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Electronics. Solid snap together electronic connectors.

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1 Electronics

2 Solid snap together electronic connectors

3 Just crimp onto your wires and you're ready to go. UL listed and CSA certified, except where noted. Noninsulated- For use where touch- safe connections aren't required. Rated to 300° F. Terminals are tin-plated brass, unless noted. Voltage ratings don't apply to these noninsulated terminals. Insulated- Rated to 600 volts and 221° F (unless noted). Terminals are color-coded by wire size: 22-18 AWG are red, 16-14 AWG are blue, 26-20 and 12-10 AWG are yellow. Insulated barrel terminals offer everything noninsulated terminals offer, plus they provide electrical isolation and prevent wire flexing at the crimp point. Female terminals are tin-plated brass, male terminals are zinc-plated copper. Fully insulated terminals offer everything insulated barrel terminals offer, plus insulation completely covers the connection point. Female terminals are tin-plated brass, male terminals are tin-plated copper. Standard Barrel- Require one crimp. Insulated versions have vinyl insulation, fully insulated have nylon insulation. Double-Crimp Barrel- Two crimps provide an extra-tight crimp for high-vibration applications. Insulated versions have nylon insulation. Quick disconnects Straight male Insulated straight male Straight female Insulated straight female Flag female connector

4 Terminals These crimp-on terminals have a space-saving round tab instead of the flat one found on conventional quick- disconnects. Female terminals are tin-plated brass while male terminals are tin-plated copper, unless noted. UL recognized, CSA certified. Noninsulated- Great when touch-safe connections aren't required. Rated to 300° F. Voltage ratings don't apply to these noninsulated terminals. Insulated- Provide electrical isolation. They're color coded by wire size: 22-18 AWG (red); 16-14 AWG (blue). Rated to 600 volts (unless noted) and 221° F. Nylon insulated double crimp allow for two crimps on the barrel for a more secure connection. Great for high-vibration applications. Noninsulated terminals Insulated terminals

5 Multipole connectors from McMaster Carr

6 Often used to turn an existing cable into a quick-disconnect cable, or to replace a damaged connector on an existing cable. To assemble, just insert cable (.14" to.2" dia. up to 20 AWG) into plug, attach wires to the solder terminals, and screw the plug together. Made of nylon. Rated to 185° F. Attachable Plugs

7 Miniature pin and socket components These small, lightweight connectors permit many poles (circuits) to be connected in a small space. Simply install by crimping a pin or socket onto your wire and inserting it into the plug or receptacle housing. A complete connector consists of a plug, a receptacle, and enough pins and sockets for the number of poles you're connecting. Pins, sockets, plugs, and receptacles are sold separately below. Pins and sockets are tin-plated brass. Plugs and receptacles are white nylon and are rated to 221° F. 250 volt connectors accept.093" dia. pins and sockets. 600 volt connectors accept.084" dia. pins and sockets, lock together for a secure connection, and can be panel mounted. UL recognized and CSA certified. Crimping tools have a full ratchet cycle to ensure a simple yet proper termination. Extraction tools release the locking mechanism on the pins and sockets, and let you back the pins and sockets out of the housing.

8 Single power connectors Modular Connectors Use these modular components to create your own custom single- or multipole connectors. Just crimp a contact onto your wire, then insert into a housing to create a genderless connector. Mate with another connector to provide reliable, high circuit integrity that withstands vibration and has low contact resistance. Connectors are easily mated to form multipole connectors. All housings are polycarbonate, and contacts are silver-plated copper. An internal stainless steel spring ensures that the contacts maintain constant pressure. Connectors accept wire sizes as shown below. The given current rating is based on a single-pole configuration when terminated to the largest wire shown within each range. Rated to 221° F. UL recognized and CSA certified. Complete connectors consist of one housing with one contact. To Order: For Complete Connectors and Housings, please specify black, blue, green, red, or white.

9 Modular multipole socket connectors

10 Multicolored electrical connectors

11 Lock together connectors

12 Wire terminal accessories No need to strip or crimp, these ready-to-use assemblies make connections fast and easy. They have tin-plated copper terminals, except female quick-disconnects which are tin-plated brass. Wires are made of tinned copper wire strands insulated with PVC. Rated to 300 volts. Flame retardant rating is VW-1. UL listed and CSA certified. Quick-disconnect terminals are nylon insulated. Tab size is 0.250" Wd. x 0.032" Thick. Ring and flanged spade terminals have vinyl-insulated barrels and accept #10 (.190") stud size. Ring width is 0.32"; flanged spade width is 0.30". 22, 18, and 16 AWG wire sizes meet UL 1007 (80° C max.)/UL 1569 (105° C max.) requirements. 14 AWG wire meets UL 1569 (105° C max.)/UL 1581 (80° C max.) requirements. To Order: Please specify overall length (6", 12", or 24"), wire gauge (22 AWG, 18 AWG, 16 AWG, or 14 AWG unless noted), and wire color (black, green, red, or white).

13 Wire taps and connectors

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