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P10229: Composites Autoclave Brian Cario: ME Matt Brady: ME Matt DiFrancesco: ME Brandon Allen: EE John Mink: EE.

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1 P10229: Composites Autoclave Brian Cario: ME Matt Brady: ME Matt DiFrancesco: ME Brandon Allen: EE John Mink: EE

2 2 Background: Purpose of an Autoclave Device for Curing Components Made of Composite Materials Under Heat and Pressure High-Strength, Low Mass Very Low Void Ratio 10x Wet Layup Image Courtesy

3 3 Project Objectives Senior Design 1Senior Design 2 TasksConcept Generation and Selection Complete Pressure Vessel Construction Detailed Design, Ready for Construction Test Pressure Vessel Spec Stock PartsFinal Assembly Test Autoclave DeliverablesComplete Autoclave DesignComplete, Operable Autoclave Partially Built Pressure VesselManual for Operation Some Parts Obtained

4 4 Benchmark: ASC Process Systems Econoclave 22” Dia x 48” Long Working Volume 200psig Max Pressure 500 o F Max Temperature 5 o F Temp Uniformity PC User Interface Electric Heat Extensive Safety Systems Fast-Closing Door Priced from $85k-$120k plus delivery and setup

5 5 Potential Users of an Autoclave at RIT MET Department--Student Projects Proposed location: Composites Lab Student Teams: Baja, Formula, Aero ME Department for Research CIMS Future Senior Design Groups Anyone Needing a super lightweight structure Possible Outside Users Future, Unforeseen Uses

6 6 Why Have an Autoclave at RIT? Strong lightweight components are becoming increasingly important Rented Autoclave Time is Rare and Expensive Production-Scale Utility Bills can reach $750/run On-Site Option Offers Convenience Could be Customized for Other Future Uses Learning Tool Enables Ongoing, Long-Term Research Renting Time Could Generate Funding

7 P10229Econoclave Working Diameter20"22" Working Length48" Max Temp400F500F Max Pressure150psig200psig DoorFlangeFast-Close InterfacePC-Based Heating240V480V PressurizationNitrogenOptional CertificationRGE-TestedASME Safety SystemsDesignedStandard Total Cost$9K$85K ++ Feature-Cost Comparison to ASC Econoclave; Closest Competitor

8 Bill Of Materials Part I Electrical DescriptionPart NumberSourceQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price High Temperature WireTBDGoodman's50' roll$27.50/50ft$27.50 Back Panel (22”x22”)N/APlastics Lab9Free DC RelaysN/APlastics Lab3Free Din-rail/TerminalsN/APlastics Lab9Free High Current Bulkhead Connector1575Pave Technology Co1$90.00 9 #22AWG Bulkhead Connector1588Pave Technology Co2$115.00$230.00 Thermistor502JH1kUS Sensor5$10.00$50.00 3-Phase 45A RelayGA312D45ZCrouzet1$132.29 22 AWG Red Wire22awgRedChrome Glow50ft$0.25/ft$12.50 22 AWG Black Wire22awgBlackChrome Glow50ft$0.25/ft$12.50 3-Phase 240V Safety Switch7524K22McMaster1$83.89 Subsystem Total$638.68 Pressure Vessel and Stand DescriptionPart NumberSourceQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price 2" x 2" x 1/4" (48" length) A36 HR Angle SteelN/ARochester Steel and Surplus13$9.00/ Section$117.00 24" x 48" (3/16 thick) A36 HR Sheet SteelN/ARochester Steel and Surplus1$45.00 Titan 6" Casters with full brake5500398Tractor Supply4$29.99$119.96 1.25" x 1' A36 HR Steel BarR12Metals Depot1$12.01 Rust-Oleum Hammer Black Paint170995Lowes2$14.98 /qt$29.96 5/16 - 18 x 1" Hex Bolts48872Lowes1$3.18 /25$3.18 5/16 - 18 Hex Nuts40958Lowes1$4.51 /25$4.51 2' x 2' x 1/2" A36 Steel PlateP112Metals Depot1$125.76 2' x 8' x 3/64" 3003 Aluminum SheetS3040Metals Depot3$40.96$122.88 1/8" x 1/8" Aluminum Rivet45309Lowes1$4.94 /100$4.94 Tested RG&E Vessel Parts and Labor-RG&E1$3,700.00 Includes ~$2500 in parts Gas Cylinder Clamp2283T12McMaster1$40.12 Mesh for Part Rack9243T381McMaster1$59.02 Door Hinge Bushing2938T62McMaster2$4.65$9.30 Door O-Ring9396K418McMaster2$22.91$45.82 Subsystem Total$4,439.46

