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Cisco IP Phone 7911, 7941, 7961 Series. Basic Call Handling.

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1 Cisco IP Phone 7911, 7941, 7961 Series

2 Basic Call Handling

3 Soft Keys The black buttons under the screen. The functions of the buttons change depending on the state of the phone.

4 Ways to Dial Dial number while off hook and then press the dial soft key Lift the handset and dial the number using the dial pad. Locate the call in the directory and Edit Dial if needed, pickup handset. Push the Headset button, and then dial Push the Speaker button, and then dial Features not available on all models

5 Basic Dialing Information Call for emergency: 911 or 9911 Dial 0 to campus switchboard Dial an internal extension to reach any SUS employee: dial 4 digit extension XXXX Dial a local call: dial 9+XXX-XXXX Dial a call local to Louisville/Lexington: 9+XXX-XXX-XXXX Dial a long distance number: dial 9+1+XXX- XXX-XXXX – long distance codes will remain the same.

6 Answering a Call Pick up handset Push Headset button Push the Speaker button Push the Answer Softkey Features not available on all models

7 Answering a second call (Call Waiting) Press the Answer soft key. This will automatically put your first call on hold and answer the second call. To get back to your first call, press the hold soft key, use the scroll key to move up to the first call, hit the resume soft key. Features not available on all models

8 Ending a Call Hang up Press the End Call softkey. To end a headset call, press the Headset button or End Call softkey. Features not available on all models

9 Redial the Most Recently Dialed # Lift the handset and press the Redial soft key

10 Call Pickup If you are a member of a call pickup group you can answer another members phone from your phone

11 Call Pickup Pick up the handset A Pickup softkey will appear, press it The caller will show on your screen – The phone will continue to ring on both phones Select the answer softkey

12 Transfer Calls Blind Transfer – transfer call without speaking with the person you are transferring to or waiting to see if they answer. Consult Transfer – Consult with person you are transferring call to. *Transfers can be done internally or externally

13 Transfer Calls 1.During a call, press the Transfer soft key. This places the call on hold. 2.Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call and press the Transfer soft key again. 3.Hang up.

14 Transfer to Voic To transfer a call directly to a user’s voic – Select Transfer * ext # Transfer

15 Forward All Calls 1.Press the CFwdAll soft key. 2.Enter the four digit internal extension or 9+the external number you would like to forward to. The LCD screen shows that your calls are being forwarded. 3.Calls can be forwarded to voic . Press the CFwdAll soft key and then the voic or Msgs button

16 Cancel Call Forward Press the CFwdAll soft key

17 Conference Calls 1.During a call press More and the Confrn soft key. This places the call on hold and opens a new line. 2.Dial the second party. 3.When the call connects, press the Confrn soft key again to add the new party to the conference call. 4.Limit: total of 6 parties. The 7911 IP Phones total of 4 parties. 5.To see who is currently on the Conference call, use the Conflist softkey to view all parties.

18 Conference Call Tips The person who initiated the call can hang up and the other participants can continue to converse. To transfer a conference call to another telephone, press the Trnsfer soft key, dial the number to which you want to transfer the call, and press the Trnsfer soft key again. All parties are transferred to the new phone.

19 Adjusting the Ringer Volume Press the up or down Volume key while the handset is in the cradle. To change your ringer, press the Settings button, press 1 (User Preferences), press 1 (Rings), Press Select softkey This will bring up the different Rings. You can play them and choose which one you would like to use as your default ring.

20 Adjusting the Handset Volume During a call, press the up or down Volume button. Press the Save soft key to apply the new volume level to future calls.

21 To Send an active Call to Voic Use the iDivert soft key on your phone If your phone is ringing, the iDivert soft key will appear. Press it to send the caller to voic When on an active call, hit the “More” soft key twice and the iDivert soft key will appear.

22 Mute a Call Press the Mute button for 7941 or Monitor for The mute button lights when a call is muted, indicating that the other party cannot hear you. To disengage mute, press the Mute button again or lift the handset. Features not available on all models

23 Changing the LCD Contrast 1.Press the Settings button. 2.Press 1. User Preferences 3.Press 3 on the dial pad to select Contrast or use the Navigation button (up/down arrow) to highlight Contrast and press the Select soft key. 4.Press the up or down soft key to change the contrast to the desired level. 5.Press the OK soft key and then the Save soft key to save your setting.

24 Using the Directories 1.Press the Directories button. Missed Calls: Press 1 to select. Received Calls: Press 2 to select. Placed Calls: Press 3 to select. Corporate Directory: Press 5 to select 2.Use the scroll bar to highlight the desired call, then pickup your handset (or push the Headset or Speaker button). 3.Note: The phone will save up to 32 Missed, Received, and Placed calls. When there are more than 32, the oldest call number is overwritten. 4.You can use the scroll bar, then Select to choose from the directory also.

25 Clear Call History 1.Press the Directories button. 2.Select Missed, Received or Placed calls 3.Press the Clear soft key.

26 Voic

27 How Do I Set Up My Mailbox? Messages Button Press the Messages button Enter the pin provided in an form Microsoft Exchange Follow the system prompts -Say your name (you won’t be included in the automated directory unless you do this) -Enter a greeting -Go to option 3 of Personal Options to change your pin

28 Missed Call notification in When you have a missed call you will receive an message.

29 Voice Mail notification in When you have a voice mail, you will receive an message.

30 How Do I Check Messages from a Phone? From Internal Phone – Press the messages button or dial the VM extension (5666) – Enter your pin, press # – Retrieve your voice mail or messages From an External Phone – Dial or – Enter your extension – Enter your pin, hit # – Retrieve your , voice mail, calendar etc.. by saying what you are looking for


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