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Landfill Diversion with Energy-from-Waste Richard Entwistle, Managing Director, EnviroResources (Asia) Ltd September 2006 EnviroResources Ltd.

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1 Landfill Diversion with Energy-from-Waste Richard Entwistle, Managing Director, EnviroResources (Asia) Ltd September 2006 EnviroResources Ltd

2 Environmental protection and climate change are the defining challenges of our age. No question! Energy-from-waste technology provides three vital benefits: Waste reduction and diversion from landfill/sea dumping Renewable energy commitments Reduced CO2 emissions Landfill sites should be Integrated Waste Management facilities. Landfill operators with energy-from-waste facilities should be regarded and supported as key community utility operations Global and Local Challenges

3 Landfill Application – Resource Recovery One of Hong Kong’s ‘nearly full’ large landfill sites!

4 ALL WASTE destined for landfill to be PRE-TREATED Member States shall ensure that only waste that has been subjected to ‘treatment’ is landfilled ‘Treatment’ is the physical, chemical or biological processes, including sorting, that change the characteristics of the waste in order to reduce its volume or hazardous nature, facilitate its handling or enhance recovery Not yet the case many landfills – sadly Landfill Application – EU Directive


6 Municipal waste management Sewage sludge processing Clinical and pharmaceutical waste processing Hazardous and difficult waste processing Agricultural waste processing Industrial and food waste Landfill Diversion – Waste Streams

7 Landfill Application – Resource Recovery ?? Integrated Resource Recovery Facility One of Hong Kong’s Nearly Full Landfill Sites!

8 Landfill Application – Resource Recovery


10 Energy from Waste – Compact Power MT8

11 Energy Conversion -Exhaust gases passed through a steam boiler - Up to 80% of available energy from waste recovered - Steam used for power generation and/or combined heat and power (CHP) applications Pyrolysis - Materials heated in the absence of oxygen - Temperature up to 800ºC - Hydrocarbons converted to simple gases - Residues of carbon char and inert materials Gasification - Carbon residues reacted out with air and steam - Hydrogen and carbon monoxide produced GAS PRODUCTION ENERGY RECOVERY GAS COMBUSTION High Temperature Oxidation - Gases reacted at high temperature (1,250ºC) for more than 2 seconds - Organic pollutants & particulates destroyed - Energy released The Process


13 1.First operational plant in the UK to receive Environment Agency IPPC certificate – UK designed, built and operating 2.Tested on Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), unsorted MSW, sewage sludge, industrial wastes, tyres, paper. 3.Commercial facility currently processing toxic clinical, pharmaceutical & confidential waste UK Avonmouth Plant – Five Years Operation

14 clinicalMSW clinicalMSW Pyrolyser/Gasifier/Oxidiser Waste Feed Energy Recovery Flue Gas Remediation Mechanical Installation MT4 - 1gheat&power MT8 - 1G MT8 - 2G industrial The Process - Modularity

15 DryVac Sludge Dewatering & Drying

16 Waste sewage Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) industrial waste shredded tyres clinical waste sewage treatment works Dewatering / drying Sewerage system Effluent from dewatering of sludge recycling facility recovered materials for reprocessing (e.g. plastics) composting plant Treated effluent Compact Power plant Dried sludge Industrial / Domestic Combined Heat & Power Water for irrigation Compost for agriculture Non-agricultural grade compost transfer station: sorting Integrated UK Solutions to Waste Process Heat

17 mg/Nm 3 11% 0 2 @ 273K & 101.3kPa EU Directive Limits [Typical Incinerator Limits] s: spot / d:daily ½ hour Compact Power UK Plant [Typical Incinerator] Particulates 10 (d) [100]300.2 [10] VOC’s as carbon 10 (d)20Trace NO (NO + NO 2 ) 200 (d) [200]400<37 [50] HCl 10 (d) [50]602 [10] HF 1 (d)4<0.1 SO 2 50 (d) [300]200< 2.5 [10] CO 50 (d) [600]150Trace [50] Cd & Tl 0.05 (s)0.006 Mercury 0.05 (s)0.006 Pb Cr Cu Mn Ni As Sb Co V Sn 0.5 (s)0.006 Dioxins TEQ ng/Nm 3 0.1 (s) [0.1]<0.003 [0.1] N2ON2O 30 (d)Trace NH 3 10 (d)20< 1 Environmental - Emissions

18 Landfill Operation: Real landfill reduction – up to 75+% Elimination of waste disposal public health problems An integrated waste management utility operation Usable heat and power – Distributed generation Reduction of greenhouse gases + Renewable energy credits Compact Power EfW Technology: Best Available Technology – Pyrolysis and gasification Negligible emissions – Well away from strict limits Processes full range of waste materials Modular design – Sized for specific application It works – Proven for today and for the next 20+ years Key Benefits Summary

19 EnviroResources Ltd – Company Overview 1.Located at London Gatwick Airport, EnviroResources Ltd (ERL) was incorporated in the UK in September 2005 2.ERL is worldwide parent and head office for a group of companies – with its Project Support Office in Hong Kong, and an in-house manufacturing and R&D facility in Sundsvall, Sweden 3.ERL is a project development company delivering proven, state-of-the- art pyrolysis & gasification technology for energy-from-waste applications. 4.ERL build, own and operate/transfer (BOO/BOOT) projects 5.ERL owns 10% of UK Compact Power PLC (traded on the London AIM market) and is Compact Power’s second largest shareholder

20 EnviroResources Ltd Suite 118, London Gatwick Airport West Sussex, RH6 0DW United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)129 350 5196 Fax: +44 (0)129 350 5220 EnviroResources Ltd email: THANK YOU EnviroResources (Asia) Ltd 2309 Tuen Mun Parklane Square 2 Tuen Hi Road, Tuen Mun, NT Hong Kong Tel: +852 2613 2073 Fax: +852 2613 2074

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