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Person 1 suggests something all students might have in common. If all teammates do, Person 1 records it in the “All” section, if only two people do, then.

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2 Person 1 suggests something all students might have in common. If all teammates do, Person 1 records it in the “All” section, if only two people do, then Person 1 records it in Section 2 and so on.. Continue in RoundTable fashion, passing the paper, until each team member has had a chance to go at least twice. (commonalities will be used to formulate team names) Team Windows (commonalties) (10.12)

3 Team Names ( 10.13) Sum-the-Ranks (6.16) Teams have two minutes to determine four possible choices for a team name using commonalities. Write each choice on a square of one whiteboard from the team packs. Sum-the-Ranks –Everyone gets four post its. (use each to write the numbers 1,2,3 or 4 down.) –Decide which is your # 1 choice, #2 choice, #3 choice etc. –When I say “Sum-the Ranks” – place the post-its on the whiteboard square, the #1 post it going on your first choice, the #2 on your second choice etc. –The choice that has the lowest sum wins.

4 Team Stand-N-Share (6.37) All students stand by teammates. Each team member shares an idea that went into team poster, name and cheer.

5 (Read) ThinkWriteRoundRobin  Connections/Passages: Underline/highlight ideas that stand out to you or caught your attention in the text, jot down thoughts/connections to your own work.  Summary and Reaction: Prepare a two to three sentence summary of your reading on the yellow note sheets in your folder.  Illustration: On your note sheet, quickly sketch a picture relating to your reading.  RoundRobin Share beginning with teammate #1 After each of you has read your section of chapter 3…

6 Line-Up Line up by the last letter of your first name Fold the line Rally Robin –What does P.I.E.S stand for? –What are the kinesthetic motions? –Challenge yourself to recall the critical questions for each of the PIES!

7 Pat – Cayuga Onondaga BOCES Professional Development Unit - 2009 1.Teacher announces a topic and states how long each student will have to share. 2.Teacher provides think time. 3.In pairs, Partner A shares; Partner B listens. 4.Partner B responds. 5.Pairs switch roles: Partner B shares; Partner A listens. 6.Partner B responds. Structure One – Timed Pair Share (yellow sheets)

8 Rally Robin 1.Teacher poses a problem to which there are many possible responses or solutions. 1.In pairs, students take turns stating responses or solutions orally. Rally Robin- simultaneous interaction is 50%.

9 1.Teacher assigns a topic or question with many possible answers. 2.In teams, students respond orally, each in turn taking about the same amount of time. Structure Two: Round Robin (6.33) RR 1234

10 Find Someone Who 1.Students mix in the class, keeping a hand raised until they find a partner that is not a teammate. 2.In pairs, Partner A asks a question from the worksheet; Partner B answers. Partner A records the answer on his or her worksheet. 3.Partner B checks and initials the answer. 4.Partner B asks a question; Partner A responds. Partner B records the answer on his or her own worksheet. 5.When sheets are complete, students may be seated and act as a resource. 6.When all team members return, students share answers; if there is a disagreement or uncertainty they raise four hands to ask a team question.

11 Mental Math Pairs (Rally Coach 6.32) Partner A solves the first problem and thinks the process aloud. Partner B watches and listens Partner A says, “Do you agree?” –If Partner B agrees – write it down –If Partner B disagrees- coach Partner B praises. Switch roles and partner B solves problem 2 thinking aloud as they complete Partner A agrees or coaches, praises Partners record answers

12 All Write RoundRobin Every person has a pencil and paper #__ starts by sharing 1 answer Everyone records Repeat for 2 minutes How would students benefit from being in Teacher C’s room?

13 Round Table Steps (6.34) Problem is Posed: Teacher poses a question/prompt with many possible answers Students Contribute: Students create a collective list, passing the “paper” around the table.

14 Round Table Variations Single Continuous Simultaneous Consensus

15 I’ll Remember You! (Simultaneous Roundtable) Put your name on the line at the top When I say “pass” – pass the paper to your right. Each of you will write a parting message for the person whose name is at the top. You will all continue to pass and write until everyone has their own paper back.

16 SHOWDOWN 1.Team chooses a SHOWDOWN CAPTAIN 2.Teacher reads a question 3.Working alone, all participants write their answers 4.Teacher says showdown 5.Teammates show and state their answers 6.Captain leads checking 7.Showdown captain role rotates to the left

17 GIVE ONE/GET ONE Team Brainstorm- No WRITING ! After a set amount of time, team members fill the GIVE ONE column with as many items they can remember and then add their own ideas. When each person’s GIVE ONE column is full, all team members stand. Team members move around the room to find partners and GIVE ONE idea and GET ONE idea When sheet is filled, return to table

18 Structure Three – Inside – Outside Circle (6:27) 1.One student from each pair moves to form one large circle in the class. 2.Remaining students find and face their partners. (The class now stands in two concentric circles.) 3.Inside students respond to a teacher prompt. (or ask a question from a question card they already have) 4.Partners switch roles: outside circle students ask, listen, respond, praise. 5.Partners trade cards if they have them, otherwise they say thank you and listen for further direction.

19 Quiz – Quiz- Trade (6.32) Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up Partner A quizzes Partner B answers Partner A praises and thanks Switch roles Partners trade cards Repeat steps 1-6 a number of times

20 What are key words and ideas that you have learned in our first two days of Cooperative Learning? Team Stand and Share 1.Write Words Randomly on paper. – ROUNDTABLE 2.Draw “connections” lines. - ROUNDTABLE Table Team – Word Splash

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