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The Maidu Indians By Isaac.

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1 The Maidu Indians By Isaac

2 The Maidu Who in the world are the Maidu? It is a native American tribe. The Maidu live in Northern California and Sierra Nevada and in North Central California. Most Maidu live along the tribeteris and lived by the Sacramento River. They lived by the American rivers. The weather was mild, not too hot not too cold. I will tell you about the Maidu’s homes, food, jobs, clothing, celebrations, children and interesting facts.

3 Homes Did you know about the Maidu homes? The Maidu built different kinds of homes depending on the seasons. The mountain Maidu lived in bark covered houses. The Maidu made animal fur doors . They made these homes by standing 4 upright. In the ground and covered with bark.

4 Food Did you now were the Maidu got their food? The Maidu hunted for much of their food. They also ate acorns and plants and oak trees also fish. They ate squirrels, rabbit, ducks, deer, elk, geese, and quails. The Maidu made the acorn meal into soup. They also ate insects.

5 Maidu Indians Jobs Did you now about Maidu jobs? Maidu hunt with spears and Bowen arrows also with knife blades. Maidu women gathered acorns with their hands. The men were chosen for this important job for their good judge meant. Some times children helped with jobs. Maidu made baskets for their babes

6 Maidu Clothing Did you now what Maidu wore and look like? The men wore breech clothes. The wore aprons . Also wore basket hats In the winter they wore deer skin legging and hobs also blankets.

7 Celebrations Did you know what the Maidu celebrated and what they did? Maidu had ceremonies. They held a special ceremony dance to honor the grizzly bears and rattle snakes.

8 Maidu Children Do you know what Maidu Children wore like? The Maidu do not name their babies until they wore three or two years old. They often had foot races or swimming races.

9 Interesting Facts Do you want to hear about Maidu interesting facts? The Maidu were exemplary basket makers and the baskets are useful some Maidu homes are underground. The Maidu were one of the largest tribes in California. Today there is about 3,550 Maidu. The Maidu had good respect for animals. Some Maidu tribes are funded by money made from casinos.

10 Maidu I hope Maidu coulter doesn't give up.

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