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1 Golf

2 Essential Questions What is the difference between the chip and pitch shot? How does a golf swing compare to a baseball? Why does golf have a variety of clubs and shots?

3 WHAT IS GOLF? A game played on a large outdoor grass surface called a course, usually consisting of 9 or 18 holes The object is to hit a small, hard ball using a variety of clubs, with as few strokes as possible into each hole Golf can be played as a recreational sport for enjoyment and exercise or for competitive tournament play

4 HISTORY Golf as we know it today originated from a game played in Scotland 15th century. Players would hit a pebble around a natural course of sand dunes and tracks using a stick or primitive club. However while these games and countless others are stick and ball games, they are missing that vital ingredient that is unique to golf - the hole.

5 HOW TO PLAY? Golf is an individual sport, that can be played individually or against other players A player starts by teeing off and then follows his/her shot down the course, continuing to hit it at each spot it lands until making it in the hole Game length varies depending on how many holes you are playing, a golf course has 18 holes Points are scored by the number of times (strokes) it takes a player to hit the ball in the flagged hole Winner is determined by the player who has the fewest strokes at the end of the entire course

6 GOLF SAFETY Make sure other players are a safe distance away when swinging a golf club so the club or ball does not hit them Make sure that your play area is free of unsafe obstacles Talk with other players when hitting a golf ball to make sure that other players are expecting your shot Retrieve hit golf balls only when all students are instructed to do so

7 GOLF EQUIPMENT Golf Clubs Golf Tee Golf Ball Golf Glove Golf Bag

8 CLUB CLUBFACE An implement used by a player to hit a golf ball.
The surface of the clubhead which is designed to strike the golf ball

9 TEE A short peg pushed into the ground to hold a golf ball off the ground, only used on the first stroke GOLF BAG The bag that carries all of the clubs, balls and tees

10 A special golf club that is used once the ball is on the putting green
IRON A club with a flat-faced solid metal head generally numbered from 1-9 indicating how high and far it will go PUTTER A special golf club that is used once the ball is on the putting green

11 Driver Often called woods, are long-distance clubs, meant to drive the ball a great distance down the fairway towards the hole. They generally have a large head and a long shaft

12 ACE Hitting the ball directly from the tee into the hole with one stroke, also called a “Hole in one”

13 EAGLE BIRDIE PAR BOGEY Completing a hole one stroke under par
Completing a hole two strokes under par PAR BOGEY A standard score for a hole (defined by its length) or a course (sum of all the holes' pars) Completing a hole one stroke over par


15 The manicured area between the tee box and the green
The place where the very first shot is made at the start of each new hole FAIRWAY The manicured area between the tee box and the green

16 PUTTING GREEN The area at the end of each hole marked by a flag that has the smoothest surface and shortest grass. This is where the hole is located and the putter is used.

17 FLAG or PIN HOLE Marks where the hole is located
The area on the putting green that you are trying to hit your ball in

18 STROKE A swing that makes contact with the ball; The player with the fewest strokes wins GOLF STROKE VIDEO

19 The first shot of each hole, made from the tee bar, usually with the driver

20 (typically played from very close to and around the green),
CHIP SHOT A short shot (typically played from very close to and around the green), that is intended to travel through the air over a very short distance and roll the remainder of the way to the hole CHIP SHOT VIDEO

21 PUTTING CUES Grip Thumbs aligned
1. Grip – hands together, thumbs aligned 2. Approach – side to target, toe to ball 3. Swing – tick tock 4. Safety – club stays below knee PUTTING VIDEO

22 INTERLOCKING GRIP Interlock the index finger of the top hand with the pinky of the bottom hand and keep the thumbs straight down the shaft; the palm of the bottom hand covers the thumb of the top hand on the shaft

23 (8 finger contact with the club)
FULL FINGER GRIP Where your fingers neither intertwine nor overlap, but simply rest against one another with very light pressure. Thumbs are pointing down the center of the club and not wrapping around. (8 finger contact with the club)

24 SQUARE STANCE Both feet are placed parallel with the desired flight of the ball. Golfers usually use this stance for middle distance shots that require the 4, 5, and 6 irons. This stance can be used for all shots for a beginner.

25 Scorecard Recording the number of strokes it took to get the ball in the hole for each hole

26 Cognition Information

27 What is this? Driver Putter Irons Flag or Pin Hole

28 What is this? Golf Clubs Golf Tee Golf Ball Golf Bag Golf Glove

29 Why Should I Play Golf Playing golf is good for my cardiovascular health Playing golf stimulates my brain Playing golf helps keep my muscles and joints flexible and strong Playing golf allows me to enjoy the beauty of being outside and get Vitamin D from the sun

30 How Will Golf Benefit Me In My Life?
Playing golf keeps me at a healthy weight Playing golf is a great way to make friends Golf is a lifetime sport that I can play my entire life from young to old

31 Cognition Assessments Tools

32 What Am I Doing?

33 What is this?

34 What is this?

35 Why Should I Play Golf?

36 How Will Golf Benefit Me In My Life?

37 Golf Cognition Assessment
What Equipment is this? What Skill am I doing? Why am I doing this? this? How will this benefit me in my life?

38 Identify the Golf Putter

39 Identify the Golf Ball

40 Identify the Person Playing Golf

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