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The Mojave A California Native American Tribe

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1 The Mojave A California Native American Tribe
By Paris Velasco

2 Homes The Mojave homes are very unique. The Mojave first had to dig a big pit. They also used poise to make a house by putting it in a circular structure over the pit. In the summer they slept under the open sided brush shelters. In the winter they lived in homes with walls. They used leaves to make their roofs.

3 Food Do you know what the Mojave ate? The Mojave ate beans, corn and pumpkins. They hunted fished, planted and gathered. They hunted dear, rabbits, ground squirrels, birds and lizards. The Mojave practiced fishing . The Mojave also fished other fish such as mullets, hump backs and scudders.

4 Jobs The Mojave had very interesting jobs. The men threw boomer rings to kill rabbits. The men caught fish with hooks and hand woven nets. They spent hours making fishing nets. The women's job was to plant seeds in holes. The children fished and hunted with their families.

5 Clothing Do you know what Mojave clothing are like and how they made them? During cold season, they used dear skin and other animals skin like deer and rabbit skin. The Mojave trapped animals to make clothes. Women wore aprons and knee-length skirts. Most of the time the tribe members didn’t wear much clothing because it was hot.

6 Celebrations Do you what kind of celebrations and ceremonies they had? The only people that cold do the celebrations were people who had strength, they had a celebration when somebody died. When somebody passed away they would sing a song.

7 Crafts The Mojave had very unusual and useful crafts. The women wove water tight baskets. Pots and baskets could hold water and store food. Men wove baskets and nets for fishing. The men wove cone- shapes baskets. Men attached a long wooden poles to make handle.

8 Interesting Facts Here are some interesting facts about the Mojave. They mixed two Indian words together to make one . The Mojave believed that per forming rain dances would bring forth rain. They adorned them selves with tattoos made with cactus needles.

9 Mojave I hope you liked all the things that I told you about the Mojave native Americans tribes.

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