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Creative Thinking.

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1 Creative Thinking

2 Creativity Techniques
Brainstorming Nominal Grouping Delphi Technique Lotus Blossom

3 Rules to Creative Thinking
No Criticism Quantity, not Quality Piggyback Ideas The Wilder the Better Quickness Objectivity Be Critical Criticize/Attack Ideas, not People

4 Brainstorming Lateral thinking process approach to problem-solving.
Goals of brainstorming: Break down problem Come up with solutions No criticism of ideas. Judgment and analysis at this stage will stunt idea generation

5 Brainstorming Process
Appoint someone to write down the ideas. Use a flip chart. Define the problem Lay out any criteria to be met Keep the session focused on the problem Do not tolerate criticisms of ideas. Welcome creativity. Encourage enthusiasm, positive attitudes.

6 Process Continued… Welcome creativity. Encourage enthusiasm, positive attitudes. Ensure no train of thought is followed for too long. Encourage the use of ideas to create new ideas. Use a brainstorming tree or map

7 Mind Mapping A non-linear problem-solving method How to mind-map
Write the title of the subject in a circle in the center of your map (paper). For major subject subheadings, draw lines outside from this circle. Use a different color marker to help distinguish them. If you have another level of information belonging to the subheadings, draw these and link them, accordingly. For individual facts or ideas, draw lines out from the appropriate heading line and label them.

8 Example Mind Map Subject Issue 2 Issue 1 DON’T FORGET TO:
Solution 1 Solution 1 Solution 2 Issue 2 Solution 2 Issue 1 Solution 3 Solution 3 DON’T FORGET TO: Define problem List contingencies List resources Brainstorm ideas List assumptions Subject

9 Rules while Brainstorming
Establish Rules Promote quantity of ideas (regardless of how far fetched they are) Allow no criticism or evaluation of ideas as they are generated. Allow only one idea at a time from each person. Encourage idea-building.

10 Nominal Group Technique
Individuals develop ideas Ideas are listed and reviewed openly All discuss, clarify and evaluate ideas Individuals vote or rank order ideas Ideas are polled and preferences emerge Decision or choice is made

11 Delphi Technique Ideas are generated in “rounds” The technique Round 1
Participants are surveyed Collect and compile all responses All participants see everyone’s responses Round 2 Steps repeated from Round 1 Repeat rounds until consensus is achieved

12 Lotus Blossom (a/k/a MY Method)
Developed by Yasu Matsummura (MY) Technique based upon the lotus blossom flower. 8 Central Ideas The core Ideas, solutions, applications, etc. stemming out from these Central Ideas.

13 Group Creativity Techniques
F G B E A H D Lotus Blossom

14 Group Creativity Techniques
6-3-5 Method 6 participants 3 ideas 5 minutes Each participant (6?) writes 3 ideas in 5 minutes on a sheet of paper, then passes the sheet to the participant on his/her right. Repeat until original sheet returns.

15 Group Creativity Techniques
Nominal Group Technique Group members write ideas on separate 3x5 cards (as many as possible in time allotted) Members in turn post cards on board Authors give brief explanations, answer questions; no sales pitches allowed! Participants vote in secret on 1-5 basis

16 Other Problem Solving Techniques
Role-Playing All team members act out needs and/or expectations of functional group members Helps to catch mistakes early Storyboarding Visual representation of steps needed to bring ideas to fruition Enables audience to “see” the idea (vision) and its logical progression

17 That’s all for now Guys…………….

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