students each in turn respond by writing one answer each on the sheet, then passing along The task should be completed in silence

4 Multisensory Immersion Create a dynamic experience for students based on all (or as many senses as you can) whilst including teacher exposition if applicable.

5 Pair - Share Teacher assigns a topic or question. In pairs, students take turns to talk about the topic for the allowed time. Students swap over when the time has finished. Students thank each other for their contribution.

6 Reveal it! A picture is displayed on ppt. using shapes most of the picture is covered up. Slowly remove the shapes and ask students at each point if they know what it is, differing questions can be asked at different stages.

7 One stray STEPS: · During team task, one team member moves to other teams to share ideas · They return to their teams and share any information they have discovered

8 Piece it together A card sort that is mixed up for students to place in the correct order, either individually or as pairs.

9 Label it Use a labelled diagram but remove the labels, ask students in pairs or groups to discuss what the picture shows

10 Round Robin STEPS: · Teacher assigns a topic or question with multiple answers. · In teams, students each in turn respond orally for a specified time.

11 Mystery Activity Set up a mystery. Provide different pieces of information, some red herrings and set a challenge for the detectives e.g. How good was the Good Samaritan?

12 Jigsaw Groups with five students are set up. Each group member is assigned some unique material to learn and then to teach to his group members. To help in the learning students across the class working on the same sub-section get together to decide what is important and how to teach it. After practice in these "expert" groups the original groups reform and students teach each other.

13 Find the Fib STEPS: · Students write down three pieces of information about a topic; one is false, the others are true · Each student reads out their statements · The other members of the group vote on which they think is the fib, and explain why · Can be used with showdown

14 Showdown STEPS: · Group is set a question or problem / set of questions are read out by team captain · Each team member writes their answer · Team captain calls Showdown - all team members show their cards · Group then decide on a team answer

15 Thinking prompts (templates) Use a set of prompt sheets, laminate and differentiate them

16 Rank it! A card sort where students have to rank the order of importance etc.

17 Whiteboard Whether it is interactive or not it can be used for video, pictures in a variety of ways (see Alex)

18 Re-creation – Picture mapping Have an image or a mind map of information a3 size students in groups will have to come up, will have 10 seconds to look then 30 seconds to feed back, this can be adapted in a multitude of ways.

19 Expert pair share Students each have an information sheet with different information. They have time to read the information and highlight significant aspects before they have to teach their partner. This can be adapted to any higher order thinking skill

20 Carousel Set up different learning stations in the room, preferably multi sensory give groups time for each station

21 Quick on the draw Turn simple questions into a race to improve engagement (as shown by science last year).

22 Matching Like the ranking activity but this time matching up answers. To expand you could ask them to record why for each.


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