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Phone and Voic Training

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1 Phone and Voicemail Training
Brighton Center Phone and Voic Training

2 Cisco 7962 Physical Phone Details
1- Line Buttons 2- LCD Display 3- Footstand Button 4- Messages Button 5- Directories Button 6- Help Button 7- Settings Button 8- Services Button 9- Volume Key 10- Speaker Button 11- Mute Button 12- Headset Button 13- Navigation Key 14- Keypad 15- Softkey Buttons 16- VM Indicator



5 Volume Key This key adjusts the volume of Ringer, Headset, Speaker and Handset Use Up and Down arrows of the volume key to reach desired volume level Press Save Soft Key NOTE: When adjusting the Ringer volume, there is no need to press save, the settings are automatically saved upon adjustment By performing this function, volume default level will be replaced

6 Navigation Button Key with white, up and down arrows in center of phone This key provides up and down scrolling while navigating through menu functions

7 “? key” (7942/7962) Key in center of four key (messages, directories, services, & settings) grouping Allows help information access during phone use Press “?” key and any other phone key A brief description of the phone key function will appear in the LCD display

8 Soft Keys The Soft Keys are the buttons across the bottom of the LCD screen. The soft key labels are above the buttons. As you navigate different windows and options the softkeys will constantly change in order to offer different options

9 Changing the LCD Contrast
Press the Settings Button Select User Preferences Select Contrast Use down and up soft keys or volume key to adjust setting Press Save

10 Changing the Ring Type Press the Settings Button
Select User Preferences Select Rings Select “default ring” Use Scroll key to move up & down thru Menu Press Play to hear ring type Press Select to choose ring type Press Save

11 Directories Key Allows access to Missed Calls, Received Calls, and Placed Calls LCD Soft Key Selections: Dial, Edit Dial, >>, <<, Delete, and Cancel Allows access to the Corporate Directory Press 6 Type in person’s name or extension It is not necessary to spell the entire name Press Search

12 Call Forwarding Call Forward to Voic (Listen for 2 beeps and look for blinking cursor in LCD display) Press CFwdAll soft key then the messages hard key Call Forward to other locations Press the CFwdAll soft key. You will hear two beeps. Enter extension number or Enter the external number you want your calls to forward to To Cancel Call Forwarding To cancel, Press the CFwdAll key again.

13 Placing a Call on Hold During a call, press the Hold soft key.
Call ID Information will flash and a “double bar ” (i.e. pause) icon will appear next to line on hold To retrieve the call If only one call on hold press Resume If multiple calls on hold Use scroll key to highlight call to retrieve Press Resume

14 Parking a Call During a call, press the More soft key, then press the Park key The screen will say “Call Park at” followed by a 4 digit number ( ). To retrieve a parked call from anywhere within your network. Pick up any handset Dial the Call Park Number

15 Transferring a Call For a Blind Transfer:
During a call, press the Trnsfer soft key this places the call temporarily on hold Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call Press Trnsfer again For an Announced Transfer: Speak with the call recipient. If party refuses the call Press Endcall Press Resume

16 Transfer/Call to Voicemail
To bypass ring and Call/Transfer straight to voic Press New Call/Trnsfer * then 4 digit extension number If Transferring, Press Trnsfer again

17 DND – Do Not Disturb DND allows you to be notified of the call without hearing the ring. To Activate: Press the More Soft Key Press the DND Soft Key To Cancel: Repeat above steps

18 IDivert Upon receiving an incoming call (while ringing), pressing the IDivert softkey will send the caller directly to voic .

19 Conference feature allows up to Six users.
Conference Call During a call, press the More soft key and then the Confrn soft key. Dial the number of whom you wish to conference When the party answers, press Confrn again The Trnsfer function can also be used to transfer the conference call to a new caller. Conference feature allows up to Six users.

20 Conference List Conference List allows you to review those active on an Ad Hoc Conference Call Press More soft key Press ConfLi You will see members number information To Remove a member of the conference call Press Remove You will then see updated List If you Remove yourself the other conference call participants can still continue to talk.

21 Meet Me Conferencing Meet Me Conferencing allows you to hold a conference call where all attendees can call directly into the conference system. The attendees will each dial this number at a specified time in order to participate in the conference call. Internal Meet Me numbers are These numbers will need to be reserved /managed just as you would conference rooms.

