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The Protestant Reformation Raymond B. Temeyer Miami Arts CharterI stole this!!!

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1 The Protestant Reformation Raymond B. Temeyer Miami Arts CharterI stole this!!!

2 R. H. Bainton The Reformation of the 16 c Thus, the papacy emerged as something between an Italian city-state and European power, without forgetting at the same time the claim to be the vice- regent of Christ. The Pope often could not make up his mind whether he was the successor of Peter or of Caesar. Such vacillation had much to do with the rise and success of the Protestant Reformation.

3 Catholic Church in 15 th Century Was uncontested leader of the Western Christian World Not only Spiritual Capital, but also its own country

4 Europe in the 1500’s

5 Idea of a “Universal Religion” Holy Roman Empire Founded 800 AD Charlemagne “Emperor of the Romans” Intended to be “Universal Christian Empire”

6 Charles V Holy Roman Emperor King of Spain 1516-1556

7 Catholic Church also had Spiritual problems Babylonian Exile: Church was forced to move to Avignon (in France) – 2 Popes- (1 in Rome, 1 in Avignon) Church corruption: sale of indulgences, pay to have sins forgiven

8 Renaissance thought Humanism: – stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, – emphasize common human needs, – seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.

9 The Spread of the Printing Press

10 The Holy Roman Empire in the 16 c “Why the Germanies?” The Holy Roman Empire in the 16 c “Why the Germanies?”

11 Martin Luther -Former lawyer in Germany -Became paranoid about salvation -Became a monk -This did not help his paranoia -Made Pilgrimage to Rome

12 Luther: 95 Theses Salvation comes from faith, not Church Priests not people of God any more than anyone else

13 Problems Martin Luther (1483- 1546) Catholic Church: Good deeds=salvation Martin Luther: God’s Mercy=salvation

14 The Spread of Lutheranism

15 The Peasant Revolt - 1525 Attempt to tie Protestant Reformation with social reformation Certain states revolted, became Protestant


17 Peace of Augsburg (1555) German princes in Holy Roman Empire may choose between being Lutheran and Catholic

18 John Calvin French Protestant Predestination: there are a certain number of people chosen for salvation, all others are damned Huguenots: French Protestants


20 Question: what is stronger, love of religion or love of your country?

21 Spanish Hapsburgs

22 Thirty Years War (1618-1648) War between Catholics and Lutherans in Germany Other states became involved Not REALLY a religious war One of Europe’s most destructive wars

23 War to decide Holy Roman Emperor Should he be Catholic or Protestant? Next Holy Roman Emperor might be a Protestant Catholics overthrow all Protestant lords and kick them out.

24 War in 4 stages: 1. Bohemian revolt 2. Danish intervention 3. Swedish intervention 4. French intervention

25 Cardinal Richelieu

26 Treaty of Westphalia (1648) Same as Treaty of Augsburg More religious toleration

27 England: Henry VIII Henry VIII: originally, very devout Catholic Wanted a male heir –Was not getting one –Wanted a divorce Divorce not allowed in Catholic Church Wanted more control over Catholic Church in England

28 Why Henry VIII is not so bad A male heir would stop Civil War (England just finished fighting a Civil War) France had control over their own Church (king picked the bishops) Spain was the one who was against the divorce, not the Catholic Church

29 Anglican Church Similar to Catholic Church in many ways, EXCEPT king was head, not Pope

30 Europe post Protestant Reformation

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