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Welcome to the OSAC Scholarship Workshop Your host: Mrs. Little Sunset High School CCC Specialist.

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1 Welcome to the OSAC Scholarship Workshop Your host: Mrs. Little Sunset High School CCC Specialist

2 Over $15 Million in Scholarships & Grants awarded annually February 15, 2014 - 5pm PST: Early Bird deadline. Error-free Apps submitted by this date and time receive an early review, and will be entered into a $500 Early Bird scholarship drawing. March 1, 2014 - 5pm PST: Final deadline for all materials to be submitted to OSAC. In the event that a Scholarship Application deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will automatically be extended to 5:00 p.m. (PST) of the following business day.

3 MYTH: Money is for Oregon Schools only FACT: Most awards can be used at U.S. postsecondary institutions (public, private, nonprofit, and for-profit schools) that are eligible to participate in Title IV federal student aid programs. United States military academies are not eligible. Check individual scholarships for specific requirements.

4 What do I need to do? You will need the following information before you apply online: Your social security number (required for need- based scholarships) Names of the colleges you are considering Your personal contact information (address, phone, cell phone, e-mail address, and parents/guardian contact information.

5 Helpful hints: Search the online catalog of 400+ scholarships. Practice with a test application. Available to download from the OSAC website: Scholarships listed by Oregon county Application worksheet OSAC’s four required Personal Statements and Activities Chart Transcript requirements and application upload instructions Your transcript will be uploaded by SHS staff during the application process. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO THIS!

6 Google OSAC please! Let’s get started




10 Leave these checked Choose traditional high school Leave this as SHOW ALL Check graduating here

11 Leave these unchecked Check Oregon Resident Click Search


13 Pay attention to these marksCheck eligibility and requirements: Now that you know how to search for scholarships, let’s get your username and password (your account) set up so you can apply. You can return to this search when you are ready to find scholarships to apply for.

14 Keep the catalog open, click on the Apply for College/Oregon Student Tab: You will then see the OSAC Home Page:

15 Click Apply Here!

16 Click Start a new App

17 Check student applicant Check referral source Type your legal name (first, MI, last) Type “other” name/s if used Type in your SOCIAL SECURITY # (this is required) Enter your Birthdate Click save & continue


19 Create a username Choose a password NOTE: WRITE THIS DOWN FOR FUTURE REFERENCE & CHOOSE SOMETHING YOU CAN REMEMBER!! Check the box Click Save & continue

20 Fill in all required information Choose an email you check regularly and can access here today. Enter at least one phone # Click continue

21 Check your email to make sure you entered it correctly. If you received the email, click continue. If not, click previous and re-enter the email address.


23 Check your citizenship status Oregon residency Working? Children Marital Status Click continue

24 Check your gender Ethnic group Racial Group Foster Care Click continue

25 Second contact info, check type Contact information Contact ph # Text? Contact email Click continue

26 Parent’s marital status Education levels Click continue

27 Type of High School Academic Year Current status How/when College coursework Click continue

28 Verify type of student Read info on transcripts Click continue


30 School Name ASPIRE? GPA Test Scores Click continue

31 State you plan to attend School College standing College major Degree you are seeking Click continue

32 Check these boxes Email permission Publicity consent Print this page Click continue Check these boxes Email permission Publicity consent Print this page Click continue

33 Verify this information is correct Email permission Publicity consent Print this page Click continue

34 Choose the scholarship/s you wish to apply for Select Add to App NOTE: you can apply for up to 20 Click continue

35 Add activities one at a time or import from CIS if you keep track in the CIS system If you have no activities, check these boxes: Click continue

36 Once you enter your activities in, it will ask you to verify that your chart is final: Click “Continue”

37 ADVICE: Read the instructions for the Personal Statements. Then, type your answers to the questions into a word document. Edit them until you are done. THEN copy & paste into the corresponding question by clicking edit, paste and save. Then check Confirmation and Continue.

38 Click the link to generate the printable PDF form to give to the counseling office. Click continue when done.

39 Click Request High School Upload/Transmit: Check the Certify box Click Continue

40 Click Display/Print PDF File Click Continue



43 When you are done… After submitting the online Scholarship App 1.Print a copy of the App for your records. 2.Once successfully submitted online, you will receive a confirmation page in the App. OSAC will e-mail you when your App has been reviewed. To check your App status, track scholarship awarding, and accept or decline awards - logon to your Student Profile online, by entering your user name and password. 3.You will see the message "Review pending", "Valid Scholarship App Accepted", or "App Problem". If the status is "App Problem", take action to correct it by the deadline indicated in your status message. You are responsible for tracking the status of your App, so check status regularly, until your App is accepted as valid.

44 What happens next? Submitted Apps are reviewed and processed by OSAC. Error-free Apps submitted by the February Early Bird deadline will be entered in a $500 Early Bird scholarship drawing. An applicant pool is developed for each scholarship program based on individual scholarship program criteria and information received from you. Donors and their representatives select scholarship awardees. Selection committees may request additional information or interviews. Awards are named April through August. Recipients are notified of scholarship awards by e-mail, or US Mail. Awards may be rescinded, if not accepted by the awarding deadline.

45 Oregon Student Access Commission 1500 Valley River Dr. Suite 100 Eugene, OR 97401 541-687-7400 Toll-free: 1-800-452-8807 Fax: 541-687-7414 Thank you for your participation. Good Luck!

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