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Applying for work study jobs at Stonehill College *Jobs will be posted by noon on August 30.

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1 Applying for work study jobs at Stonehill College *Jobs will be posted by noon on August 30.

2 Before you begin To work at Stonehill, you must have a Federal Work Study (FWSP) or Stonehill Employment (SEP) award. To verify that you have one of these, go to myHill and view your financial aid awards. You must also have a completed I-9, W-4, M-4, and Direct Deposit form to work. You are not eligible for hire until these documents are complete and on file with Student Financial Services (SFS). – If you need to complete these documents, make sure you have a valid and original birth certificate, social security card, or passport with you when you come to SFS. You may not submit the I-9 form without one of these government documents.

3 Applying for Jobs Go to https://jobs.stonehill.edu

4 You must first set up an account to apply for a job. Click “Create Account” in the green menu column and proceed to set up your account. When you are done, click the ‘create’ box. Username is your Stonehill domain name Create a password that you will easily remember Stonehill email address Stonehill campus address for residents; off campus address for commuters

5 After your account has been created, click the link to “Search for open student positions”.

6 To search for student jobs, click the drop-down arrow at the Position Type field and select ‘Student Position’. Then click the Search box.

7 The Search Results will populate a list of all available student jobs. To view a posting, click the job title.

8 Here you are viewing the job description and requirements. If you would like to apply to the job, click the ‘Apply to this Job’ box.

9 Complete the job application in its entirety then click Next.

10 Complete the Supplemental Questions, if applicable, then click Next.

11 Verify that the information you entered on the application is accurate. If you need to make changes you can do so by clicking the ‘edit this application’ link. If you are ready to submit your application, click the ‘Certify and Submit’ box.

12 Read the Certification and check the box to agree to the statement. Then enter your initials and click Submit this Application. You will be directed to a confirmation page and your application is complete.

13 Important Notes You are not technically hired until you receive an email confirming your hire status. You may only work in an off-campus, community service job if you have a federal work study award. You may apply to as many jobs for which you feel you are qualified. You are responsible for arranging your work schedule with your supervisor. Students are only permitted to work a maximum of 15 hours per week. Students may not have more than 2 jobs at a time. If you have more than one job, you are responsible for coordinating your schedule with your supervisors and making sure your hours per week do not exceed 15 total hours. At the end of each pay period, you are required to complete a time sheet for the hours you worked. For instructions on how to do this, please click here: Time sheets are due by midnight on the last day of each pay period (usually a Saturday). It’s a good idea to submit your time sheet when you are done working for the pay period – don’t wait until the deadline. If your time sheet is processed on time, you will be paid on the following Friday.

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