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Energy Efficiency Lighting Sponsor: Presentation by: Kingsley Jackson Group Chief Executive Gastec Group Nigeria Topic: Renewable Energy Investment In.

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1 Energy Efficiency Lighting Sponsor: Presentation by: Kingsley Jackson Group Chief Executive Gastec Group Nigeria Topic: Renewable Energy Investment In Nigeria


3 MISSION STATEMENT Presentation for: To safeguard human health and the environment by using the latest technology to provide efficient and cost effective, environmentally friendly industrial and domestic waste management and disposal.



6 LANDFILL Inexpensive, but most dangerous solution Sooner or later uncontrolled chemical reactions will occur Creation of explosive methane gases Great danger to ground water and the environment

7 SANITIZED LANDFILL A Ground Water B Compacted Clay C Plastic Liner D Leach Collection Pipe E Geotextile Mat F Gravel G Drainage Layer H Soil Layer I Old Cells J New Cells K Leach Pond

8 STANDARD INCINERATION A B C D E FG A Waste Acceptance C Slag Remover E Drier G Active Carbon Filter B Combustion Chamber D Steam Boiler F Gas Scrubber  Proven technology for volume reduction  Air pollution is reduced at relatively high costs  Problems of high toxic residue ashes remains

9 STANDARD PYROLYSIS Waste Reception Pyrolysis Waste Water Treatment Ferrous and Non-Ferrous MetalsSulfur Salts Heavy Metals Scrubber Char Relatively expensive Permanent operating problem with tar and oils Problematic disposal of created char residue (toxic)

10 PLASMA ARC Power Supply Cooled Field Coil Gas Vortex Gas Injection Chamber Starting Electrode Rear Water Cooling System Rear Electrode InsulatorFront Electrode Front Water Cooling System Totally destroys all organics, but shows inefficient energy balance Small throughput Expensive operation and maintenance, approx. US$ 1000.-/ton

11 ULTRAHIGH TEMPERATURE PYROLYSIS-HYDROLYSIS GAS TEC TM 1 Infeed 2 Cooled infeed auger 3 Reactor 4 Pyrogas 5 Solid particles outfeed 6 Oxygen free storage tanks 1 2 3 5 4 6 THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION a)No residues or toxic emissions b) Great efficiency in recovering 100% of the energy contained in waste materials c) Very economical

12 ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS FOR AIR POLLUTION PREVENTION The German environmental standards for air pollution prevention are the most vigorous in the world: – Cal‘n base:O 2 – Dust :10 mg/Nm 3 or less – HCI:10 mg/Nm 3 or less – SOx:50 mg/Nm 3 or less – NOx:200 mg/Nm 3 or less – CO:50 mg/Nm 3 or less – Dioxin:0.1 Ng-TEG/Nm 3 or less – Hg:0.1 mg/Nm 3 or less – Cd:0.1 mg/Nm 3 or less – Pd:4 mg/Nm 3 or less ALL FULFILLED BY GASTEC

13 EMISSION LIMITS FOR WASTE TREATMENT PLANTS HCL (mg/Nm 3 ) HF (mg/Nm 3 ) SOx (mg/Nm 3 ) NOx (mg/Nm 3 ) CO (mg/Nm 3 ) Cd (mg/Nm 3 ) Hg (mg/Nm 3 ) Dioxin (TEQ-ng/Nm 3 ) 50 --- 100 240 100 0.1 50 2 300 --- 100 --- 0.1 24 --- 30 514 63 --- 0.1 30 2 300 350 --- 0.1 41 --- 100 200 --- China EU Japan UK USA

14 ORGANICS REDUCTION Gastec guarantees the reduction of organics to less than >1% (German laws require >5%) ENERGY CONTAINED IN WASTE

15 CALORIFIC VALUES Secondary Energy Material approx. kcal/kgapprox. kW/kg Braun coal4,5005.2 Cardboard3,8004.4 Citrus peels4,5005.2 Car tires8,3009.6 Household waste (presorted)4,5005.2 Hospital waste6,7807,8 Manure (dried)3,7604.4 Neoprene7,1008.2 Nylon7,5708.8 Oil sludge8,80010.2 Paper4,4005.1 Paraffin10,34012.1 Polyethylene10,99012.7 Polypropylene11,03012.8 Polystyrol EPS9,80011.3

16 REALITY 1 CONTAINER1 HOUR The energy of 1 container of yogurt (0.3 ltr) keeps a light bulb glowing for 1 hour The waste put into a dust bin over 1 year contains enough energy to heat water 500 bath or 3,500 showers or keep the TV on for 500 hours

17 MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE TREATMENT CONCEPT PLAN FOR A MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE TREATMENT FACILITY 100% Municipal Solid Waste 100% Municipal Solid Waste 100% Municipal Solid Waste Weigh Bridge Storage Sorting Recycling Shredding Sorting Recycling Shedding Sorting Recycling Shedding GASIFICATION Inert Sand Storage Gas Storage Gas Storage Power Generation Administration Building

18 PLANNING Suitability of municipal, solid waste as energy source Plant sizing Site selection Calculation of recoverable energy Negotiation of energy sales agreement Strategy for risk taking and guarantees Setup of Gastec municipal solid waste treatment plant beneficial to all parties involved and environmentally friendly

19 TECHNOLOGY SELECTION CONSIDERATIONS ENVIRONMENT CO 2 Control DXNs Control Emission Control Landfill Control ECONOMY ENERGY Cost Control Profit Growth Energy Recovery High Efficiency Utilization / Sale

20 WASTE COLLECTION  Choosing the most suitable collection method Container with Cover System Covered ContainerArm Roll Dust Drum & Packer System Dust Drum Packer

21 PRINCIPAL POINTS OF GASTEC  Treatment of waste materials, not simply a reduction in volume!  Recycling of valuable materials and energy recovery, not only waste treatment!  A profitable business, not just a break-even scenario!  An environmental education center, not just a waste treatment plant!  Meeting highest and most severe environmental rules and regulations!

22 PLANT LAYOUT 50 t/d PLANT A Storage area B Control room D Administration office C Janitor E Lab 1 2 3 4 5 67 8 10 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 13 18 A B C DE 70m 26 m 1 Weigh bridge 10 Feed silo for reactors 2 Weigh control 11 Storage silos 3 Parking 12 Infeed system 4 Receiving bin 13 Reactors 5 Preshredder 14 Collection of inorganics 6 FE separation 15 Scrubber 7 NFE separation 16 Gas tanks 8 Secondary shredder 17 Gas engine and Generator 9 Conveyors 18 Induction coolers

23 SUPPORT EQUIPMENT Typical List for a 50 t/d Plant Skip loader 1 5m 3 dump truck1 5 ton fork lift1 5,000 gal. Water truck1 Facility and parking lot „Street Sweeper“1 Low profile shuttle with 3 trailers1 6-cylinder pick-up truck 1 Fire prevention unit1 Standard 4-door automobiles1 Flatbed truck1 On-site 8,000 gal. water tower1 Stationary 53,000 gal. water tank for fire1 Knuckle boom1

24 ESTIMATED MANPOWER REQUIREMENT 50 t/d 150 t/d 300 t/d 500 t/d Plant Engineer Secretary Accounting Ground Maintenance Helpers TOTAL 1 --- 2 4 8 2 --- 3 8 15 3 --- 4 8 18 1 --- 1 3 5


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