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Water and Wastewater Focus Wireless Sales Push 2009.

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2 Water and Wastewater Focus Wireless Sales Push 2009

3 Review Week 1 – Program Introduction –Water and wastewater is a high sales potential market –Important to contact all parties involved in the project –Have you identified: End users? Associations? Tradeshows? Process distributors? Engineering companies?

4 Review Week 2 – Composting –Convert organic and bio-solid waste to compost –Key application: windrow temperature monitoring –Other applications: flare stack, oxygen, acidity, and moisture monitoring –Did you: Study the DX80 temperature node? Find a local compost facility? Identify technology used at this facility?

5 Landfill Water and Wastewater Program 2009

6 Key Terms and Background Info Landfill: –A site for the disposal of waste materials by burial – oldest and most common method of waste disposal Landfill Gas (LFG): –Gases generated by the decomposition of organic materials at a landfill site – 40-60% methane Leachate: –Contaminated water from decomposition of materials in a landfill site

7 Key Terms and Background Info Typical landfill construction

8 Key Terms and Background Info Bottom Liner System (C): –Prevents trash from contacting outside soil Cells (H, I): –Where trash is stored and compacted Leachate Collection System (D): –Collects toxic water that has flowed through landfill Methane Collection System: –Collects methane gas formed during breakdown of trash Covering or Cap: –Seals off top of landfill

9 Landfill Gas (LFG) Reduction If gas is released into atmosphere, contributes to GHG emissions One ton of methane = Green House Gas effect of 23 tons of carbon dioxide Gives off a disagreeable odor May result in health consequences from toxic and carcinogenic substance traces Increased risk of explosion at landfill if buildup occurs

10 Landfill Gas Monitoring Landfill Methane Collection Meter Landfill Gas Header Engine & Electric Generator Grid Flare Blower Meter Boiler 2-way Valve Waste Wells Leachate level, Pump cycle count Flow and Temp Methane Flow

11 Landfill Gas Monitoring Applications in Methane Collection System –Pressure monitor in leachate tank –Flow monitor at meters –Temperature monitor at flare stack –Temperature monitor at boiler

12 Application – Flare Stack Monitoring Flare Stack Monitoring: –Monitoring both Flow and Temperature at the flare stack defines periods of time when LFG is being emitted into the atmosphere and not being burned –LFG not burned can result in the landfill operator being fined or in the future forced to purchase “Carbon Credits” –See app note 146127146127

13 Leachate Monitoring Leachate Well Monitoring –Water drains through waste material or is produced by decomposition –This leachate water can contain toxic substances like lead, ammonia and carcinogenic substances –If the toxic chemicals are released into the ground water, the operator can be fined and made to pay expensive toxic waste cleanup fees

14 Applications – Leachate Well Applications in Leachate Well –Level Monitoring Use a submersible sensor to measure the level of liquid in the well –Pump Cycle Count Confirm pump operation and determine total volume pumped from well –Flow Monitoring Confirm and measure flow of leachate from landfill to leachate pond See app notes 146126 and146128146126146128

15 Applications – Leachate Well Leachate Tank Monitoring

16 Applications – Leachate Well Well Top

17 Applications – Leachate Well Pump Counter

18 Applications – Leachate Well Banner is considering to offer a complete solution –Flex Node for pump counts and analog level info –Battery or solar panel –Submersible level sensors Please consider and advise sales potential for this or other package solutions

19 Landfill Opportunities – U.S. Example Municipal solid waste landfills are the largest human-generated source of methane emissions in the U.S. Out of 2,300 currently operating or recently closed landfills (in the U.S.), already 400 have LFG (Land Fill Gas) utilization processes It is estimated 560 more will have LFG utilization processes in the future, reducing the GHG effect equivalent to removing the emissions of 11 million vehicles Some landfills also have windrow composting ongoing atop the landfill Environmental landfill technologies will be a growth market

20 Total number of landfills in US operated by Waste Management Company

21 Homework Week 3: Product Education Download application notes 146126, 146127 and 146128 to read and study146126146127 146128 Study DX80 Counter Node data sheet P/N: 136348136348 Locate at least 1 landfill facility –Identify company that manages the landfill facility Send feedback regarding complete pump cycle count solution Continue general industry research –


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