22 Meet Me Conferencing Establishing a Meet Me Conference Open line
Press More soft key, then press MeetMe soft key Dial Meet Me Conference number (as indicated in previous slide) NOTE: This does need to be FULLY MANAGED. Joining a Meet Me Conference Dial assigned Meet Me conference 4 digit number

23 Call Back Feature Call Back notifies the caller when the called party is busy on a call To Activate: During the call cycle press the Call Back soft key When the caller is no longer busy, phone will ring with the called parties ext. number for notification

24 Call Pickup Open Line (NEW CALL, Use Handset, LINE button, Speaker button) Press the MORE soft key Press the PICKUP soft key Press ANSWER soft key

25 Voic

26 Voicemail Mailbox Setup
Press the Messages. When the auto attendant answers, she will prompt you to enter a password. Press # You will then be prompted to set up your mailbox. It is important to follow prompts from start to finish During this process, you will be prompted for the following information Record your name Record standard greeting Select new password

27 Logging into Voicemail
To access voic from your phone: Press messages button When Prompted Enter password # To access voic from someone else’s phone in the company: Press messages button When Auto Attendant begins Press * 4-digit ext. number # To access voic from external number Dial

28 Basic Menu Options Check New Messages Press 1 to hear New messages
Send a Message Press 2 and follow prompts This function enables you to leave another Unity Subscriber or group a message without having to dial their extension. Review Old Messages Press 3 to hear Old messages Setup Options Press 4 and follow prompts -This function allows you to switch between Standard and Alternate Greetings. -Change message settings -Change personal settings -Recorded name -Password

29 Message Commands While listening to a message After listening to a message Restart the message 1. Replay the message Save Save Delete Delete Slow Playback Reply Fast Playback Forward Rewind (increments) 6. Mark as New Pause/Resume Rewind Fast Forward (increments) 9. Play message properties #. Fast Forward to end #. Save as is ## Save as is

30 Standard Voicemail Keys
The following keys are standard in Unity 0 = Conversation Help * = Exit or Cancel # = Skip or Move Ahead ## = Toggle between entering an extension number or spelling a subscriber’s name

31 Using Alternate Greeting
To switch to the Alternate Greeting, follow the instructions below. Call into Voic Box Press 4 for Setup Options Press 1 for Greetings and Transfer Press 1 for Greetings It will automatically play the current recorded standard greeting You can bypass message by pressing # You will then be prompted to re-record the Standard greeting by pressing 1 or switch to Alternate by pressing 2 Press 2 It will automatically play the current recorded alternate greeting If you wish to change this greeting, Press 1 Once finished recording the alternate greeting, Press # If you are happy with recording, Press * You are now set up under the Alternate Greeting To switch back to the Standard Greeting follow the instructions below. You will then be prompted to re-record the Alternate greeting by pressing 1 or to turn off the Alternate, Press 2 You are now set back to the Standard Greeting

32 Unified Messaging Emails will appear in voicemail box
Voic s will appear in box When s are received in the voic box, the system will verbally read the If you do not wish to hear your s when in the voic system, hang up after the voic s have played Deleting voic while in or moving it to another folder will cause it to no longer be available in voic . If an is deleted while in voic it will be in your deleted items folder in . When you leave voic in your inbox in (even after it’s read), it will be moved to your “old messages” folder in voic . Voic s in the inbox will appear as follows: - If the sender is an external person the sender will be “Unified Messaging System” - If the sender is an internal person it will appear with their name s do not trigger the MWI light

33 Web Access

34 IP Phone Web Services Log In
Open a Web Browser The URL address is: https:// /ccmuser User Identification is your 4 – digit extension number The default password will be (as it was for voic ) Click Logon

35 WEB ACCESS Username: Extension Number Password:

36 Change Password/Pin Select User Settings

37 Password = Login for Web Access Page
PIN = Login in the for the Personal Directory on the Phone

38 Speed Dials From the drop down menu choose DEVICE

39 Speed Dials Select Speed Dials

40 Speed Dials Enter your speed dials as shown

41 Accessing Speed Dials by Phone
For Speed Dial on Phone Press the desired line button For Speed Dial not associated with Phone Press the Index Number of desired Speed Dial Press Abbreviated Dial soft key Number will automatically begin dialing using you speaker button To make a private call, pick up handset

42 Fast Dials Select Personal Address Book

43 Fast Dials Click on ADD New

44 Fast Dials Click on ADD New

45 Example entry below will display on phone as:
Fast Dials Address Book Setup The “Nickname” field will display on the phone along with the first letter of the phone type such as “M” for Mobile. Remember to enter the full dialing string for the call. Local calls should be preceded with a “9”, while long distance should be preceded with “91”. Example entry below will display on phone as: M John’s Cell

46 Fast Dials Select Fast Dials

47 Fast Dials Click “Find”

48 Fast Dials Select Add New

49 Fast Dials Enter the phone number (starting with a 9
for outside calls) and click Save

50 Fast Dials Edit the Fast Dial # (if desired)
Click on the number of the person to add to this entry

51 Fast Dials Click Save

52 Fast Dials Go to Directories on your phone Select Personal Directory
Login: User ID = 4 digit extension PIN = Pin you setup Select Personal Fast Dials Select person to dial and press the dial softkey.

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