9 Controls DescriptionPart NumberSourceQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price Pressure TransducerPX91N0-10KSVOmega1 $860.00 Standard Power Supply iDRN-PS-1000Omega1 $150.00 3-Phase Circuit BreakerQO340Schneider-Electric1 $240.00 Relay 501-00010 MPJA1 $19.95 ComputerEL1600-01eMachines1 $229.99 DAQNI USB-600National Instruments1 $169.00 Subsystem Total$1,668.94 Pressurization DescriptionPart NumberSourceQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price Nitrogen Regulator7897A12McMaster1$137.88 Inlet Solenoid Valve10M61Magnatrol2$153.00$306.00 Blow-off Valve4673K71McMaster1$104.23 36" Nitrogen Inlet Hose5676T846McMaster1$66.39 1.5"x3/8" Pipe Bushing4638K575McMaster1$5.13 6 feet 3/4" Copper Tube8967K8McMaster1$25.27 3/4" NPT Compression Fitting5272K294McMaster1$11.85 3/8" MxF Stainless Braided Hose5676T342McMaster1$41.26 3/4" x 3/8" Reducing Tee44605K468McMaster1$4.25 3/4" NPT Nipple7736K114McMaster1$13.47 2"x3/4" Pipe Bushing44605K295McMaster1$6.53 3/8" Pipe Nipple7727K162McMaster2$3.47$6.94 1-200psi hi-temp Pressure Gauge4010K116McMaster1$108.58 3/8" Pipe Tee44605K402McMaster2$6.09$12.18 1.5" Pipe Elbow MxF44605K138McMaster1$7.11 Subsystem Total$857.07 Heating, Circulation, and Insulation DescriptionPart NumberSourceQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price Mineral Wool Insulation, 2"x2'x4' qty. 6N/AATS Acoustics3$34.00$102.00 4kW Straight Incoloy tubular heating elementsTHE04061Tempco3$131.05$393.15 bulkhead connectors for heating elements?Tempco3$34.95$104.85 5-blade fan, 1000CFM, CW rotation2UJU3Grainger1$19.71 1/50 HP 115VAC Motor for fan58459Drill Spot1$38.46 5/16" shaft seal13125K76McMaster1$20.13 3/8" flanged bearing for fan shaft9440T18McMaster1$1.56 1"OD,.5"ID steel tube for fan shaft supportT21250Metals Depot1ft$9.01 3/8" 1018 steel rodR238Metals Depot2ft$2.46 1/4" shaft coupler6412K11McMaster1$5.44 Galvanized steel plug for blower shaft mount7739K188McMaster1$6.00 1x3x11ga. Steel Tube for motor mountT13111Metals Depot2ft$6.96 11 gage steel sheet for heating element mountsS111Metals Depot1ftx2ft$21.40 Subsystem Total$731.13 Autoclave Total$8,335.28

10 Funding Options Current funds: $4000: Pressure Vessel, Incomplete Stand, Completely designed system $4500: Complete Pressure Vessel and Complete Stand $6000: Complete Pressure Vessel, Stand, Heating System, and Pressurization System $8500: Complete Autoclave as Designed Design will have all the basic functionality of commercial unit at 1/10 the cost

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